[TL] Gyaku Choukyou – Yuuri

Gyaku Choukyou Situation CD – Yuuri
逆調教 – ユーリ

Gyaku Choukyou

Track 01. Hitochigai? Masaka… (The wrong person? No way…) 人違い? まさか……
Track 02. Mo, mou owari ka! (I-is this all?) も、もう終わりか!
Track 03. Baita no bunzai de nani wo waratteiru? (What are you laughing at, you whore?) 売女の分際で何を笑っている!?
Track 04. Kisama ni wa keshite kusshinai! (I definitely won’t submit to you!)貴様には決して屈しない!
Track 05. Kisama wa hentai da! (You’re a pervert!) 貴様は変態だ!
Track 06. Kisama shouki ka!? (Are you sane!?) 貴様正気か!?
Track 07. Omae no hitomi ga tsuyoi kagayaki wo torimodosu made (Until your eyes regain their powerful shine) お前の瞳が強い輝きを取り戻すまで   (06:59)

Release date: 13 May 2015
Character: Yuuri ユーリ
Seiyuu: Amano Haru 天野晴 (speculated as Tamaru Atsushi 田丸篤志, if someone knows if it’s confirmed, please let me know)
Publisher : Hituzigumo (http://hituzigumo.com)
Official site: http://hituzigumo.com/p/gyaku-cyoukyou/
PV link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__quAqiLmps
CD links: amazon, animate, stellaworth
Warning: R18 (contains violence and explicit content)

Track 01 – The wrong person? No way… (10:02)

So you still won’t talk?
*sound of whip*
To think you won’t confess even after such an interrogation…what a woman.

Hey! Are you listening to me?
I said that if you tell me where that guy is, yourlife will be spared. But if you don’t say it…
It’s useless to dodge it. You’re the woman of that anti-government faction. That’s certain information brought by an unofficial collaborator. Even if you don’t say it, I’ll arrest him through another method.
What’s with those eyes? I’m asking why are you looking at me like that!!

Damn you…

I see, I got it… What’s effective for you is not pain, but to be assaulted as a woman…

Be quiet!!

I see…he’d be mortified for sure…if I’d play around with that body of yours…

I had thought you were just a diry town girl but, that’s right, for a ground beetle, you have a beautiful face if I look closely.
Poor you. It’s because you don’t confess already that you have an injury even on your face.
Uh. Stay still.
*licking sounds*

You’ve got guts to bite my lips. It seems that you’re dangerous. You have ferocious fangs and tried to eat me.
Ah, that’s right. They always say beautiful things have thorns.
You also…had thorns, I guess.
But what about here?

Yuu can’t grow thorns here, can you?
You have a nice body, don’t you… You fooled that man with this body and manipulated hik, huh?
You know enough of a woman’s pleasure, don’t you?
You make that innocent expression but you have such a ripe body.

Hm. It’s no use to struggle. This binding can’t even be undone by a big man by himself. If you confess right now, I’ll free you from this embarrasment. What arte you going to do? If you continue to keep silent, I’ll need to desgrace you as much as possible. Like this…uh!
What is it? Aren’t you going to speak?
Oh, is that so…you like to have this done to you, don’t you? You like to have an unknown man expose your body…
I’m sure this place is also wet. I’m sure it’s drolling all over, wanting to have a man’s part so badly…

See, your lewd nectar vase*1* is wet from wanting me.
What is it? You’re pretty quiet. Are you crying? Is it so vexing you’re crying? You’re an outragous whore. There’s no need to cry, is there? Having this done to you…
you’re taking my fingers deep in your body… um…
It’s so hot and it sqeezes me…

It’s seems there’s an intrusion.
*door opening*
What? No way…the real one was caught? Then, the woman who I was interrogating now was…mistaken for her? No way…
*door closing*
*stepping sounds*

You’re being released.
*bindings being undone*
*stepping sounds*
*door opening*

You–! Eh… *sigh*
*stepping sounds*

Track 02 – I-is this all? (06:32)

Where…is this?
*chain sounds*
Uh! What’s this? Damn! Why am I hanging from the wall? The chains…I can’t undo them…uh!
*stepping sounds*
Who the hell are you? Could you be from that time…?
Explain yourself. Was it one of your allies that attacked me? And then you confined me in this dark and dirty place. Eh!
*stepping sounds*
What the heck’s your purpose? What’s that appearance?
I researched it after that. You had no connection to the anti-government faction.
What are you doing? Why did you hit me all of a sudden?
Hahaha! Isn’t that my belt? Do you intend to hurt my pride with that, or what? What foolish way of thinking.
Is it revenge for a few moths ago? Revenge for being confined and assaulted for no reason? But even if you do the same to me, it wouldn’t be enough to…
*repeatedly hitting him*
*him panting*
Hahaha. Is that all? In the end, you’re just a city girl. You don’t have uch power–Uh!
What? You’re saying I’m feeling your pain now? Don’t make me laugh. Uh!
Heheheh…You’re saying that much will be enough to oppress me? Ah!
*hits him 7 more times*
Your level of a woman’s not enough to put me down! No matter how much pain you put me through, I won’t submit to you! You’ll just end up having used unnecessary energy!
What’s wrong? Are you done? Hahaha. Then let me out of this filthy room!
*stepping sounds*
*chin sounds*
Uh…You bitch…what are you…? That’s…a dog’s collar, isn’t it? Stop it! Why are you putting that on my neck? Agh…!!
Even if you…strangle me…ugh!! I…won’t…I…ughh!! *he’s in a ton of pain*

*chain sounds*
I’m a dog…you’re saying? You’re telling me to be your pet dog while looking in your eyes?

Track 03 – What are you laughing at, you whore? (04:41)

What do you intend to do now? If you want to kill me…do it already! Do as you wish. No matter what, I won’t give in to what you do!
*stepping sounds*
What? The real deal starts now, you’re saing?
I ave no idea what you want to do, but if it’s something you thought about, your options are probably limited. You should just torture me in all ways you can think of.
*stepping sounds*
Uh! *kissing sounds*
Stop it! Have you gone insane? Doing such a foolish thing as kissing me!
Wh..at? What are you saying? I’m not a criminal. You’re one! You lawbreaker! Disgusting bug! You won’t get away easily after kidnapping a soldier!
Uhn…*kissing sounds*
This is…Are you saying this is revenge for the way I assaulted you? Then…

Right…Is that so? you were frustrated? You want to continue from that time, huh? Very well. I don’t like that uniform of the anti-government faction, but…undo these chains immediately. I’ll keep you company.
Uh! What are you doing? Stop it! Why are you stripping me! A woman shouldn’t touch a man!
Uh…stop…I’m telling you to stop it!
*zip sound*
See…This is what you wanted, isn’t it? How about doing as you please?
Uh! Stop! Aah!
I-is that so…I got it. You may not have been an anti-government faction member, but you’ve been assaulting men like this, haven’t you?
If I’d have known this…that time…
What? What are you laughing at? You whore!
Ahh! What a woman with no mercy..uh…
I only took a bit care of you…Even though I haven’t hurt you…this is more than I did to you!
What’s with “of course it is”?
Shit! Let me out of these already!
Right…if you do it now, I won’t arrest you. I’ll keep quiet about today. That’s why, immediately…

Track 04 – I definitely won’t submit to you! (06:26)

Ah…what are your intentions? Ah…
What? What are you saying? Even if you do something to me, do you think I’m going fall? I’ve kept company to a lot of ladies. Even if I slept with a dirty whore like you…Uh! As expected of a whore…Good with your hands…*panting*
Uh! Even if you rub it a little…Aah! It won’t go your way…ah…Is this your way of embarrassing me? I’ve been saying this from the start, right? ah…That I won’t submit to you..ah! *moaning while speaking*
No way…ah! Even if you rub it like that, I won’t feel any humiliation…aah…or pleasure…!! Ha–!!! *moaning* Ahh, stop! What are you puttig it in your mouth for? Let go! Stop that! A normal woman won’t do that sort of thing…ah!! Stop! Eh! Ah…
Are you asking if it’s the first time? Of course it is! What I’m doing wit you…ahh..stop it! *panting heavily* No! Don’t! It’s hot! To feel so much pleasure by having it in your mouth like that… Ahh…
No way…I can’t! I can’t! It’s painful! Stop it! Please stop! My hands…untie my hands! Ahh!! It’s so hot…I’m going to burst…Stop! Uhh! A-ah…No…Let go…Please let go…Ahh! Your fingers…Stop holding the base…It’s painful…Ah…How intense…ahh! No! Ah! I can’t! I can’t! Stop! Ah! Stop! In your mouth…
No…is it all right with you? Is it? Ahh! Is it…? Hah! Ahh! This sort of…Ahh! If I let it out…will you be satisfied? Ah! If I ejaculate in your mouth…will that satisfy you? Those eyes!! Uwahh! Ahh! Wai–! Ahh! I can’t use my hands! Even so, you! You’re playing with me! That’s intense…Ah…I’m close…ahh…No! If you do it with so much vigour, I won’t last…Ahh! Damn! Ahh! To think that I…would be..ahh…in this situation..ahh…Shit!
*panting very heavily*
No…stop! I can’t! I can’t! I can’t anymore! Move your tongue more! Stimulate it more! DO something…! I want to come! I want to come!
I’m coming!
This is bad! I can’t! I’m… comming!! Ah…
*calms down*
What…what are you doing? I was about to come…You knew that, right? you felt it…You wanted me to ejaculate, didn’t you? Why did you stop all of a sudden!?

Track 05 – You’re a pervert! (04:15)

*chain sound*
What? You! Do you realize what you’re saying? Telling me to masturbate in front of you…That’s crazy!
Stop! Leave my hand uncuffed! Kuh..So this was your purpose…Heh. Sorry, but you can’t embarrass me like that. I can masturbade as much as you want!
You’re…not only a whore…you’re a pervert…you watch men masturbate and get excited. You’re a pervert!
*hitting sound*
Agh! What are you doing? You hit my hand with a stick…
What was that? You’re telling me to masturbate while looking at you?Don’t say stupid things…Ugh! *hitting sound*
You hit me again…Damn you…stop it already–
Uh! I got it! I’ll continue!
Ah…why…why do I have to…do this…Ah… Damn…I’ll…I’ll end it fast… Shut up! I was about to…burst earlier… It’s going…be fast…
Ah! Don’t do unnecessary things! I don’t need you…ah…helping me…
Stop! Ah…I told you…don’t do something like that…ah… Don’t…Don’t lick it! Ah! Uhh! Damn! Ahh! Ah…no… Put it in your mouth more…ah… Not only the tip…Deep…More…do it like earlier…More…Do it like that…So I can feel the back of your throat…Move…quickly…Right…more…Ah…intense…Ahhh! Uhh! I can’t….Ahhh! Owch!

Track 06 – Are you sane!? (06:08)

*stepping sounds*
*chain sounds*
This time I’m tied to the floor, huh? Hahaha…I’m miserable, huh. Tormented, having my male dignity taken, and now on this dirty looking floor. You can do whatever you want already. I’ve lost the will to comment or resist. You should do as you wish with me.
*stepping sounds*
Uh! What…what are you saying? Are you sane? Ah!
You’re also…wet…A..ah…It’s in so deep…Ah…Don’t move…Ahh…uh…Why…uhh..are you…doing this… Something like this is definitely…not…revenge…or torture…
Making that beautiful expression…with that beautiful body…Those strong eyes and heart are hiding intense feelings…You deceived me with those…Ah…
But…you were also deceved…am I right?
You wanted to get me…nnh…that’s what you tought, right?…You wanted me to submit to you…You also…felt the same…
If not…you wouldn’t be able to do this…ahhh…It’s hot…
Nnh…Ah…I can’t…I could come in a second..ahhh…ngh…don’t tighten..Ah,ah…It’s painful…Aah… I can’t…I feel…so good..ahh!
You…again…are you going to cry…? Ah…right…that time…I thought this at first…hah…your teary face…was especially beautiful…ah…
If you’re frusrated, you should say that…if you’re sad, you should say that…why are you hiding it…? Ahhh…
Kiss me…
More…more…more…intensely…Ah…ah…I’m coming…Ahh…ahhh!!

Track 07 – Until your eyes regain their powerful shine (06:59)

Did you calm down? It seems like you used up all your energy. You semed to be sleeping for a while.
Woman. The feelings in your heart…are they really feelings of revenge?
Think well about it.
What are you saying now?
You’re saying you wanted me to be done in by the woman who I’s shamed me so much?
If you’re saying that, then look a bit more happy for your triumph. Why are you making a sad face? Like you’ll cry any moment…
On that day, I shouldn’t have tortured you. When I realized I did something awful to you, I worried about me though that doesn’t even fit my character. When I realized, I was already thinking about you. About you who didn’t give in to any amount of torture.
And about your tears that you shed at the end.
No, i won’t shut up aout it.
Until your eyes regain more shine than they had that day, I’ll continue exposing your heart.
You actually notice it, right?
The moment when your eyes shine is when you’re tormenting me. Then, this action of overlapping our bodies…what meaning does it have for you?
If it’s your last resort to throw me into a swamp of shame, it’s wrong. I wanted to embrace you. So this intercoure we had now was also my wish.
You still don’t get it? Next to the burning flames of revenge you were set on, you also grew something similar to feelings of love in your heart.
*he’s being punched lightly*
You’re more warped than me.
*chain sounds*
Won’t you undo these handcuffs? I want to at least hug you…
Please. It’s not so I can accuse you.
I won’t forget your eyes as you were ravishing me. The red skin…the red wet lips…the voice rebuking me…even your fingertips playing with me are now precious as if they’re already a part of me.
To think that you want me so much…
I felt I wanted to touch you, and as a result, after touching you that day… if that led to you embracing me today, then I should be content with that.
The order’s reversed now, but…would you talk with me for a bit? About the future…about me and you…
Oh? Are you planning to refuse me? Right now, I can use my hands freely. I can also pin you down…
It’s been a while since I felt free.
I may have been waiting for this moment.
For something to liberate my soul…
There is no way another woman who’d fascinate me more than you would appear.
Would you let me hug you more?
In order to fill up the time when we didn’t meet…So we will be able to live together from now on…
*1* I really think that’s what he said! I’m sorry if I got it wrong…

Description from stellaworth: (http://www.stellaworth.co.jp/shop/item.php?item_id=6U1GnGn11PG)




After thinking she’s made this man submit, what lies beyond a warped love–

The story

The beginning of the 20th century, Europe–
In a musty torture room, the man puts his lips close to the lady’s ear, and whispers.
In the darkness, the violet eyes shine…
“Is that so, I see you like to have your body revealed to a man you don’t know.”
The lady still remembers that time.
The day that the soldier Yuuri interrogated her, and that he was humiliated as a woman…
After that, the lady lived her life with frustration and humiliation in her heart.
But were the feelings she was harbouring really those of revenge…?
–naturally, the lady steps into a dark room.
The chains restraining the man can be heard.
She can feel the sharp stares of the man.
“Damn, why do I have to be put through this–!”
The man before her eyes was the same one that humiliated the lady.
It’s Yuuri, who she’s been seeking.
The cage of her heart is still sweetly hidden within, the lady is lead into the dark depths…

天野晴 Amano Haru
Fuuuu—-!!! His panting and moans are top grade!!! So hot, damn hell.

This translation was requested by River.
Thank you for requesting this and letting me hear somethiing so great @v@

Also thank you very much to Macca who was nice enough to inform me that this CD has 7 tracks, and I only translated 6. and who also shared the track with me so I can finish the translation!


7 thoughts on “[TL] Gyaku Choukyou – Yuuri

  1. I’m a Do-S girl and I was totally enjoying the heck out of this guy and then it got to the last track and… Lordt, my heart. He captured it with just a single track. (clutches chest)

    • Haha, thank you very much for the appreciation. You don’t even need to be a do-s girl to enjoy this, because it’s great how the CD focuses on him and all his reactions instead of the girl. I think it’s great for a male seiyuu lover (such as myself). Ohh this CD was great, I hope they have plans for a second CD, haha. I was introduced to something glorious through this request, I should say thanks hehehe.

  2. //SCREAMING omfg i love you!!!! this cd is so damn amazing. MY life, that is what this cd has given me lmao. Thank you soooo much for doing my request^^ im happy you liked it too!!

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