[TL] Toubousha vol 02 – Naoya

Toubousha vol 02 ~Naoya~
Toubousha vol 02 Naoya

01. Scene 01 Ame to Chi (Rain and blood) Scene01 雨と血 (02:09)
02. Scene 02 Nigetsuzukeru Kyoufu to Fuan (The fear and anxiety of running away) Scene02 逃げ続ける恐怖と不安 (05:52)
03. Scene 03 Kare no Jijou (His circumstances) Scene03 彼の事情 (09:46)
04. Scene 04 Aimai na Yume to Genjitsu (Vague dream and reality) Scene04 曖昧な夢と現実 (21:03)
05. Scene 05 Omae de Yokatta (I’m glad it was you) Scene05 おまえでよかった(HAPPY END) (05:39)
06. Scene 06 Kawaru Tame no Ippo (The first step to changing – Happy End) Scene06 変わるための一歩(HAPPY END) (10:27)
07. Epilogue: Yasashii Amaoto (Happy End) (The Gentle Sound of the Rain- Happy End) Epilogue 優しい雨音(HAPPY END) (05:03)
08. Scene 05 Akumu ni Tozasareta Shinjitsu (Bad End) (The Truth Locked in a Dream-Bad End) Scene05 惡夢に閉ざされた真実(BAD END) (02:39)
09. Epilogue: Kurutta Manazashi (Bad End) (Twisted Gaze – Bad End) Epilogue 狂った眼差し(BAD END) (02:39)
10. Free Talk フリートーク (08:46)

Release date: 21.11.2012
Character: Ninomiya Naoya 二宮尚哉 (Seiyuu:Shimono Hiro 下野紘)
Illustrator: Yuugen Seira 佑元セイラ
Scenario: 風花琴梨
Official character page: Ninomiya Naoya

Track 01 – Scene 01. Scene 01 Ame to Chi (Rain and blood)  (02:09)

Uwah! Don’t touch that! Ah! Hey!
Don’t make a fuss. If you do, you know what’ll happen! You saw what I dropped, right? Right, it was a knife. Then you know what’s pressing on your back right now, don’t you?
Don’t come…don’t come closer!
I need to get away from here while I still have the chance… You come too!

Somewhere…we have to hide somewhere…

Drama CD: Toubousha/ Runaway – Naoya Side

Track 02 – Scene 02. Nigetsuzukeru Kyoufu to Fuan (The fear and anxiety of running away) 

What a dirty office. It’s full of dust and there’s rust on the lockers. So it’s a company that went bankrupt? Well, it doesn’t matter. Let’s hide here for a while

Don’t move. It doesn’t concern you what I did. Don’t pry unnecessarily.
I told you not to move! Listen to what I say!
This? It’s obvious, isn’t it? It’s blood.

It stands out if I wear this white shirt as I thought, huh?
Huh? Hm. It’s certain that at least it’s not my blood.
Just shut up already! What if someone finds us?
Uh! Someone’s coming!
It seems they left.
I wonder who it was. It wasn’t the police, was it?

It’s a worn-out building so I thought it was abandoned but it seems the other rooms are being used. I’d be good comes here, good if no one comes here, though.
Be quiet!
Get under the desk!
Don’t make a sound. If you make noise, I’ll stab you.
Why is someone here? I thought this room wasn’t being used! Is it security?
I thought they’d find us.
I don’t want to go through this anymore…
I can’t stay here forever either. Let’s go.
Where, you’re asking?Shut up and listen to me.

What? It’s pouring down right when we get out? I don’t have an umbrella.
Don’t you have one?
Huh? Did it happen when I bumped into you? Why are you apologizing? I should be the one to say sorry. It’s no use thinking about what you don’t have. Anyway, let’s go someplace where we don’t stand out.
Don’t wear that kind of shoes hard to walk in on such a rainy day! Idiot!
Someone’s coming. Let’s go.
Hey, run faster! I guess it’s impossible in those shoes. Forget it, let’s go in there.

Track 03 – Scene 03. Kare no Jijou (His circumstances) (09:46)

What are you staring at? It’s not your first time in this kind of place, right? This kind of room’s just right because it doesn’t have windows so it’s hidden.

Hey! Don’t move as you please! Don’t leave my side! I wouldn’t want you to run away to the police when I take my eyes off you.
Where’s the remote control for the TV?
Ah, that’s it. Hand it over.
Continuing our last report, we have the latest news for the male university student murder case we have briefed before. There is evidence of struggling on the victim at the crime scene but there seem not to be any items taken. The male who committed the crime seemed to be around 20 years old…

Wait up! Wait! That’s not it! It wasn’t me! I’m not the criminal! Just listen to me! I really didn’t do it! When I got there, he was already dead!
I was scared and thought I had to save him and took the knife out of his body. Blood gushed out and then I heard someone’s scream…I think they screamed “murderer”. I got frightened by that word, rushed out of the room and then ran away like crazy…but I didn’t do it! I really didn’t kill him!
There’s no way you’d believe me…a guy wearing clothes stained in deep red who had a bloody knife in his hand and who threatened you and involved you in all this…It’s impossible to ask you to believe my story, huh?

Was he the one who died, as I thought?
I thought it couldn’t be, but it even got on the news…There’s no mistaking it…He was my classmate in university. Unlike me, he was cheerful, sociable and had a lot of friends. He even talked to me, who was plain and unsociable…he always pulled me in his circle. Why did he have to…? We had even promised to celebrate my birthday next week together….Because there wasn’t anyone else who’d celebrate it with me anyway…Why…why is he…? I don’t get what’s happening anymore! Why…?

Hey! I told you not to move!
Huh? Oh…you’re asking about the knife I threatened you with. This is what it was.
Yeah…my house keys.
Wait! Are you running away now that you know I don’t have a knife? No way! I won’t let you leave!
Huh? Tea? You’re easygoing in this kind of situation…
It’s true it might warm us up but….*sneeze*
I got it. Make it already. But I’ll be keeping watch behind you, so you know. That’s why, don’t try anything funny!

Huh? Then…I want black tea.
Hey, idiot! What are you doing? Cool it with water immediately.
It’s gotten a bit red. Are you okay? Jeez, you’re so careless!
Are you all right? Is that so? I’m glad…
Uh! I’ll make the tea. You stand next to me.
You said you’re also okay with black tea, right?
Put in milk and sugar for yourself. Here. Hold it carefully.
I calmed down a bit. It seems you’re calmer than me. Aren’t you afraid of me?
You’re saying you believe me…Are you serious? Are you going to believe some stranger’s words quickly, just like that? You can’t be sure I’m not lying, can you? Maybe everything I say is a lie…
Heh. Heheh. I look like an idiot. Just before, I asked you to believe me, and now I’m asking if you’re okay with believing me. Heh.
This black tea’s good… *sneeze* Though it seems my body’s not warmed up completely yet. *sneeze*sneeze*. Uh…This is bad. I’m starting to feel cold for real. Maybe I caught a cold.
Are you okay? I see. It’s good if that’s so. Don’t push yourself. *sneeze*
What’s that? It’s wrapped up neatly, is it a present for someone?
I see…you were on your way back from shopping. That’s…um…sor…uh…
Hey! Why are you unwrapping it? Isn’t it something you got for someone? Huh? No, I’m all right. We’re both wet, so you should change. *sneeze* No, I told you I’m fine! Plus, that’s men’s clothing. There’s no way I can wear something that was supposed to be given to someone else! *sneeze*
Uh, I got it! I got it! I’ll change, wait. I’ll change, so turn around. Why are you the one shouting? I’m the one changing…
You can look now. Huh? Stupid, what are you saying? It’s not mine, so of course it doesn’t suit me. Oh…I shouldn’t speak like that when I’m borrowing it…Um…Thanks….

Track 04 – Scene 04. Aimai na Yume to Genjitsu (Vague dream and reality)  (21:03)

Now that I think of it, I haven’t told you my name yet. I’m Ninomiya Naoya. I’m a third year in the Mathematics department at the same university as you.
Huh? Uh…yeah… I knew your face, because I’ve seen you sometimes in the cafeteria. But it’s by chance that I involved you in this. It’s not because I knew you!
Huh? What? You also knew me?
Our campus is not that big so I guess it’s not strange to have seen each other. Ah, then maybe you also knew him? He’s tall and flashy.Huh? You know me but you don’t know him? You’re strange. Usually it’d be the other way around, right? I wonder if this kind of blood stained can be washed off. It’s a lot. This is all…that guy’s blood.
Go to th police? I can’t do that! If I turn myself in now, I’ll only be taken as the criminal and get arrested. My fingerprints are on the knife too. And I’ve been seen standing next to the corpse with the knife in my hand. Plus, I also fled from the scene of the crime. How could anyone not think I’m the criminal?
Plus, the police probably thinks I had a motive.
Hey! Don’t misunderstand! It’s not that I hated him or something! But the people in the same department as me saw us quarrel yesterday! The cause of our quarrel wasn’t that big of a deal, and it wasn’t something that I’d hold a grudge for! I just got unusually emotional. But it’s true that I quarreled with him. If the police investigate that, they won’t believe what I say!
Huh? What are you saying? It’s not that easy to search for the criminal! I’m a suspect in the first place…
Huh? If I noticed something? Do you mean at the crime scene? I couldn’t…I was completely confused at that moment and I didn’t have the composure to look at my surroundings…ah! Huh? No…It’s something really trivial, but… even though his clothes were neat, his room was very dirty. He was a guy who’d make a mess in 30 minutes after tidying up. The shoes were always left at random in the entrance way without putting them away somewhere. At that time, they were lined up neatly. I remembered thinking that maybe someone was there before me.
That’s right… Usually, the one who does something like that is a woman.
Something else? Um… Ah, I know! When I was in the entrance way and wanted to enter the room, I was about to step on something but I dodged it. It was a woman’s accessory…that thing you wear on the ears. Yeah, that! It was an earring. Women come and go in his house so I didn’t mind it much, but it’s possible that it’s something the criminal dropped, right?
Uh…it’s impossible to find the criminal just by remembering something like this…
And … I don’t want to talk bad about dead people but it’s true that he had a lot of relationships with women. He worked at night and he received many things from women. We argued because of that sometimes. How should I say it…he was too kind. He had good kindness, but was a gut who also had bad kindness. He couldn’t say he didn’t need something he was given, and he couldn’t turn down someone who said they wanted to meet him. Yesterday too, when I asked him about his watch because it seemed a very good one, he told me with a troubled expression that he received it from a woman. I said he shouldn’t have accepted it if he was going to make that face and he looked irritated by that…then we started quarreling. Maybe…maybe…it’s just maybe but…maybe there was a woman who hated him enough to kill him.
Why did it get to this…? Isn’t this all a prank of his? If I go back to his house, I’ll find him drinking nonchalantly. Everything’s actually a joke, right? he didn’t really die, right?
Hey, I told you not to move as you please!
Why are you suddenly sitting next to me? What are you saying? I don’t need you to console me…! Anyway, do you even get what kind of situation you’re in now? You’re locked in a closed room alone with a crime suspect! You’d usually be more scared, wouldn’t you?
It doesn’t matter that we knew each other from before…we never even talked to each other until now. Achoo!
Huh? What? A blackout?
Sit here and wait.
Uh…is this it? It won’t turn on… We didn’t do anything to trigger the breaker to drop. Maybe it is a blackout. It’s raining heavily outside.

It’s really pitch dark and I can’t see where I’m stepping. Won’t you say something? I’ll guide myself by your voice. Ah!

Ow…Ah, sorry! Did I hurt you? I really didn’t do it on purpose! It  really is pitch dark and I couldn’t see anything! I’m glad it’s a blackout. I think I’m making a face I couldn’t show to anyone.
Darkness is strange, isn’t it? If we stay like this, we don’t know which part’s a dram and where reality starts. Is this moment reality or a dream? Or maybe it’s a dream I see in my dream? It’s getting vaguer by the moment. I wonder where I am right now…Maybe I forgot I was already caught and when the lights will be on, I’ll remember I was in a cold prison cell.
Uh? Did I really not kill him? Maybe I actually just don’t remember and I did it with my own hands…
No! I didn’t do it! I didn’t kill him! When I got there, he was already dead! It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me!

Can I stay like this until the lights will be on again, just for a bit?
You… you’re so warm. I’m hot? I see…me body’s hot…
Uh…I didn’t get caught, right? I really didn’t do anything, right?

Ah…I’m sorry…I was about to fall asleep for a moment… Maybe I was feeling relieved by your warmth… My body’s heavy…light…hot…cold…I feel strange…
I feel relaxed in your embrace…
I start feeling it’ll be all right, that it will work our somehow…

That surprised me! I didn’t think the power would be back on so suddenly.
I’m glad…it didn’t turn into a prison… Hm? Is my face that hot? Now that I think about it, I’m so sleepy I can’t keep my eyes open…I’m hot after all? Maybe I caught a cold…
Wait! Where are you going? It’s okay…you don’t have to go buy medicine…You’re saying that and planning to run away from here, right? So I won’t let you go. I definitely…won’t let you run away.
I don’t have a weapon or anything…there’s no pressure if I’m sleepy and staggering like this…But if you run away from here, my life will be over…No, that’s wrong…That’s not it… I actually know that this kind of threat is useless…I know that even if I don’t do this, you won’t go to the police…It’s just that…I’m scared of being alone. I feel as if if I’m left alone, I’s get caught…If I’m left alone, I feel as if I’d fall into a dark world…I feel as if if I’m left alone I won’t ever be able to crawl back up…That’s why, please don’t go! Don’t leave my side! Stay with me! Please!

I’m sorry…I’ll sleep for a bit…Please don’t go anywhere…while I’m asleep….

Huh? I don’t need water now…I don’t want to move…

You’ll catch my cold if you come so close…
I’m not a kid, so you don’t need to hold my hand…
Even so, if you say you’ll hold my hand…will you hold it?
Why are you laughing? Did I say something so strange?
What thin fingers…They look as if they’d break easily…
You’re kind…Just as I thought…Ever since I first saw you in the cafeteria, I always wondered what kind of girl you were. You were always with your friends…and I couldn’t go and talk to you….The truth is it’s because it was you…when I bumped into you that time…because it was you… I took you and ran away….Because I didn’t want to be alone…Because I wanted to be with someone….with you…
I’m sorry…for involving you in this…I’ll tell them clearly you don’t have anything to do with it…I’m really sorry.

Hey…can you get a bit closer? Can you hug me like before?
I only cause you trouble…
I should have accepted when you offered me water…my throat’s dry…

We will now present a follow-up report on the male university student crime case. An edged tool identified as the weapon was found near the scene of the crime.The neighborhood residents’ say they heard a furious…….in the moment of the

*panting sounds*
*heavy rain*

Track 05 – Scene 05. Omae de Yokatta (I’m glad it was you) (05:39)

Uh! Where’s this?
Oh, yeah…I’m chased…and I had a fever… How many hours have I been sleeping?
Huh? It’s only been around two hours? I feel as if I slept a whole day.

Right…I know it myself. My fever hasn’t gone down yet.

Oh, thanks…Then, I’ll take it.

A sports drink, huh? Which reminds me…I saw a strange dream. Yeah, a dream. I was drinking water from a clear spring. It was cold and it tasted similar to this and I felt a bit better after drinking it.
Uh…this T-shirt is new but it’s drenched in sweat now.
Ah…I’ll wash it and give it back.
You…didn’t run away. Before I fell asleep, I was actually prepared for you to be gone when I woke up.

But I felt warmth by my side the whole time…I was happy. Thinking that I’m not alone, that there’s someone who believes me, at least one person, who’s now here with me, and it made me feel relieved.
About my dream earlier…Was that really a dream? Ah, you don’t have to answer! I won’t know what kind of face to make…you don’t need to answer.

I…am thinking of going to the police. Nothing will happen even if I stay here, and I need to explain clearly why I was in his room…and I’ll makt then understand why I ran away. I really didn’t do it, so I should go without hesitation, right?
No. I’ll go to the police alone. I’d feel bad if you were questioned too. Plus, this is my duty because I ran away. I have to do it alone.

Heheh….Right…First I have to wait for my fever to cool down. Will you be by my side when I wake up next time as well? Thanks. I’m glad it was you who I bumped into at that time. If it hadn’t been you, I don’t know what would have happened to me about now. I’m really…glad it was you…

Track 06 – Scene 06. Kawaru Tame no Ippo (The first step to changing) (10:27)

Regarding the male university student crime case that happened a week ago: Because in the declarations of a woman considered the first who discovered the corpse  there were many strange aspects, the police conducted an interview that ended in the woman confessing her crime. The woman had been in a relationship…

Don’t make a fuss. If you do, you know what’ll happen to you, don’t you?
Heh. Sorry, it was a joke. I just couldn’t find the chance to go up and talk to you.
It’s been a week since we last saw each other, hasn’t it…? Ah, my questioning ended already.
I though I should contact you but I didn’t ask you for a contact address. You were worried, right? Sorry.
Hey…if you’re free now, would you take a walk with me? There’s a park in the opposite side of the station, you know? If it’s okay with you, let’s walk until there.
I’m glad!
Maybe you saw this on TV, but in the end the woman who saw me and screamed was the criminal. She was a customer of that guy’s and she’s saying she was his lover but…I don’t know the truth actually. It seems he told her he won’t meet her anymore on that day, and she stabbed him on an impulse. She noticed she had dropped her earring when she was running away and when she came back she saw me confused and holding the knife, and she shouted, or so they say.
I don’t know…how is it actually?
It seems she said she didn’t want to make me the criminal in her place. I went there unexpectedly and I want to believe she wasn’t that much of a crafty woman.
The watch he showed me one day before the incident seems to have been a present from her. I said that if he’d have thought more about the feelings of the person who wanted to give the present to him, he wouldn’t be able to accept it so easily, and I and got angry. When the event happened, he wanted to give the watch back to her. That’s why I think I hold part of the blame for the event.
Uh, I’m not thinking extreme things like I’m the one who killed him or anything! It’s just that…right…I thought I needed to change.
Uh, sorry. It doesn’t make sense, does it? But…If I could have warned him before, maybe something would have changed. If I’d stepped a little further into his heart, maybe the outcome wouldn’t have been the same.
I was happy he was friendly with me, but I always interacted with him without saying my real feelings. Not only to guys, but to women as well. I…until now, I’ve been avoiding getting deeply involved with someone. Obviously, a lot of new feelings appear when you’re in a serious relationship. I found that troublesome…I thought it’s only a pain and has no good points. I thought that was my way of not hurting others but…that’s mistaken, right? I think there are many people who have been hurt because of me. I’m actually weak. I was only scared to let my feeling clash with others’s.
If I had more courage, maybe he wouldn’t have ended up like that. Plus, you too…Maybe I would’ve gotten to know you earlier, and not in that way…
Oh! I thought the park was farther but when I’m with you, it feels close. Uh, that’s not what I wanted to say…
You know…I…um…Ah, right! Here, the T-shirt I borrowed from you. I washed it. Thanks.
Eh? Ah, I see…right…It’d trouble you to get it back too…It’s something I wore once, so you can’t give it to a man. I’m sorry, is it all right to make up for it by buying another one?
Huh? You’re saying it’s a present? How do you know that my birthday’s today?
Huh? Eh?? You bought this for me in the first place?
Hey, wait, please! Don’t say the continuation yet!
As the first step to changing, I’ll be the one to tell you my feelings first.
Um…first…thanks so much for the other time. If you hadn’t been there with me, I probably would’ve gone mad. I…I…um…
I like you! Please go out with me!
I’m so glad…
Heh. It makes one happy to have their feelings accepted. I’m awkward… and blunt…. and maybe I’ll end up hurting you sometimes. But I’ll take care of you as well as I can so…
Eh? Your name? Ah, you don’t need to tell me…because I knew it…
Ah, then, I’ll call you by your name from now on, okay?
Eh, uh, um….s…sorry. It’s a bit embarrassing…

Track 07 – Epilogue: Yasashii Amaoto (Happy End) (The Gentle Sound of the Rain- Happy End) (05:03)

One, two-!
Ah, the weather’s so nice! Look at the sky, there isn’t a single cloud. hey, it’s dangerous to bend so much…whoa!
Klutz…be careful! You’re wearing such high heels again though you know you’d fall. No, I’m sure you’d fall no matter what. It’s because you’re careless.
Come on, don’t get angry! I was thinking to hold you like this so you wouldn’t fall, you know.

You’re not heavy. But I keep holding you like this, by arm might break. Ah, don’t struggle!
What is it, did you really get angry? You know it was a joke. Hey, look this way. Hey. heey! If you show me your back so much, I’ll…want to hug you.
Uh…I..I’m kinda hungry, aren’t you?

Oh! You really made boxed lunch for us! It wasn’t really easy to do, was it?
Haha! I’m not worried about the taste. The food you cooked for me the other time was very tasty.
Come on, open them already. I told you I’m hungry.
Oh, no way! The sky was so clear a moment ago!
Hey, get the boxed lunch and hide into the summer house!

They didn’t say it’d rain on the weather forecast.
Maybe rain likes me…*1*
Hm? Ah, right…it rained a lot on that day too.
Can you sit a bit closer? Not like that, closer. Come closer. Closer…
I’m telling you to get about this close to me.
I’d started to hate the sound of the rain…it pierces me coldly….Because it reminds me of that day… But the rain I hear by your side sounds so gentle… I love you…
When it rains…No, even when it doesn’t rain, I want to be with you.
Let’s stay together.

Track 08 – 08. Scene 05 Akumu ni Tozasareta Shinjitsu (Bad End) (The Truth Locked in a Dream-Bad End) (02:39)

Uh…Stop it… Please stop it! Ah, ahhh!
Where am I? What was that just now?
I’d been caught and they said I’d be  put on trial with the sin of killing him! No one listened to what I had to say, I was locked in a cold dark room and was waiting quietly.

I was tied with a rope around my neck…It hurt, it was hard and so sad…
Uh!! What? Oh, it’s you! huh? It was a dream?
No…it seemed too real to be a dream. I even remember the sense of the rope on my neck… I…for sure…I saw my future.
I didn’t do anything….I didn’t do anything, so why!? Nothing…nothing…I did nothing wrong!
I have to run! I have to run away fast! If I don’t run away, I’ll be caught! I need to go fast!

I’m okay…This kind of fever will go down immediately. More importantly, now I have to go. You’ll come with me, won’t you?
Why do you make that expression? Will you abandon me? Please…I’m scared to be alone! I don’t want to go without you! Please run away with me. Please!

I have to run…I have to run…I have to run away!

Regarding the male university student crime case that happened a week ago: The man’s former girlfriend who has been caught has admitted all the charges and the police will take the woman in custody as a crime suspect. Well then….
*rain sounds get louder*

Track 09 – Epilogue: Kurutta Manazashi (Bad End) (Twisted Gaze – Bad End) Epilogue (02:39)

What? You’re awake already?
Hey…How did you prepare this breakfast?
Didn’t you say you didn’t have any more ingredients?
Don’t tell me you went outside while I was sleeping?
What did you do? I told you not to go out! What are you gonna do if the police found us?
In this situation, you may also be charged with the accusation of hiding me!
Ah…sorry…I gripped your hand too hard…
I’m really sorry…
But if your house would be found, I won’t have anywhere left to go!
What are you saying? The culprit hasn’t been caught yet! What, do you still believe that kind of lie? It’s obvious that was a fake news to make me let my guard down!
Why do you make such a sad face? you don’t want to go on hiding with me? Is it hard on you?
If it’s really hard on you, you can…you can…
No! I really don’t want that! I feel as if I’d be caught immediately if you leave my side!
I can’t go on if I don’t have you! I need you by my side forever! Please, don’t abandon me! I’m scared of being alone!
I…I won’t let go of you. I won’t leave your side. If you’ll leave me and go live by yourself…I’ll probably go mad.

Track 10 – Free Talk フリートーク (08:46)

Special free talk!
So with that, everyone, though I think there are people who still haven’t listened to the CD, now it’s time for the free talk! And it’s possible that I’ll say spoilers in this track so I’d appreciate it if you listened to the CD first! Ah, I’d forgotten!
Yes, my name is Shimono Hiro, and I played the role of Ninomiya Naoya.
So, with that…ah, not that.
So, with that, you see, the recording ended and I unexpectedly have a bit of a fever now. My voice is totally raspy.
I’m asking the persons who listened to the Cd, how was it?
How should I say it….he was always running…well, it is called “Toubousha/ The runaway, so the character’s always on the run. He’s running away so there’s a lot of tension. I’m surprised that, though I wasn’t actually the one running away, what’s with this fatigue I’m feeling? And I wonder why my throat suffered so much damage. It was incredible, really.
When you use the dummy head mic, you hear everything from different directions when you’re wearing headphones. You’re probably hearing Shimono Hiro behind you now, so it really feels as if someone’s right there, and it’s easier to get an image of what’s happening.
So from the moment he gets a fever, the story splits in a good end or bad end, so please listen to them. Well, from the one you like more, we can find out if you’re a sadist, a masochist or if you’re normal. The people who make the CD probably didn’t think of something like that at all, though.
So, it seems I have a question prepared. Um…what should I do? can I even talk about this? Well, if I can’t speak enough, I guess I can speak about random things after. Like things about me now. It’s actually hard to speak by yourself for about 10 minutes, really!
If I had letters, like mails sent to Toubousha or something, I could read them, and I could cover 10 minutes. Well, 10 minutes is not much. You see, I usually do radio shows for about 30-40 minutes, so there are times when I speak for an hour too. But can I speak on this question’s subject for 10 minutes? So, I’ll tell you the question:
“If you were in a situation when you’d have to run away like Naoya, what’s the item you’d definitely take with you? Please tell us the reason as well.
Um… it’s also a bit different from going on a deserted island…If I think like that…hm..? Is it all right to give such a realistic answer, Shimono Hiro? No, no no. I think it’s something important. It’s important, but! You know, there are things more important than that! For example, like something that’d help you pass the time? Like that? No, that’s not it.
If you don’t have money, can you even live on the run…? How is it? What about something like work part time while running away? I guess it depends on the situation. It does…
So what would the situation be? I need to run away. Am I being hunted down by something? Well, it’s possible too. For example the situation in the CD, it’s possible to be hunted down by the police. No, not hunted down, chased by the police.
Then is…being chased by bad guys? I can’t think of anything!
Right…what would be the item I’d take with me? It’s difficult. Um….
If I’d take your phone, it’d be possible they’d find me using the GPS, right? Hmm…
Conclusion: maybe money? Well, that’s what you end up to every time.
If it’d be an inhabited island, I’d probably take a lighter or matches. No, maybe matches aren’t a good idea. If it’d rain, they’d get damp and useless. That’s not good.
Well, I think it’s not that usual to get in this kind of situation. Then, it’d be the situation when you’re borrowing money from friends, right? I didn’t ever borrow money from friends…or I didn’t not.
I wonder why I’m speaking by myself like this, really. haha
It’s probably okay to end it earlier. It’s probably written “around 10 minutes” as reference anyway. It’s a bother if I speak so much too, right? If it’s a bother, say so. Come on, say “it’s a bother.” What, aren’t you gonna say it? Say it’s a bother. “It’s a bother.” Try saying it once. Once, okay? Come on.
I tried playing around a bit. Hahaha!
I’m sorry. I started feeling uncomfortable here! So, with that…
Look at that, they say it’s all right. It feels like God’s voice. The lamp’s glittering over there. So this time’s Toubousha was about Naoya-kun, and it safely…well, I’m not sure if it’s safely, but it arrived at the end. I wonder if another volume could happen? I don’t know. But if there will be another chance to do this again, please support me again, and I hope you’d enjoy the CD and listen to it.
So, with that I’ll end my rambling. I’m sorry.
But I hope you’ll listen to the actual CD many times. It’s enough to listen to this free talk once. Haha. Okay, so with that, I hope I’ll be able to meet you again somewhere. This was Shimono Hiro.

*1* He actually says ameotoko, literally “rain man”. Its equivalent and original is “ameonna” that’s a woman, a spirit that brings rain along with it; or a way to call someone who seems to have the bad luck of invoking rain wherever they go. Go here to see a bit about it (though not much more than I wrote): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ameonna


11 thoughts on “[TL] Toubousha vol 02 – Naoya

  1. Thank you so much for posting this!! At first I couldn’t understand anything but hearing the pain on Shimono Hiro’s voice was enough to make me teary-eyed T_T.

    This one is my favorite so far! Bless you and your huge effort for translating this!

  2. Thank you for the translation!! This CD is one of my favorites from the Toubousha series so I’m glad I can finally understand everything that say. \o/

    • \o/ I’m glad it helps! Thank you for the comment!
      Haha, I remember that what made me translate this is the fact that the sieyuu’s Shimono Hiro 😀

  3. Thank you very much for your hard work! I really like the Toubousha series so I’m happy that you translated this volume~ Will you translate Vol.7 someday? 🙂 Anyway, keep up your good work!

  4. So this is the Toubousha series huh. It has an unusual plot that’s very interesting but I definitely prefer the happy end on this one. He turned psychologically guilty and yandere-ish during the bad end. Thanks for the translation, Shyuu-san!

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