SolidS QUELL – X Lied vol.01 Shiki&Shu sample ver [Lyrics;TL]

SQ 「X Lied」vol.1 志季&柊羽
SolidS Quell X Lied vol.01 Shiki&Shu


Tsukipro units:
SolidS – Takamura Shiki 篁志季 (seiyuu: Eguchi Takuya 江口拓也)
QUELL – Izumi Shu 和泉柊羽 (seiyuu Takeuchi Shunsuke 武内駿輔)
Official page:
Official sample video:
Release date: 24 March 2017

01. クロスノーツ
02. End of Night
03. クロスノーツ -off vocal-
04. End of Night -off vocal-

This is only the short, preview version of the lyrics, as the CD is not yet released.

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