[TL] Toubousha vol 07 – Kazumi

逃暴者 vol.7 ~カズミ編~
Toubousha vol 07 ~Kazumi side~
Toubousha vol 07 - Kazumi
01. Scene 01. Ima wa Hitasura Hashiru Nomi (Now I’ll only run) Scene01 今はひたすら走るのみ (02:50)
02. Scene 02. Tonari no Seki no Ippiki Ookami (The lone wolf in the seat next to me) Scene02 隣の席の一匹狼 (10:33)
03. Scene 03. Keikoku mo Munashiku (Warnings are in vain) Scene03 警告も虚しく (05:04)
04. Scene 04. Senakagoshi ni Tsutaerareta Shinjitsu (The truth that could be conveyed over the back) Scene04 背中越しに伝えられた真実 (10:13)
05. Scene 05. Kejime no Tsukekata (How to put an end to it) Scene05 けじめのつけ方 (07:31)
06. Scene 06. Mabushikute Abunakkashii HIkari -HAPPY END- (A dazzling yet flabby light) Scene06 眩しくて危なっかしい光 -HAPPY END- (12:47)
07. Epilogue. Tezukuri Bentou wa Furyou wo Kouseisaseru (A handmade boxed lunch helps a delinquent heal) Epilogue 手作り弁当は不良を更生させる? (06:33)
08. Scene 06. Kono Te wa mou Saigo no Hitori -BAD END- (This hand is the last) Scene06 この手はもう最後の一人-BAD END- (03:17)
09. Epilogue. Gooru ga Mienai Toubou-geki (The Goal is far ahead in the Runaway Play) Epilogue ゴールが見えない逃亡劇 (03:48)

Release date: 29 January 2014
Tsuzuki Kazumi 都築一未(Seiyuu: Eguchi Takuya 江口拓也)
Publisher: TWOFIVE Record
Illustrator: Yuugen Seira 佑元セイラ
Scenario: Chai ちゃい
Official character page: http://www.twofive.co.jp/tobosya/series/vol7
CD PV: ドラマCD「逃暴者 ~カズミ編~」PV(試聴版)(http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1389942768)


Track 01. Scene 01. Ima wa Hitasura Hashiru Nomi (Now I’ll only run) (02:50)

– Wait, bastard!
You’re slow! Are you even running with all your strength? Give me your hand! Hurry up!
That way, to that park! Shut up and come with me!
Don’t let your kids play outside so freaking late!
We’ll cut across and go to the other side.
Huh? Idiot. You try and hide yourself in the park. We’ll be found immediately because the brats are going to be looking at us. Shut up and keep running!
*car passing*
– There they are! Wait there!
This is bad, we’re surrounded. This way!
I don’t care this is someone’s house! You’re so annoying. Then you can go ring the doorbell and ask for permission to go inside! Shh!
– Shit! Where did they go!
Damn, those bastard’s are so persistent.They’re gone?
Let’s go. We can’t stay in this place forever. Come on, give me your hand. Just do it, okay!
All right. Which way’s your house?
Stupid. They know your face. I can’t let you go home alone.
Well, it’s mostly my fault, so I feel bad for it. But–
– Found them!
Damn. Come!
– Don’t run away!
But you know, I warned you numerous times not to get involved with me.
*car honk*Toubousha/Runaway – Kazumi.

Track 02. Scene 02. Tonari no Seki no Ippiki Ookami (The Lone Wolf in the Next Seat)

*school chime*
*stepping sounds*
*door sliding*
Huh? Did you say something?
Ah, morning.
Though it’s noon, you know.
Shut up, At least I came.
Ah, you’re so annoying, I’m going home.
Uh! Ouch! Don’t pull my hood, you’ll freaking strangle me!
*sigh* It’s been a while since I last came to school and I feel so sluggish. *yawn*
I didn’t sleep much last night. I’m going to sleep, G’night.Ahh…I said I was gonna sleep! You’re so noisy complaining in my ear!
Huh? The number days I came to school? You don’t think I’m counting that, do you?
Heh, don’t you know more than I do?
Eh, for real? How do you know the number of days I came to school?
Ah…the homeroom teacher told you? I see.
We just got into the third year, but you have your hands full, don’t you, class prez? So the stupid teacher told you to take care of the delinquent who just got out of suspension? He’s the worst. He pushes the responsibility or a student, moreover on a woman.[02:16]
Hey, he told you why I was suspended, right? Well, by the reactions I got on my way here, I understood what kinda rumors are spreading around. I heard that I pushed that bastard down the stairs and he’s badly wounded. So the next day he was covered in bandages all over, I hear? I would’ve wanted to see that. Heheh.
Yeah. In truth he had a light sprain and some bruises, right? I heard.
Huh? Why are you the one getting angry?
Hmmm? So why did you think it’s not the truth? What, your intuition? You’re so random.
Hey. I don’t know if it’s because the teacher asked you or because you’re the class prez or because you’re sitting next to me, but are you driven by a sense of duty telling you you have to get involved with me or something?
Won’t you leave me alone? Honestly,  you piss me off.
Or what? Do you like me? Whoops, that was close. What are you getting serious for? You get that it’s a joke, right?
Yeah. But what I said before’s not a joke. You’re annoying for real. Don’t talk to me too much. Got it?
Whoa. What, it’s you?
Shut up. Is it bad that I’m coming out of the teacher lounge?
*stepping sounds*
Hey! Don’t call me so loudly!
You wanna go home with me? What’s with that? Playing being friends?
So…did you already forget what I told you before? I told you not to get involved with me.
Huh? Now? Nothing much. I was just called out by the shitty teacher. Though don’t you think that guy’s too freaked out?
He didn’t look in my eyes once.
*stepping sound*
What’s with you? Don’t follow me. If you wanna go home, then go. I’m not leaving yet.
*stepping sounds*
I choose what to do, right?
Where I’m going? To the rooftop.
Ah, you’re annoying! How many times do I have to tell you to get it? You’re a freakin pain.
Jeez, why do you keep talking to me? Don’t tell me it’s really because the teacher told you to do that? Or form some sense of justice?
If you stay with me, won’t it affect your mind and be trouble for you? Miss Honor Student.
* running footsteps*
You’re persistent. I’ll come to school so you can rest easily. That’s what you’re worried about, right? Your position’s in the game so you gotta show some results, right?
So why are you following me, I asked. Weren’t you going home? I don’t have anything to talk to you about.
Tsk. Why’s the door locked?
Heeh? So it’s because it’s deteriorating? I see.
But if you knew we couldn’t go to the rooftop, say that earlier! I wasted my time coming here.
Huh? you were looking? At what?
At that thing that made me get suspended? So that’s what you wanted to talk to me about?
Huuh? So you were there. So? What about it?
Yeah, it’s just as you say. That shitty teacher just missed his footing on his own. I didn’t push him down. It was just his false charges while he fell by himself. Heh, that makes me laugh.
Heeh? So you talked it over with them for me? Whit the guy in charge of the school year, the vice-principal and even the principal? . Hehe. That’s amazing…that kind of model student right out of a story doesn’t exist these days. I see, I see. Okay, okay. thank you very much.
Is this good? Are you satisfied? Then, I’m leaving.What the hell? You’ve had enough, didn’t you? What did that even change? I was still suspended and you were ignored by the teachers then on top of that you were told you were imagining things or you didn’t see it well and could only draw back. Plus, you were threatened when they told you that unnecessary prying will affect your getting into university. Right?
Don’t start with “but”. Hey, what do you want to do? I don’t give a damn about the truth. It’s just troublesome. A waste of time. If you want to play justice can’t you do it outside? I don’t want to get involved in your hero game. In short, it doesn’t sit well with you, right? It goes against your justice. Then if I confess the truth in front of everyone or something, you’ll feel good? Or want? You want me to take your hand and go together and face the teachers? Or…do you really like me after all and want to draw my attention…or something? Heh. Right…if it’s you, I don’t mind. You’re pretty cute too.
If there’s something you want me to do to you, say it. What do you want me to do?
What are you trembling for? *kiss*
Hehe. If this makes you blush to your ears, it’s obviously better to give up on going out with me. Go back to your warm nest, Miss Honor Student. Heheh.
You know the rumors about me, don’t you?
We’re on the stairs leading to the rooftop. Can’t you remember something looking at this situation?
Right. I’m a murderer.
Heh. Leave. You didn’t see anything. Even if you continue to get involved with me, you’ll only feel like you do now in the future. Don’t get involved with me anymore. Don’t come close to me. There’s not one thing to make you look about to cry like that. I’m used to this kind of thing.

Track 03. Scene 03. Keikoku mo Munashiku (Warnings are in vain) (05:04)

*school chime*
Hey…class prez. I think I told you thin a lot of times yesterday too but do you wanna make me say the same thing today? Didn’t I tell you not to get involved with me anymore and not to come close to me? Don’t follow me.
What’s this? Is this some new way of harassment? If that’s so, I’m impressed, for real.
*stepping sounds*
Ah, shut up! Shut up! I told you, don’t get me dragged into your hero games!
It’s not like you forgot what I did to you yesterday, right?
Huh? Maybe it’s the opposite? You can’t forget about it? So you want me to do more to you. You seem really ignorant in that area.
Yeah, yeah. go away like that. And could you take this chance to disappear? If this is all it takes to scare you, don’t get close to me in the first place.
But you’re not discouraged after I rejected you so much, so that’s a talent in a way. There’s a limit to how thickheaded you can be.
Honor students have honor students friends, don’t they? Go back to them.
*stepping sounds*
I told you I don’t have anything to talk to you–
– Hey, he came out.
*hurrying steps*
What are you bastards?
– You’re Tsuzuki Kazumi, aren’t you?
– Huh? Who’s that?
– Don’t play dumb with me!
– How annoying. Yeah, yeah, that is right. Tsuzuki Kazumi would be myself, is something the matter?
*sigh* So they’re here already. What are you doing? You leave.
Just do it. If you stand around here, you’re in my way.
– Whoops, stop right there!
– Let her go. That girl has nothing to do with me.
– He said she has nothing to do with him, did you her? hahaha!
*sigh* that’s why I told you.
– I’m the one you need, right? But what’s with so many people? What, are you gonna carry me on your shoulders or something?
– The hell you’re saying?
– The heck, that’s dangerous.
– Hey, hey, you don’t care what happens tot his woman?
– Huh? Didn’t I tell you that girl’s got nothing to do with me? She just happened to be there-
– Ah, ah, poor thing. It seems you’ve been abandoned.
– Hey, she’s bothered by that.
– Huh? She’s got nothing to do with you, right?
– Shut up. I’m not that much of a bastard to shut my mouth and watch as a random woman’s getting dragged in this. And let her go, I said.
– Don’t ignore us!
*hitting sound*
– Bastard, don’t think you’re so great!
– What wrong, idiots? Come all at once if you wanna fight me! You’re too freaked out to move by yourselves anyway, right?
– Huh?
– Heeh? It seems he doesn’t care what happens to the woman.
– Don’t touch her!
– Then you have to be careful with how you act, Tsuzuki Kazumi-san!
– Okay, I got it, I got it, I said. I won’t do anything. That’s why…
– Ouch!
– Uh!
– Shh. Don’t talk to me.
Wait, I’ll let you escape immediately.
– Hey, what’s he doing?
– Damn it!
– Now! Stop touching her with that dirty hand!
Hey, this way!
– Wait, damn you!
*running sounds*You’re slow! Are you even running with all your strength? Give me your hand! Hurry up!
That way, to that park! Shut up and come with me!

Track 04. Scene 04. Senakagoshi ni Tsutaerareta Shinjitsu (The truth that could be conveyed across the back) (10:13)

Did we lose them this time?
Shit, they were really persistent!
But where are we anyway?
Hey, are you ok? Ah, it all right, you stay dead on the ground for a while. You look very tired. There’s no place to rest around here… Guess it can’t be helped…Come on, get on my back. Then can you walk by yourself? Then do it already.
Whoa, so heavy.
Uh, no, I didn’t say anything.
Ah, If there’s a pylon over there then we’re behind the high school.
What? So we were just running in circles?
Hey, tell me if you feel bad.
Huh? Why are you the one apologizing? You didn’t do anything wrong, did you? It’s all my fault…
Rather, where was your house again?
Ah, so it’s next to the station…
Hmm? Then it’s close to my house. Which side? Oh, around there, huh? It’s not like we can’t walk there but…do you wanna call someone to get you?
Then I have no choice but walk you there, huh?
It’s okay, it’s close anyway.
Huh? The guys from before? They’re my friends.
It was a joke, can’t you even tell? Don’t shout in my ear!
You recognize their uniforms, don’t you? Right. They’re from the high school three station ahead of here.
I know, right? That place’s so full of bad things that it’s funny. And the worst guys by far among all the bad ones went out of their way to ride the train and come and see me…don’t you know the reason for that?
Of course it’s because I’m that much of a celebrity, don’t you think?
Why did that make you laugh? You know, this isn’t a joke. You said you hear the rumors about me, didn’t you?
What’s with that? Did you rise the flag where the person concerned, which means me, has to explain things to you? *1*
Well, I guess it doesn’t matter. We’re gonna be walking for a while anyway. Eh, then…
Once upon a time…
Ow! You really can’t take a joke, can you?
Oh, that happened when I was in middle school…I think I’d just became a second year *2*. I don’t know why, but I was called to the rooftop one day. Something like “hey, you’re too conceited”. For real, that kinda thing actually happens. Huh, honor students live in a different world after all. I’m not being sarcastic, I’m admiring it.
So, I don’t get what happened but I was falsely charged and…I don’t know why! Do you think that kind of people follow reason? Well, I’m probably also “that kind” of guy to you.
Forget that, ignore it. Rather, would you refrain from strange retorts? I won’t know what I was even talking about.
So, after that random false charge, he seemed to want to beat the hell out of me so I ran away. At that time I was also someone who wouldn’t fight even when provoked, unlike now. So I went out of the rooftop door and I ran down the stairs at once and then that guy wasn’t going after me. I felt relieved and went back home, and the police came to my door that night. “A bad Senpai was found dead. We’re arresting you for murder”.
Hmm? What is it? you’re getting down? You listened to this point and grew scared?
Oops. Aren’t you staggering? Huh? It’s not something you need to stand all properly and listen to. It was on the news too, it’s not some new information, you know. Well, if you wanna walk, go ahead. Tell me if you don’t feel well. Ah…if you’re that proper with me, it’s hard to talk.
Um…right. I was talking about how I became a murderer. You get the main idea too, right? That Senpai fell on the stairs leading to the rooftop and broke his neck and died. There were a lot of people who saw me running away at the estimated time of death. Well, I was actually running, so that part’s true. So even if you ask me why that Senpai died, I wouldn’t know. And something or other happened, I wasn’t prosecuted and I came back, but the society treated me like a criminal.
I’ll leave it to your imagination tot think what happened after that. You don’t need explanations to get it, right? It didn’t matter whatever I said. Strange people I didn’t even call came squirming around me spouting random things like getting famous and idiots who wanted to beat people up. I couldn’t do anything but go along with them and thus the present me was formed, that’s it.
The guys from before? Who knows. By the fact that they checked me by name, they’re either the idiots’ friends or guys I beat up before or their friends. I don’t remember every single one.
That’s right. I fight without even knowing why. They come challenge me so I can’t help it.
Then what? you’re saying I should shut up and take it? Let them hit me without even resisting?
Sorry, you just got involved in this. So you got it now, right? That’s why I told you not to get involved with me.
Huh? Ah, your house’s here? I see.
I made you listen to a gloomy story. Bye, sorry about today,
Huh? No, I won’t come in! You know, if a guy like me came in their house out of the blue, your parents’d freak out! Ahh, right, they weren’t home yet? Though that’s even worse, isn’t it?
This girl’s strange. How do I say it…she’s cultured to be pure and some kind of natural airhead specimen. She’s really valuable.
*cough* Well, no matter. Then I’m leaving.
Uh…I think I chattered about a lotta unnecessary stuff.
You’re really stupid. There;s no good thing to listening to that kinda story. Maybe you’re smart, but you’re ignorant of the society. Nothing will change even if you know about me. It’s useless to complain to the teachers and the more you get involved with me will put you in bad situations. Now you know everything you wanted to know, right?
Then from tomorrow onward, we’re strangers. Got it?
Don’t ask why. Just because. Ah, you really don’t get it!
You know, you may be misunderstanding something so I’ll tell you this. I told you so much because I didn’t want you to follow me about anymore. Frankly, you’re just a hindrance to me. Today too, if you weren’t there, I would’ve beaten them and it’d have been over there.
Thos guys seemed persistent, so they’ll probably come back soon.
Plus, you don’t even know how much was true from the story I just told you. Maybe I actually did it. Heh.
Huh…so don’t get involved with me again. It’ll be too late to regret it when you get hurt. Get it? Please.

Track 05. Scene 05. Kejime no Tsukekata (How to put an end to it) (07:31)

– Hey, isn’t that the one? 
Hey, wait!
– This way. Shh, stay still. We’re blending with the shadow of the tree so you can’t see it from outside.
– Where did she go?
– Maybe that way?
So they didn’t give up, as I thought. After I walked you home, I saw them in the neighbourhood. It seems they don’t know your house but I thought the way to school’d be dangerous. I’m glad I was careful just in case.
I told you to stay still. They know your face…so they had that kind of brains too, huh?
Damn. No matter what I do, I end up getting you involved.
They’re gone? Let’s go.
Huh? Shut up. I can’t leave you alone you now that it’s come to this, can I?
Sorry for ignoring you after that, but if I didn’t do that, you wouldn’t learn. And I ended up involving you anyway.
Stupid, don’t apologize. It’s all my fault. Their target’s me, so if not for me, things wouldn’t have gotten to this. I’m not becoming menial. It’s just that I didn’t have the resolve. I’ll walk you to the station today so you go home.
Me? I’ll probably have to deal with those guys.
Huh? What’ll I get by running? Even if I run away, those guys’ll come again. They’re not the type to just give up.
No, not only them. Even I don’t know how many guys out there wanna beat the hell out of me. But at this rate, the same thing’ll just keep repeating.
I thought I needed to put an end to it somewhere. It’ll never end if I continue the eye for an eye method.
Hey, I was wondering something. Can I ask you a question?
Maybe’s not something to ask at this time but why do you keep trying to get involved with me? You were like this since we were put in the same class. I’m a celebrity, as I told you. No one tried to get close to me from the get go. I thought that was normal so frankly, I didn’t know how to deal with you. No matter how much I rejected you or called you annoying, you didn’t react to that.
Um… I don’t get why you lost your words at that part.
*kids playing in the background*
Huh, I’m so uncool now, walking nervously on my toes.
Heh, you don’t have to deny it with all your might.
I was always alone and this is the first time I ever thought I needed to protect someone, so it’s kinda difficult.
No, I’m not saying it’s your fault..ah…I can’t say it well.
You see, I already knew what I should have done. I shouldn’t have started fighting, I shouldn’t have been led around by rumors…maybe even teachers wouldn’t have told me how to become a normal student so easily but I think it would’ve been a lot better than now. It would’ve been better not to run around from place to place like this. If I’d faced it properly at some point, maybe I would have avoided getting someone…getting you involved.
I did nothing but fight and get stronger, but that’s just a temporary measure and it doesn’t resolve anything…That fact actually sunk into my heart.
Even though I was supposed to know that already, I couldn’t get out of it and went on with my sluggish lifestyle. I think I was waiting for a chance.That’s probably now. That’s why I…
Heh, I guess that doesn’t matter now.
Ah, it seems that I keep telling you things I don’t need to.
Ah. Then…the continuation from before…I asked you why you were so concerned with getting involved with me…
– Found them!
– Uh! Those guys’re really persistent!
Give me me your bag. For now, we’ll run to the station. Just do as I say and run!
*car honks*
We’re sorry!
Here’s your bag. Okay, go.
Don’t be so slow, go to the platform. They even take the train to won’t go after you. You’re unrelated in the first place, it’s my problem. Go already. Don’t you know you’re just in my way if you’re here? I told you it was my problem. Go, please.
If I can’t do something about it by running, I  have to face it, don’t I? So I’m going to put an end to it. I’m a helpless guy but I want at least to protect you.
Go! Sorry for making you go through this.
– I found him!
Keh, they’re arrived.
– Hey, I’m here. Come!
– Wait, bastard!

Track 06. Scene 06. Mabushikute Abunakkashii HIkari -HAPPY END- (A dazzling yet flabby light)  (12:47)

Ah, she answered.
Um…sorry for waking you up…uh…No matter, after all.
Huh? It’s nothing. As if, when I’m calling so late.
Uh, ow! Uh, no…Now? Right…I’m outside…Yeah…in front of your house.
What? Hey, wait, hey!
Eh? You’re saying to enter through the back door? No, it’s all right…I didn’t come here with that intention… Your parents are sleeping, aren’t they? Uh! Ow!
Ah, it’s nothing. The corner of my mouth’s a bit cut…
Sorry. I just came here to hear your voice…though, it’s like “then why are you here” but…
Ah…then…I’ll go in through the back door…sorry…

Heh…that surprised me… Don’t speak so loudly, what if your parents woke up?
Ah, sorry for scaring you. I can cover up the blood thanks to the color of the uniform but I can’t do anything about my face.
Ouch! Don’t touch me suddenly!
Huh? I have to take my clothes off? You’re pretty bold.
I got it, I just said that. You don’t need to patch me up….
Well, as you see, I was magnificently beaten up.
Oh! No, it doesn’t hurt. Your hand was cold. Ah, it’ll probably be worse tomorrow. It’ll probably swell.
I told you it doesn’t hurt. You actually look more in pan than me.
I said I was okay. I may look weak but I actually feel pretty good right now.
Sorry, I should say I’m feeling good when you were worried for me.
I couldn’t go home in this state. I had to go back eventually anyway, but I wanted to sort out my thoughts first…so while I was staggering about, I was here before I knew it.
Though I should have just gone home, right?
Then sorry but please treat me.
Ouch! No, I’m okay.
Did anything happen after that? I see, I’m glad.
It doesn’t matter what I did.
Ouch, you did that on purpose, didn’t you?
*sigh* There’s nothing to tell you in detail. I was simply beaten up then and ended up like this. Well, that should have satisfied them. That’s why they won’t meddle with you again. Sorry for making you go though that.
Ow! I said I’m all right. Go on.
I knew I had to break it off somewhere but…
I should have just let him hit me once in the beginning and end it. But I ended up hitting back so I couldn’t draw back anymore then.
No…that’s not all…Maybe I was scared deep down. Thinking “if I lose this, what will be left of me”
Sorry, it was ticklish. You’re kinda sloppy.
Um..what was I saying?
Right, I just kept fighting from middle school to now. I can’t even remember anymore what I was like before that. Even if you tell me to go back, I don’t even know what was there. Fighting or anything, if there were guys to strike back at me, I felt fulfilled.
While saying I don’t like it, I was thinking it wasn’t all that bad somewhere in my heart. And yet, I wasn’t prepared to choose if someone like you appeared.
Huh? My face? It’s all right, I’ll do it. Huh? My eyebrows are done for? For real? That’s the only place that doesn’t go bald.
Heh, I guess that kinda worry can come later.
No, it doesn’t hurt. I was thinking your cold fingers felt good…but that doesn’t matter. Heh.
Ah, I know. I’m sorry, but if something like this happens again, I might ask for your help.
No, I won’t barge into your home at night again. I was saying if I came to school looking like this, I’d ask you to take care of me in the infirmary. The infirmary granny’s noisy.
They’re not the only ones who wanted to beat me up, so this might continue for a while.
I can’t help it. If they hit me as much as I hit them before, they’ll eventually get bored of it.
It’s all right. The ones who get out of their way to pick a quarrel with me are the scared ones so they’ll probably hit me enough so I won’t die.
Keh, though I’m not saying this to make you have that expression.
Ah, is it over? Thank you. Sorry, I messed up your room.
It’s not good.
Huh? No, the lower part’s okay.
I said it’s okay! I’ll do it myself later! Are you telling me to take my trousers off?
Idiot, think about it more.
No, even if you get bright red all of a sudden, I don’t know how to deal with you.
What? You were groping me all over just before–ouch!
Hey, I’m hurt! Uh! Shhh!
Hehe! You’re a strange one, really! I haven’t met someone like you until now. Maybe that’s why I keep telling you things I wound’t normally say to people.
I’ve only shown you my uncool side.
Uh, ouch! Oh, I’ll go back before the sun rises. Huh? Ah, my shirt? You’ll help me put it on? Thanks.
This feels somehow like we’re a married couple—
No, it’s nothing. I said it was nothing.
Um…thanks, for real. Uh…you see…um…don’t shout. Say it if you don’t want it.
Ouch! Sorry. Your head touched my wound directly. No, I’m all right, so please let me stay like this for a bit…if you don’t mind it…Really? I’m glad…
You know, I do think I can’t go on like this but I can’t draw back out of it and I think I was always waiting for a chance.  While I was struggling like that, you jumped right in. I wondered what was with you but I immediately thought I couldn’t fool you. Though I lived fooling myself, someone who won’t allow that appeared and came to take me on directly. Maybe this doesn’t sound nice but I thought “This girl can’t go on like this, If I make a wrong step, I may get her involved and get her killed. I have to do something!”.
No, I really felt cornered that much! I thought this was my punishment for going about things randomly.
You stared straight at what I looked away from and bumped into me with a foolish honesty. I thought you were dazzling. Even though until now I’ve been desperate to protect myself and didn’t care about anything else. It was the first time I ever thought I wanted to protect someone. And it felt as if my field of vision expanded instantly. I’m really simple, aren’t I? But aren’t starting sparks like that?
Ah…I don’t wanna let go….Though if your parents weren’t here, I’d sleep over.
It was a joke! You don’t show any mercy to hurt people, do you? Then just give me your hand for a bit. I won’t do something bad.
Thanks for taking care of me before. *kiss*
What? It’s all right, isn’t it? To kiss your hand as thanks.
Hey. This is how I am, but I really am grateful to you. You’re not swept up by rumors or by those around you and you’re looking at me properly…thank you. I feel I can do anything to protect your smile. That’s why I won’t run away anymore. Once I get a bit better than now, next time let’s walk home together normally? It seems our houses are close too. Let’s go home, but not running or carrying you on my back. Heh.

Track 07. Epilogue. Tezukuri Bentou wa Furyou wo Kouseisaseru? (A handmade boxed lunch helps a delinquent heal?)  (06:33)

Oh, you’re here! I’m hungry!
What, don’t laugh! My stomach’s been growling for about three classes and I couldn’t even take an afternoon nap.
Me? As you see, I’ve been on the rooftop the whole time. I sent you a message! It’s alright to do this once in a while, isn’t it? I’ve been going to classes a lot recently.
More importantly, the food. What’s in today’s boxed lunch?

Oh, awesome! The fried eggs are nicely done!
Pfft! Oh, so they’re made by your mom? I thought so. The ones you made before were totally scrambled eggs.
Ah, why are you closing it? Sorry! Forgive me!
You made that hamburger meat, right? I like how you cook it. Why, you ask? Because it’s obviously handmade, maybe?
What? I’m praising you! But let’s eat already! I’m so hungry I think I’ll die!
Um, this potato salad’s tasty. I like the potato not to be that much smashed.
Huh? Did I say it before? So you remembered? Very good, you’re tuned to my tastes. Uh! What are you chocking over? Stupid! Are you all right? Jeez, get used to me already!
Are you okay now? Look, there’s something near your mouth. *kiss* hahaha! It’s your fault for letting your guard down!
Ow,ow! My sides hurt because I laughed!
Huh? It’s not something to get worried about, I’m pretty much healed already. And the ribs crack quite easily, so you be careful too!
What, I’m worried about you, right? You don’t want me to?
But you know, they aren’t picking fights with me that much after that. Maybe it worked that I was hospitalized? Maybe some rumor that Tsuzuki Kazumi’s done for already spread around.
Ah, ah. So it’s time for me to retire, huh?
Heh, you’re glad? Well, that’s true but it’s kinda complicated for me. Right…it’s a good thing, isn’t it? Though it’s not like I don’t have problems anymore. For now, I can walk on the street without being cautions.
Heh, right. I guess that’s normal?
Right…I forgot something so obvious. I’m glad I remembered it.
Hm? Ah, yeah. I end up coming to the rooftop all the time. Though it’s not as if I come because I think about the past.
No, I wonder about that. Maybe that’s part of it? When I go back to the school building from the rooftop, I remember what happened a bit. I end up thinking that if the middle school incident hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be how I am now. But maybe because that happened, I can stay with you like this now, right? When I think like that, I start thinking the past’s not worth thinking about. Heheh.
Huh? Now I can think like this about it. It’s a great progress, isn’t it? It’s thanks to you.
Hey…can I kiss you?
Eh? But if I don’t ask, you get angry.
Huh? Why are you angry when I actually asked? Ah, you’re embarrassed, how cute!
Ehh? But how can you even say it’ll affect our grades in this kinda situation, really?
Pff, heh. No, that’s just like you.
Hm? That’s right…it’s about time I put some effort into studying or I’ll never catch up to you. But you know, before I became like this, I was pretty admirable. I got into this school, after all. I’m even thinking that having the same career choice as you is not a dream.
Heh, is that so? Then I’ll let you teach me.
Hey, if I do well on the exam, you’ll give me a reward, right?
You’re asking what? That’s obvious, isn’t it? Huh? That’s where you lend out your neck?
Jeez, my girlfriend’s forever a kindergartner in that area.
Well, it’s all right. When the time comes, I’ll teach you a lot of things….in detail.

Track 08. Scene 06. Kono Te wa mou Saigo no Hitori -BAD END- (This hand is the last) (03:17)

Ouch! It stings! I’m thankful you’re treating me but can’t you be a bit gentler? I noticed this lately but you’re pretty clumsy, aren’t you?
Heh, don’t get mad. I’m not grateful? I am, I am. Seriously. Why are you doubting that?
Then, how about I show you my gratitude? How, you’re asking?
I said I’ll show you with my body…come on.
Wait, don’t run. hey, don’t struggle. Jeez, you never get tired of this. You know I’m think kind of guy but you get close to me nonchalantly.
You’re so gullible so I thought I could answer to your expectations. But it’s not like your not expecting any compensation, right? Say it. I’ll do anything to you. You want something p that feels good, right? Okay, I’ll do anything if you want it.
Ouch! It hurts, don’t use your brute strength. You’ll make more woulds on me.
Stupid! It was a joke. Don’t look so hurt, If you abandon me too, I…
Then I’m going home.
Who cares about afternoon classes? It’s more peaceful without me there anyway. That’s why, don’t make that face.
I can’t bring trouble into the school you’re in, can I?
Those guys go about indiscriminately lately.
Don’t follow me! How many times do I have to tell you not to come with me?
Heh, jeez. I got it. You’re helpless…if you insist that much, then come.
You’re gonna tag along no matter what I say anyway, right?
Do what you want. But sorry, I’m not so strong to protect you from everything. get prepared to be hurt.
Get it? I warned you many times already not to get involved with me.

Track 09. Epilogue. Gooru ga Mienai Toubou-geki (The Goal is far ahead in the Runaway Play) Epilogue ゴールが見えない逃亡劇 (03:48)

What are you doing? Don’t rest, run!
– Wait there!
– Don’t run away!
– Where’ll you find an idiot who’s gonna wait when you tell him? Idiots!

Hey, this way. Ouch.
– Where are they?
What? Don’t come here, damn. Hey, don’t move. Stay still.
Tsk, don’t come this way. Go already.
– Bastard, don’t mess around.
– Let’s go.
– Yeah.
*running steps*

*sigh* Shit…how much longer do we have to keep this up?
Stay still over there. They might come back. You know, you can’t do anything to protect yourself, so at least keep running like you should.
Sorry, I took my anger out on you.
But…I’m pretty tired too. If I keep running away day after they, they’ll completely make light of me …Eh…. Maybe it’s time I do one of them in? Heh.
Huh…you really can’t get a joke. Don’t make that scary expression.
But are you really okay with this? I’ll acknowledge your spirits to get involved with me but what were you planning to do? In the end, I might be the one who got you involved but do you get it you’re actually dead weight now?
Heh. Ah, okay. So you know it.
Ah, ah! Maybe we should just let them catch us and let the beat the hell outta us? It’s not so scary if we’re together, right? Haha. Maybe they’ll be satisfied if they beat up one or two people?
They come one after another, so it might only be a matter of time until they get us.
Hey, you’re the one who tagged along, so how far will you go with me? For now, do you want to keep running away until we graduate? Ah… I guess it’s not certain it’ll end when we graduate. It’s full of persistent guys after all…
Let’s go. They’re probably bored of this too. If they’re still there, we can just run away again. We’ll run, run, and run …so where are we supposed to find the goal?


*1* flag – he refers to the flags appearing in games that trigger a certain situation or special features/ events.
*2* 2nd year in Middle School in Japan means 8th grade. (Elementary School – 6 years, Middle School – 3 years, High School – 3 years. So it’s a 6-3-3 system)
Toubousha 07 - Kazumi chara

Picture of the character taken from the official site: http://www.twofive.co.jp/tobosya/series/vol7

This CD doesn’t have a free talk, and I don’t get it but I think that if you buy something or the other you’ll get some extra…
Look here where this person says something about it: http://saoweee.tumblr.com/post/70177607291/89th-alice-toubousha-kazumi-hen

Translated this CD at hatsuuaki‘s request! Thanks, I really liked Eguchi Takuya here! Though is it me or did he have a bit of a cold? His “n”s became “b” sometimes and it confused me haha

On another note, I can’t deal with this new wordpress style, really. Not much changed, just a few commands, but it won’t put the ‘continue reading’ thing where I want it. And it messes up a a lot of things in my layout, it’s annoying, I had to fix it so many times.


4 thoughts on “[TL] Toubousha vol 07 – Kazumi

  1. Thank you so much for translating this!
    Kazumi and Naoya are my favorite Toubousha boys, and you’ve translated both of their volumes!
    And I’m so grateful for your hard works on other translations too 🙂

    • Oh, I’m glad they can be of help! Thank you!! 🙂
      Hm…I’m not sure which one I like best haha. But these two are cute, in totally different ways. Though I only listened to the ones I translated.
      I see you don’t only like one type of character, because you chose total opposites 😀 Well, I’m like that too.

  2. Wow, I actually didn’t expect you to translate this so fast ´ 7 ` I’m glad you did, though lol I enjoyed Eguchi Takuyas voice acting as well and I think Kazumi was quite the cutie, haha. Anyways, I look forward to more translations from you! 🙂

    • I liked Kazumi too. For some reason, I like the the boys in Toubousha more than in the usual situation CDs when they’re just being sweet to you (or sadistic, in others lol). Maybe because they have a story, and it actually seems like a story, not just someone monologuing,haha..

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