O.TO.NA Gentei Kanbyou Karte II (B) – Kamiya Hiroshi

The first translation I’ll post is the second part of the Otona Gentei Kanbyou Karte II CD which is part of the Karte series. The second part of this CD, from tracks 06 to 10 features Kamiya Hiroshi, while the first part features Tomokazu Seki (which I intend to do next o3o). This collection is a talk/monologue CD type which has seiyuus enact characters who take care of you when you are sick/ have problems (kanbyou=nursing). I split it in two parts because

This is intended as an anniversary post for the opening of the blog and Gareki’s birth date, 21 May ♥ whose seiyuu in the drama CDs is Kamiya Hiroshi.

Actually, while reading the manga I could only hear Nakamura Yuuichi’s voice for him, but it seems he had another seiyuu (and Nakamura Yuuichi is actually another character in the manga, who I also like very much but didn’t even imagine something close to him for his voice. Well,huh, what do you know. Though actually one time when reading a manga I actually guessed the right seiyuu for the character!)

O.TO.NA GENTEI KANBYOU CD KARTE II (B) – Shinonome Yuuya (Kamiya Hiroshi) side

6 風邪 (屋上庭園) 神谷浩史 – Kaze (Okujou Teien)
Cold (Rooftop Garden) Kamiya Hiroshi
7 腹痛 (あなたの家) 神谷浩史 – Fukuu (Anata no Uchi)
Stomachache (Your House) Kamiya Hiroshi
8 気持ちが落ち込む (カフェ) 神谷浩史 – Kimochi ga Ochikomu (Café)
Feeling down (Café) Kamiya Hiroshi
9 過労 (帰宅途中) 神谷浩史 – Karou (Kitakutochuu)
Overwork (On the way home) Kamiya Hiroshi
10.歯痛 (公園) – Shitsuu (Kouen)
Toothache (The Park) Kamiya Hiroshi

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Hello! This is my first post.

The name of the blog is inspired from the song Miracles May (more precisely Watanabe Kazuhiro’s version which I like so much and have been listening to it a lot these days) from Nitro+CHiRAL’s BL game Sweet Pool. Well, although I didn’t and can’t play the game, I like it a lot and know much about it T.T The name doesn’t have much meaning – it just sounded very beautiful to me and it’s also the month May – therefore, I chose this title >3<

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