O.TO.NA Gentei Kanbyou Karte II (A) – Seki Tomokazu

This is the actual first part of the Otona Kanbyou Karte II CD – tracks 01 to 05 played by Seki Tomokazu.

I wonder if it’s too confusing to split it in two…? I thought it would be better to postone part if I had it translated and also there’s a lot of text. I’ll try to translate more CDs and make the site easy to browse as much as I can.

Although maybe my translations seem a bit stiff and too word to word I’ll do my best t become better 🙂

* I underlined a sentence where I’m not sure if I wrote the correct translation or not. I think it’s something like that, though… And I didn’t write any subject/pronoun because I didn’t know who he might be referring to if I heard it correctly. He speaks kinda hard to understand in that part, I’m sorry

I think that everyone might have noticed/ thought that the red haired one is TSeki Tomokazu and the blonde one is Kamiya Hiroshi 🙂

O.TO.NA GENTEI KANBYOU CD KARTE II (A) – Toujou Takashi (Seki Tomokazu) side

1 腹痛 (一戸建ての2階) 関智一
Fukutsuu (Ikkodate no Nikai)
Stomachace (The second floor of the detached house) Seki Tomokazu
2 頭痛 (マンションの一室) 関智一
Zutsuu (Mansion no Isshitsu)
Headache (One room of the masion) Seki Tomokazu
3 車酔い (車中) 関智一
Kirumayoi (Shachuu)
Car sickness (In the car) Seki Tomokazu
4 気持ちが落ち込む (空港) 関智一
Kimochi ga Ochikomu (Kuukuu)
Feeling down (Airport) Seki Tomokazu
5 風邪 (図書館) 関智一
Kaze (Toshokan)
Cold (Library) Seki Tomokazu

Track 01 (07:31) – Fukutsuu (Ikkodate no Nikai)
Stomachace (The second floor of the detached house)

Hey! I’m coming in!

Hi! What? Is it all right not to be sleeping? Your stomach hurts, right?
A! I see. You go back and forth between the toilet and your room.
Then, obviously you can’t sleep. Hahaha!

Uh! What are you doing?
Are you really a sick person?

But I was surprised to hear you have a stomachache!
Even though you always seem ok no matter what you eat.

Huh? what’s that?
What? Is it bad if anyone sees it?
It ok, so show me!
You! Your stomach hurts, right? Then be more docile!

Hm? What? Isn’t this a dietary supplement? Are you taking this kind of thing?

Ha-ha~! I see. You took too much of this! Hey?
Whaa! Are you an idiot? This is basically a laxative.
It’s obvious it’d upset your stomach!
Here. Read this. It’s written, isn’t it?

What a fool you are!
This side of yours hasn’t changed at all!
Why do you even diet? You don’t need that.
You’re not fat! Why are women always like this…?
Anyway, from the point of view of a guy, a model-like skin and bones figure isn’t attractive at all! More like a mummy!

Leaving that aside, a squishy and soft body would definitely be better.
For example, this part of you…


Ow! Jeez, are you really sick? At any rate, that’s too bad…
I found a good curry shop and I thought I’d take you there,but…
There’s no choice. I think I’ll go alone.

No,no,no! It’s impossible! Don’t come! Huh? Don’t become all teary-eyed because of some curry! You can eat as much as you want after you get better, can’t you?
It can’t be helped… Good grief! You immediately start crying! You haven’t changed at all since we were kids! Whenever I want to go somewhere, you always want to come with me. If I leave you behind, you cry, pout and make a scene!
You don’t know how much trouble I had putting up with your moods!

Aa! See! When things work bad for you, the fact that you always feign ignorance like that is the same as in the past. You didn’t change at all!

“You’re mean”? I am? You’ve got guts! Who’s the one saying that? Is it this mouth?
Hey! Are you ok? Does your stomach hurt? Hm? Here? Or is it here? How is it?
Hey…should we go to the doctor? I’ll come with you.
Is that so? It’s all right just staying like this?

Hm…? What? Huh? You! Even though I’m worrying here, you’re lying! Unbelievable!
Damn! You tricked me! A,a~! I don’t care anymore!
Hey,wait! Let go! I’m going to eat curry right now!

What is it?
I got it. I’ll stay with you a bit more. That’s why let go already! It’s becoming annoying! I’m about the only one in the world who’d go out with a bratty girl like you!

Huh? Wait a bit.Why are you getting angry? What’s wrong by treating kids like kids?

If you want me to stop treating you like a kid, become more like a grown up woman. Then I’ll treat you appropriately.
Well, you couldn’t do that no matter how many years you spent right now.

Ow,ow,ow! Don’t hit me with your pillow. You really are a brat!
Ah! That’s enough! just go to sleep obediently!
Get better already!
Then I’ll take you anywhere you want.


Track 02 (05:40) – Zutsuu (Mansion no Isshitsu)
                              Headache (One room of the masion)


These guys really are interesting! Don’t you think so?
What wrong? Making a face like that? You don’t think this program is interesting?
What is it? If your head hurts, lie down.
Is that so? Well, whatever. Do what you want.

I’m kinda hungry! Should we eat some instant noodles?
Huh? There’s nothing here! Shoot! I should have bought some!
Huh? It’s ok! If you make it it’s gonna taste bad!
Ow! I told you! Fix that habit of yours of throwing with your cushion and things like that!

Plus – you know that you’re terrible at cooking, don’t you? Try to put yourself in my shoes-the one who has to eat it!
Errr…Oh! Lucky! There’s only one left!

Ok. This should be ok.

Hmm! The smell of this pork bone soup is so great!
Do you want some too? You’re going to take some headache medicine,right? Wouldn’t it be better to fill your stomach a bit with something ?

Ah,I see. well, ok.
Eh! It’s about time it should be done…
Oo, it’s delicious!
It’s so good! Do you want to eat a bit after all?
Then, thanks for the food!
Here, eat the rest! You’re going to take some medicine, right?

After filling my stomach, I’m kinda sleepy now.
Move out of the way a bit. I’ll lie down there.
So, didn’t I tell you? You go sleep on the bed.
Huh? Does it hurt that much? Jeez, you’re so silly!

Let me see. Does it hurt around here? Or… more in this side?))) Oh. It feels good if do this?
Then, how about here?

ow! It was just a joke!
And anyway, why do I have to rub massage your head? Isn’t it strange?

At any rate, you go to the bed. I want to sleep here!

There’s no choice. Then I’ll take you there by force.
A- wai- Don’t struggle! You’ll fa– You’ll fall! Wai- Calm down! Stay calm!.))) It’s dangerous!

But, you know, you’re a bit too light! You should eat a little more properly.
If not, even if we stay like this, it doesn’t feel good to hug you.

He- Hey, wait, I got it so stop it, stupid! It’s dangerous!
Ouch! Jeez! Be docile at least when you’re not feeling well!

And become well soon. If not, it’s kinda…no fun. Got it? Ok?


Track 03 (04:39) – Kirumayoi (Shachuu)
                              Car sickness (In the car)

Huh! We’re here!
It’s a good place, isn’t it?
Let’s take our time here.

What’s wrong? Being so silent…
Heheh Is that so? Are you that impressed by this place?
Well, that’s normal. It’s the special place of my amazing self!
Be greatly thankful that I brought you here!

Hey! Turn this way. It’s ok, isn’t it?

Whoa! What is it, so suddenly? Don’t mess with me! Is my face that unpleasant?
Huh? What? Tsk. If you say it so quietly, I can’t understand anything.

Here, if you look down I won’t understand.
Look at my face! Hey!
Wai- you…

Here. Breathe some of the outside air.
Good grief. If you’re not feeling well, say so. Don’t endure it until your face becomes so pale…
Don’t make a mess inside the car!

Seriously, if you can’t endure it anymore, tell me!
Jeez. Would anyone usually tolerate it until they become like this?

Anyway, sit here. I’ll be back immediately.
Don’t make that face. I’m only going to buy you some water.
Be obedient and stay here. Ok?

Here. How are you feeling?
Oh, you have medicine? Then take it already.
*sigh* What are we going to do after this? I don’t want you feeling sick again.

Do you want to lie down, by any chance?
Ah, I got it. Ok. Use my lap as a pillow.
Don’t be reserved!
Heh.Is my shoulder better than my lap? Well, it’s ok either way.

Hey… was my driving that rough? I had quite a lot of confidence in it, though…
Is that so…? Then, it’s ok.

A! At any rate, that was a close one!
If the car had gotten dirty, it would’ve been bad.

Hey! There’s no reason for you to hit me, right?
All right! I’ll do this!

heheh. I won’t let go. Lie down like this. Here. ok?


Track 04 (05:00) – Kimochi ga Ochikomu (Kuukuu)
                              Feeling down (Airport)

Hey! What is it? Is it wrong for me to be at the airport?

A…well… my parents are going on a business trip and I came to see them off. And I saw you when I was about to head back.
Well, I didn’t really want to call out to someone with such a gloomy look on their face, but…
Today you’re only going back home, right? Hang out with me for a bit.

It’s not crowded, as expected. It’s this way, after all.
Oh, drink this.
A-that’s one favor, ok?

Ok! I guess around here should be good. You can come down.

We’re gonna walk a bit from here, but come along with me!

Geez, you’re really slow! And if I’m not around you immediately get lost.
But even you should remember this road.

No way…you don’t remember it? Hey, are you serious? Jeez! I really can’t believe this!

Aaargh! Oh, why are you crying now? Did I do something wrong? Aren’t you the on in the wrong for not remembering it?
There’s no helping it, so I’ll forgive you just for today.
Here! Come!

Ok! Today’s perfect!
You finally remembered,huh?
That’s right. We often came here in grade school.
“Oh! we can see the rainbow, right? We can see the thunderhead, right? We can see the sunset, right?”
You terribly dragged me around here, remember?
Really, it’s the worst place!

Aah, but it feels so good to lay down like this!
Here, you try it too.
Amazing! The sky is deep blue!

You’re stupid, so I’ll tell you.
The sky is connected, you know. The place where you are, here, and the country where your buddies headed to – it continues endlessly!

In short: it means you and your buddies are connected. No matter where you are.

Argh! Jeez! Don’t cry like that all the time!
Here-quickly wipe your face with that!
I hate it when you’re crying.

Hey! You… even though I’m right next to you, where’s the need to feel lonely?
I seriously can’t get you.

I will never go anywhere and leave you behind. Ok? That’s why – cheer up!


Track 05 (06:06) – Kaze (Toshokan)
                              Cold (Library)

Ah! It’s no good! I don’t get it at all! Do my report too for me, please!
Huh? You’re not going to say you won’t do it right?
What is it? If you stay silent, I won’t get it.

Whoa! That was a big sneeze!

By the way – we’re in a library, so be silent!
Huh? What, you have a cold?
I’ll tell you beforehand: don’t transfer it to me.

I’m counting on you for the report.
Then I’ll sleep a little, so take care of the rest!
You’re loud! Don’t sneeze after I said that!
Anyway, wear a sanitary mask! I don’t know when you could splash me with your mucus! It won’t be funny if I get infected by your cold.

Huh? Isn’t your face too red? Do you have a fever or something?
Here. Lend me your forehead. I’ll measure your temperature.
…did you think I’d say that, stupid? I wouldn’t worry about you!
Geez. Anyway, get to writing that report. Got it?

Sigh. Good night!

Aa! Huh? Is it already this time?
How is it? Are you done?
Hm…. Hoho, it’s perfect!

As expected, your only good trait is your intelligence! Haha, that’s great!

Well, let’s go home!

Hey, we’re leaving!

Huh? Hey, is there something wrong? Don’t tell me, you… What, that’s it?

Let me see. You have a high fever.Are you ok? Please, don’t collapse. It would somehow seem like my fault, wouldn’t it?

Here. Can you stand? We’re going to the doctor’s office.
What’s with that face? Even I’m not that devilish that I’d abandon a sick person!

Ah, that’s dangerous. Jeez! You’re staggering!
Here. You really need to be looked after.
Come on, let’s go.

Huh? What is it? The doctor is not here? Jeez. Where did he go?
For now, lie down. He’ll eventually come back!

Then I’ll be going home first.
Hey! Let go!
I won’t do something like staying with you until the doctor comes back or anything!
A, that’s dangerous. Don’t pull me!
You really are selfish.
I got it! Seriously – I’ll do it just this time! Only once!
And this is a favor, ok? Don’t forget that!
You’ll definitely pay return it,ok?

Huh? Haa? The report? What are you talking about? That kind of thing doesn’t even count as a favor!
Geez, you’re really loud!
You have a fever, so lie down quietly!

Here. Shut up already. I’ll properly stay with you.
Be quiet and sleep. All right??


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