SolidS QUELL – X Lied vol.01 Shiki&Shu sample ver [Lyrics;TL]

SQ 「X Lied」vol.1 志季&柊羽
SolidS Quell X Lied vol.01 Shiki&Shu


Tsukipro units:
SolidS – Takamura Shiki 篁志季 (seiyuu: Eguchi Takuya 江口拓也)
QUELL – Izumi Shu 和泉柊羽 (seiyuu Takeuchi Shunsuke 武内駿輔)
Official page:
Official sample video:
Release date: 24 March 2017

01. クロスノーツ
02. End of Night
03. クロスノーツ -off vocal-
04. End of Night -off vocal-

This is only the short, preview version of the lyrics, as the CD is not yet released.

Track 01   クロスノーツ
SolidS – Takamura Shiki 篁志季
Vocal: Eguchi Takuya 江口拓也
Music and lyrics: Takizawa Akira
Cross notes


Mayonaka no moodo hajimeyou
Nemurenai yubi wo hashirasete
Ukande wa kieru hibana

Ano toki boku ni otozureta
Musuu no wakaremichi no you ni
Melody wa yume wo samayottanda soredemo

Sou, I love you, I love you
Wakatteru yo dore ka hitotsu nanda tte
Sou, I love you I love you
Erabenakattanda nee

Can’t you feel? mou kizuita kara
Ima toki wo koete mukae ni yuku yo
Hikari ga mada todokanakutemo kono kodou wa Reachin’ you
Hatenai yoru ni
Negai wo

Japanese lyrics:


眠れない 指を走らせて
浮かんでは 消える火花

あの瞬間 僕に訪れた
Melodyは 夢を彷徨ったんだ それでも

そう I Love you, I Love you
分かってるよ どれか ひとつなんだって
そう I Love You, I Love You
選べなかったんだ ねぇ

Can’t You Feel? もう 気づいたから
いま 時空を越えて 迎えに行くよ
光が まだ届かなくても この鼓動は Reachin’ You

English translation:

Let’s get into the midnight mode
Unable to sleep, I tread my fingers
Sparks rise and disappear
Like being snached away

At that moment, it came to me
Like numerous divided paths
The melody wondered around in my dream, even so

Right, I love you, I love you
I know, I can only pick one choice
Right, I love you I love you
I couldn’t make a choice, hey

Can’t you feel? I already realized
I’ll travel through space and time and go to you
Even if the light can’t reach yet, that this heartbeat is reachin’ you
In this endless world
I make my wish

Track 02 End of Night
QUELL – Izumi Shu 和泉柊羽
Vocal: Takeuchi Shunsuke 武内駿輔

End of Night

Ugokidashitaku naru
Drum and bass da ne

Shall we move to music, baby
Sukoshi hazukashikutemo
Yatte miyou yo

Koe wo kaketaku naru
Ochikonderu kokoro sae

Everything should be fine away
Boku de yokereba
Kono te wo kasu yo

Shinpai nai seikatsu nante nai
Nante nai
Dekiru koto nara minna sou shitai
Sou shitai

Be all right

Saa odoriakasou ka
Daybreak wa mou sugu sa
Kitto ii koto okorou to shiteru
The end of night

Up-down hageshii sekai ja
Nakitai hi mo aru ga
Sono kimi wo hokorou
You can be happy and save your life

Japanese lyrics:

Drum and bass だね

Shall we move to music, baby

Everything should be fine away

心配ない生活 なんてない
出来ることならみんあ そうしたい

Be all right

さあ 踊り明かそうか
Daybreak はもうすぐさ
The end of night

Up-down 激しい世界じゃ
You can be happy and save your life


English translation:

It makes me want to move
It’s a pleasant sound
Of the drums and bass, isn’t it so?

Shall we move to the music, baby
Even if it’s a bit embarrassing
Let’s try it out

It makes me want to talk to you
Even your saddness

Everything should be fine away
If you’re all right with me
I can lend you a hand

A life without worries doesn’t exist
It doesn’t exist
If it were possible, everyone would want that
Would want that

It’s going to be all right

Come on, let’s dance until dawn
Daybreak is just around the corner
I’m sure good things are about to happen
At the end of night

In this tempestuous world with ups and downs
There are days when we want to cry
But be proud for who you are
You can be happy and save your life


Thanks for bearing with me until the end 😀
For anyone interested in knowing more about this cross unit project of Tsukipro’s units SolidS and QUELL, check this awesome page out.

Thank god for letting me hear this beautiful boy called Takeuchi Shunsuke, please also let him sing at my funeral. I want to also thank the person who introduced me to the unit and sorry for posting this although you linked me to this wonder that is the solo song series.

Shiki’s song is so cool and daamn is it fit for Eguchi Takuya’s voicce!
*Doesn’t it sound like Shuu is saying “Hey baby let’s dance” or something along the lines before the actual lyrics in his song? But the lyrics on the video don’t contain that part so I can’t tell for sure!

I haven’t posted in more than a year, but I don’t want to let this blog die. I’d started on a drama CD translation that will be posted…I hope relatively soon, but this came in between.
This is only the preview version that was shared on youtube by Tsukipro, the CD hasn’t been released yet.



2 thoughts on “SolidS QUELL – X Lied vol.01 Shiki&Shu sample ver [Lyrics;TL]

  1. I feel exactly the same. these two songs are amazing, I’m speechless at Takuya-san singing like this, also I felt so blessed listening to Takeuchi-kun. God his voice… Thanks for the translation ❤ !

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