[TL] Kiss x Kiss Collection vol. 30 – Motokare Kiss

KISS×KISS collections Vol.30 「元カレキス」/Moto Kare Kiss
Kiss x Kiss Collection volume 30 – Ex-boyfriend Kiss

Kiss x Kiss Collection vol 30 - Motokare Kisu

01. Title Call タイトルコール (00:24)
02. Saikai /Reunion 再会 (05:44)
03. Odemukae /Greeting お出迎え (03:18)
04. Kenkachuu /Fighting けんかちゅう(03:08)
05. Sexy Shot セクシーショット(02:09)
06. Kirai datta /I hated you//it 嫌いだった (03:49)
07. Kawaranu nukumori /Unchanging Warmth 変わらぬぬくもり (01:28)
08. Choushoku no menyuu wa? /What’s the menu for breakfast? 朝食のメニューは?(02:23)
09. Wasuretenai/ I haven’t forgotten 忘れてない (02:04)
10. Ote wo douzo /Please give me your hand お手をどうぞ (01:43)
11. Suunengoshi no shazai /Apology after years 数年越しの謝罪 (02:51)
12. Futari no kadode /The two’s new start ふたりの門出 (02:58)

Release date: 18 December 2013
Character: Abiko Keiichi 我孫子 圭一 (Seiyuu: Inoue Kazuhiko 井上 和彦)

Abiko Keiichi Character Profile
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 71 kg
Date of birth: 21 July
Age: 33 years old
Blood Type: A
Occupation: Art director
Hobbies: Cruising
Notes: A freelance art director located in New York active on the world market. He is not a genius but uses diverse colours to create delicate designs and his selling point is his honest personality. He has the looks of an overseas actor so rumors say he has many female fans. He returns to Japan this time for a certain job.
“It seems your lips were waiting for my kiss”
Kiss x Kiss Collection vol 30 - Motokare Kiss(source: http://www.air-agency.co.jp/label/shop/kisskiss/kk30.html)

English Translation:

Track 01 – Title Call (00:24)

Kiss x Kiss Collection volume 30. Ex-boyfriend Kiss. Abiko Keiichi.
It seems your lips were waiting for my kiss.
Inoue Kazuhiko.

Track 02 – Reunion (05:44)

*knock knock*
Oh, good work today. I had intended to go greet you myself. I’m sorry for having you come to the waiting room instead.
No, I should be the one to thank you. I am glad I could work with a wonderful photographer as yourself. It was worth returning to the country.
Yes, I still have a few jobs here so I plan to stay in Japan for a while. I don’t have time to go back to my parents’ house so I’ll be staying at the nearby hotel though.

Haha, right. I intend to take my time and savor Japan’s air.
Huh? You’re leaving already? It’s a rare opportunity so wouldn you mind being my conversation partner a bit longer? Let’s talk a bit about today’s program.
I’m glad. Then please sit here. Yes, next to me.
So? How long should I keep using formal speech with you? Hehe. Your blatant stranger’s act earlier was splendid.
You’re sayong it wasn’t as good as mine? I just countered your actions. I didn’t mean it.
Jeez, we meet again in such a long time and that’s how you act. Just stop talking politely like that right now. We’re done with work so it’s all right isn’t it? Or maybe you consider a man who left Japan a stranger and you didn’t even explain this to your lover?
Hahaha, don’t glare at me. You’re too cold so it makes me want to tease you.
Woops, wait a bit. You’re the one who said it was OK to talk a bit, right? I won’t accept you leaving now. Come on, wait. Don’t run away.
Are you still mad that I left you behind? I see. It’s true that I was selfish and I don’t expect you to forgive me. But the fact that you’re so fixated about something that happened years ago is proof that you couldn’t forget me. Hey, how about you ignore the details and be more honest? You should say you wanted to see me.
wanted to see you.
I wanted to see you with my eyes, grown both as a woman and a photographer. You also wanted to meet the current me and that’s why you took on the job, right? The program’s proposal says it’s the collaboration of an up-and-coming photographer and a Japanese art director located in New York. Both our names were written clearly. You also accepted the job for the portmoneau of a magazine photographs, didn’t you? I won’t let you say you didn’t want to see me.
So you don’t say anything, huh? I got it. Sorry fo keeping you. I understand you have no interest in me now. I won’t bother you again from now on, so don’t worry.
Hm? What did you just say? If you started saying it, say the whole thing.
You’re so stubborn. Then….how about I ask your body?
Don’t struggle. Look, your body’s happy to be embraced by me.
It seems your lips were waiting for my kiss. Give up and tell me what you really feel. “Even now…” Hm? “I like you?” *kiss* Heh. Well done.
Sorry but I don’t inted to let go of you again. I can’t let you just go home after being told you still like me, right? *kiss*

Track 03 – Greeting (03:18)

Oh, hello? It’s me. I’m close to your house right now…
It’s too late to tell me not to come over out of the blue. I’m in the neighbourhood. If you say you’re at home, I’ll go over. If I don’t do this, you won’t accept to meet me so easily, will you?

I got it. You want to say that we didn’t get back together, right?
But who’s the one who replies to my e-mails every time? If you’re aware of it, then give up and come greet me.
Huh? It’s too late to say your room’s a mess. We lived together once so I’m used to it. If you don’t want me to see your messy room, how about you tidy up a bit until I get there? Though I’m passing by the design school we used to attend so I think I’ll be there in 5 minues.
Huh, this building’s the same as always. We used to come here everyday, huh?
What’s wrong? It’s true that I left the school during a term but I’m still attached to it. It’s because you feel the same that you didn’t move out of that room, right? Oh, or is it that you just can’t forget the days when we lived together?
Haha, you suck at lying. Maybe you even left the room I used the same as back then? Huh? Why did you fall silent? Don’t tell me you…
Hahaha, is that so? I see. I can understand if it’s like a cat’s stress when it changes the envirnment. It’s true that it works as a reason for still not moving. But do you understand it’s not a reason for keeping my room the same as it was?
So, now I’m in front of your house. Please, open up.
I’m here already, so don’t tell me to go home now.
*door opening*
Huh, I’m glad. I was thinking you wouldn’t open up. Ah, wait a bit. I have a request before I go in. Pleasde greet me like in the past. It’s okay, isn’t it?
I’m home.

Track 04 – Fighing (03:04)

Hehe. Yukito*1*, how are you? You’re fat just like a domestic cat as always. Your round figure and soft paws are so cute!
Ah, thanks. Please leav it here. I hope you didn’t put in sugar in my coffee. Oh? So you still remembered. My room was the same as back then as well. You say thi and that but you’re in love with me quite a lot, aren’t you?

You’re saying I’m the one in love with you? It’s true that I’m the one who said to get back together, but I granted your wish, didn’t I?
Anyway, weren’t you the one who confessed to me in the past?
Oh? Hey! It was sitting cofortably in my lap! Don’t hold it up in your arms all of a sudden! Don’t you feel sorry for Yukito? Huh? You want me to admit it? That should be my line.
Hear me? You’re the one who’s in love with me. Admit it already. What? Hey…did you just say you hate me?
*sigh*  You said it. If you said that much, you should be prepared for an appropriate punishment.
Come on, say you like me.
Is that so? You won’t say it not matter what?
Even though you make this kind of face when I kiss you…
Let me show you in the mirror.
What’s wrong? Hm? You’re saying my face’s red too? That’s because your kiss was a surprise attack.
Don’t expect me to lose to you! *kiss* Look, who’s the one cinging to me after being kissed? You want more? I’ll do it if you tell me properly that you like me. Heheh. Good girl. *kiss* You’re 100 years to early to be able to defeat me with a kiss.

Track 05 – Sexy Shot (03:09)

I’m using your camera. I found it while you were in the shower. It’s all right, isn’t it? It’s just a bit. I used to take photos too. I won’t break it.
My photographic subject that’s a defensless you after a shower’s arrived too.
Hey, hey, don’t make that scary face.
You also took a to of pictures of me at the last work, didn’t you? It’s payback. I should be allowed to take your pictures too. Plus, your lover’s taking pictures of you. Couldn’t you service him with a smile?
Come on, don’t hide your face! Don’t say not to look at you! Show me! Move your arm away!

You run away to the bed looking like that…are you tempting me?

Come on. It’s forbidden to hide in the sheets as well!
*shutter sound*
Whoops, is it all right to throw your pillow at me? What if my hand slips and I drop your precious camera?
Haha, I’m joking. *kiss* Sorry for taking your precious buddy as a hostage. *kiss*kiss*
Yeah, I won’t mess around anymore.
*kiss**shutter sound*
Just joking. Thanks for your sexy shot after a kiss.

Track 06 – I hated you (03:49)

Hm? Did I wake you up? Sleep. I’ll also go to sleep after a smoke.

Hmm? What’s wrong, why are you staring over here? Haha. Since when are you able to make that expression with your eyes? “What kind of eyes”? You’re not aware of it? *kiss* It means they make me unconciously want to do this.
So that means time passed and you also changed a bit, huh? *kiss* Not only here,*kiss* but here, or here too *kiss*…I strangely feel sensuality from you. In the past, I thought you were chidish.
I can’t help it, can I? I was an university graduate entering a design school so you all who were in your teens seemed to be still kids to me.
At that time, I hated you.

How should I say it? You had talent but were always running in circles, it irritaed me to look at you. To be frank, I made fun of the people around me. Unlike me, they were all people who enrolled in the school for half-baked reasons. I didn’t feel like losing to anyone. Haha. Even so, right from our first assignment, you went and handed in something with more sense than me. I still can’t forget the shock from being defeated by an unknowing kid. Jeez. What made me want to go out with that kind of woman?
You often came to me for advice without knowing how I felt. When there was something you idn’t know, you’d come to me immediately and desperately tried to improve your technique. I couldn’t leave someone that pure and hard working alone, could I? Maybe I had actually fallen for you from the start but I just didn’t want to accept it.
Uh, don’t misunderstand! I’m saying I fell for your talent. That’s obvious! In our school times, I pt my whole effort into catching up to your sense and making you fall in love with me.

Track 07 – Unchanging Warmth (01:28)

It’s cold…Hey, you! Don’t take the whole blanket! Anyway, why are you the only one sleeping fully dressed? You know, I couldn’t bring a change of clothes if I came here right after work. Can’t you at least lend me a T-shirt?

Huh? You don’t know where you put them? Huh? What’s that? “I bought them propely”? Huuh? No, I was thinking I really am loved. *kiss*

Ah, it’s all right, you don’t have to search for them anymore. Leave the clothes there. Instead, I want to warm myself up with you as a hugging pillow. *kiss*

Track 08 – What’s the menu for breakfast? (02:23)

Huh…it’s morning already? I got it, I’ll wake up. I’ll be up immediately so don’t rush me! “It’s bad if it gets cold so wake up already”? Your cooking was never that good even if it’s not cold, right?

It’s all egg dishes anyway, right? Plus, all of them are too salty and even though that makes me want to eat rice, there’s bread with butter ready on the table. Did I get it right, huh? So your skill as a cook are as always, huh?
Well, it’s okay. Did you make coffee? The kind with beans properly grinded. The only thing you’re good at is brewing coffee. I can’t complain anymore as long as there’s that.

Hehe. Why do you look so happy?
It won’t work if you turn away. Because I saw it clearly. Come here. You’re pretty masochistic if you get like this when I didn’t praise anything aside from coffee. aren’t you? *kiss*
Hm? You’re asking what I’m gonna do for breakfast? Of course I’m going to eat. *kiss*
Did I ever not eat something you made for me? *kiss*
Don’t worry. Well, I’ll eat it after I eat you.*kiss*

Track 09 – I haven’t forgotten (02:04)

Are you sure we should part at the station? I’ll get a taxi anyway so I can take you to work. Hm, well, that’s true. The train’s faster at this hour. I got it. By the way, do you have any days off this week? Because I have to go back to New York next week. Before I go, would you mind going out for dinner together? Is that so? I’ve already decided on the place. Hm? Do you prefer looking forward to it until the day or finding out now?

Haha, youre so impatient. Wouldn’t you normally want to look forward to it? Well, it’s okay. Do you remember that there was a hotel under construction that you can see from our house’s window? Didn’t we promise to go to the top floor restaurant together when they finish it?
We said that the night view was sure to be pretty seen fro there. Haha. Though at that time, we didn’t have the kind of money to be able to go to that kind of place.
Don’t underestimate me. I remember all my promises with you.
Ah, no. It’s just that I was happy you remembered it. See you, then. *kiss* I’m looking forward to it.

Track 10 – Please give me your hand (01:43)

Hey, you! You made me wait too long! What were you doing–
What’s wrong with you? Why did you dress up like that…? Yeah, it looks good on you. I almost didn’t recognize you. Well, maybe you’d have gotten a full score if you didn’t stagger wearing those heels you’re not used to.
Don’t get angry! Come on, I’ll support you so grab my arm.
No buts! You dressed up nicely in a while, wouldn’t it ruin it if you walked staggering? Yeah, that’s good. But didn’t you maybe wear shoes you’re not used to because you wanted to do this? If so, I wouldn’t mind giving you a full score for today’s unexpected appearance!

Come, let’s go.
It may be the first time we’ve walked like this together. You always showed off saying you don’t like being all over each other. It was clear as day that you were just hiding your embarrassment, you know!
Bull’s eye, right? You really are so cute. *kiss*

Track 11 – Apology after years (02:51)

The nightscape’s pretty, isn’t it? It was worth bringing you here if you’re so happy about it! *kiss*
Thanks for today. I made a good memory before I go overseas.
Huh? “You’re leaving me behind again”, you’re asking? Right…What do you want to do? I told you I hated your talent before, remember? My way of saying it was crude but I was jealous of your talent. But when I saw your works along the time and I was touched by your sensible talent… I started to fall in you not only as a lover, but also as a photographer’s talent. Before I knew it, I had started wanting to do work that’d put your talent to good use.
“I’ll make the whole world acknowledge your talent”. My dream gradually turned into that.
During these several years, there wasn’t a day when I didn’t think about you. When I was having a hard time, your face always poppe up first into my mind and I wanted you to listen to my problems. When I was close to catching an opportunity, I wanted you to push my back. In the end, I couldn’t even contact you once.

“You’re saying this too late”, you said? Yeah, but… Even though I didn’t tell you anything, you waited for me, didn’t you?
I’m sorry. Um…it’s kind of late now, but…um…uh, damn.
From now on, please be my lover forever. *kiss*

Track 12 – The two’s new start (02:58)

Huh…This stay in Japan passed in the blink of an eye, huh?
Thanks for coming all the way to see me off.
Ah, right. It’s the last time, so I’ll tell you this. The truth is, about that job where we were reunited… That wasn’t a coincidence. I planned it.
That’s right. When they proposed me to work on the program, I said that I didn’t want it to be my individual interview, but a dialogue with you. And when I proposed that the photos for my portmoneau of a magazine to be taken by you, it was easily accepted. As expected of someone called up-and-coming like you.

Why are you saying I tricked you? That makes me sound bad. Won’t you call me a tactician instead? All’s well that ends well, right?
What is it that you don’t like? You were also happy to meet me, weren’t you? You know, even if it’s a joke, if you say that you didn’t want to see me…
You’re telling me to hurry up and get on the plane? How mean can you be? Jeez! I know you love me, cut it out and be honest!

Ah, jeez! Stop complaining!
I decided! No matter what you say, I won’t listen to you! You’re mine! *kiss*
Don’t say anything else! I unerstood it well enough while I was here…just how much you felt about me and how much I love you. That’s why, please let me keep another one of our promises here!
We promised that someday we’d advance into overseas markets, didn’t we? It’s time you take the world on in your work. No need to worry, I took my time to prepare your stage completely. Come to my side. Let’s fulfill each other’s dreams together from now on forever! I’ll help you take flight over the world. *kiss*

*1* Yukito – It’s the cat’s name. It’s a boy’s name so the cat is probably male.

This translation was requested by Kisha by e-mail. Thank you for the request and I’m sorry for making you wait. Thank you for your kind message! T_T



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