[TL] Yomei Kareshi vol 01 ~Kagiri aru toki

余命彼氏 Vol.01 – 限りある時間 – Yomei Kareshi vol.01 Kagiri aru toki
Boyfriend with limited time left vol.01. Limited time

Yomei Kareshi vol01

Release date: 18 July 2014
Seiyuu: Eguchi Takuya 江口拓也 as Hayate 颯
Record company: Liverpool
CD preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wLRjfbmkog
Official page: http://www.liverp.co.jp/ani_pu/kagiriarutoki/
Animate CD page

Track 01 – Waking up in the morning 朝目覚める Asa mezameru  (06:34)
Track 02 – Holding hands ふたり手をつなぎ Futari te wo tsunagi (03:19)
Track 03 – A little break in the park 公演でひとやすみ Kouen de hitoyasumi (06:57)
Track 04 – Waking up from the dream… 夢からさめて… Yume kara samete… (06:55)
Track 05 – Time for fruits フルーツの時間 Fruits no jikan (07:31)
Track 06 – His hospital room 彼のいる病室 Kare no iru byoushitsu (07:44)
Track 07 – Letter 手紙 Tegami (05:39)
Track 08 – Cast commentary キャストコメンタリー (05:47)

Track 01 – Waking up in the morning 朝目覚める Asa mezameru (06:34)

hey, wake up
Come on, wake up!
How long are you gonna monopolize my bed?
Not “yeah”, hey!
You finally woke up!
You came to the room late last night, were you busy?
What are you putting your blanket on your face for! I told you to wake up!
Huh?? It’s too late to be embarrassed if I see your face after you wake up! Come on, wake up! Let go of the futon!
Ugh, geez. If you don’t wake up, I’m gonna sit on top of you.
Weren’t we going to see a movie today? You said we’re going to see the morning screening so we’ll go there from my house. It’s late already so get ready quickly! If you don’t we won’t make it there! Are you planning to go there without even eating anything? I’m annoyed because I’m hungry right now!
Ah, is that so? I’m heavy sitting on you, huh? Then wake up fast. And then wash your face so we can eat quickly!
Huh? Yeah, well, you weren’t waking up so I made breakfast.
I didn’t make it taking in account when you’ll wake up! I woke up and I was hungry so I made it, that’s all…And you didn’t wake up before I started eating so I’m waking you up now.
Don’t misunderstand! Anyway wake up! The breakfast will go cold!
Huh? You’re saying to eat ahead? Don’t sulk! Don’t say you’re not, I can hear it in your voice!
If you’re not hungry, that’s fine. I’ll eat before you, geez.
*stomach rumbling*
*him giggling* Hey, I heard that just now. If you’re hungry just be honest and admit it! Come on, wake up! Hahaha!
You finally got out of the futon. I’m not making fun of you! Anyone’s stomach would make sounds when they’re hungry. It’s not something to be embarrassed enough that your face gets bright red.
Huh? The breakfast menu? Rice, miso soup and fried fish. You’re asking when I bought the fish? I’m sure I told you there wasn’t any before you went to sleep. Because you said you want to eat fish at breakfast it made me want it too…I got it this morning!
You’re saying “well, let’s leave it at that”? Hm, keep thinking whatever you want! I’m not blushing! Stop smiling and wake up!
“Yes”? Only your answer is good…
Huh? you want me to get you up? Don’t act spoiled, geez! Come on, put your arm around my neck, I’m gonna pull you up. I’ll hold you up.
Come on, stand properly. I’ll hold you.
Okay, good morning.
Hehe, you’re weak to having your ears kissed, right? Thanks to that, you’re fully awake now, aren’t you? We really have no time so get changed quickly. Or else I’ll do it.
*running steps*
Hahaha. You’re rushing too much! If you go so fast you-re gonna trip— *bump* You! I just warned you!
Ahh, geez. Now your eyes are watering. Where did you hurt yourself? Let me see if it’s swelling…
Huh. It seems okay. Really, calm down. You’re a walking danger.
It seems you can stand properly so just calm down and get ready. Okay?
Sigh. Wait, what’s the time now?
Ugh, it’s almost 10 o’clock! You’re saying the movie starts at 11? I know that already! Damn! I thought wwe had an hour extra.
Hey, anyway put that on properly…Hey, calm down! You put it on wrong! Ah, jeez. No breakfast anymore! We’ll get something at the theatre. Huh? You want to do your make up properly?? You’re cute enough already!!
Damn, don’t grin like that! You have no time to be happy! Come on, we’re leaving. Got your bag?
*stepping soudns*
*opening and closing door*
Okay. We’re gonna run. Don’t be slow! Geez, watch out because there’s a level difference here, where you always trip!
*running steps*
Track 02 – Holding hands ふたり手をつなぎ Futari te wo tsunagi (03:19)

*running steps*
Ah, it’s no good. Even if we go to the theatre now we won’t make it. The preview probably ended and the movie will have started already.
The next screening is…ahh it’s pretty late. It seems there are seats available so I’ll reserve two.
Don’t look somewhere else! Huh. Wait a bit.
Okay, I did the reservations. Let’s go.

But there surely are a lot of people! Of course there are, the weather is good so it makes you want to get out.
*stepping sounds*
I’ll hold your hand. You’re aking what I’m saying all of a sudden?
Of course it’s so we don’t get separated!
You’re saying you can follow along even f we don’t hold hands? You said that last time and got lost at the amusement park, didn’t you? You were probably spacing out either way. Plus, at that time your phone battery was dead. I spent so much time looking for you…
No, nothing. It’s not like I’m blaming you. It’s just that we finally went out and couldn’t even make it to the jet coaster ride you were looking forward too.
Plus, I worried so much that time.
Th-there’s no next time, okay? So hold my hand so you won’t get lost again. Ugh, don’t get embarrassed! Stop complaining. I’ll definitely not let go. Ehh!! Don’t start laughing! Come on, think about how we can spend this time. Oh, now that I think about it, we didn’t eat breakfast. You’re saying it’s a waste that I spent the effort to make it? We can reheat that and eat it in the evening, right? If that’s good enough for you I can make it anytime. If you have requests I can think about it.
*coough* Anyway, what should we do? For now, should we kill some time in the park? Well, the weather’s good so it’s good enough.
We can but some sandwiches from the store…
Oh, should we go into that store? Don’t buy too much as always. You always push what you can’t eat onto me.

Track 03 – A little break in the park 公演でひとやすみ Kouen de hitoyasumi (06:57)
*store door sounds*

Hey, don’t go so far alone. Come on, let’s hold hands, we promised. You’re embarrassed? Didn’t I say that if you get lost this time, there won’t be a next time?
Okay! Hold on tight.
Anyway, we bought a lot. You definitely can’t eat this all. We’re going to the movies after this, you know. I’m sure you know you can’t bring food inside. Well, whatever. I’ll eat what’s left. My legs are tired from running so let’s go to the park.
The park was unexpectedly close, wasn’t it? But there surely are a lot of people! That bench over there seems good. It’s in a sunny spot and seems warm.

Which sandwich do you want to eat? This has turkey and chicken and this one has salmon cream cheese…Both of them seem tasty. Okay, let’s do halfsies.
Come on, we got wet towels too so wipe your hands.
Hm? You can’t open your bottle? I’ll open it now.
Okay, done. The cap was prtty tight. If I weren’t here, you wouldn’t have been able to drink it, huh? Hahaha!
Come on, put your hands together. Thank you for the food!
*chewing sounds*
Oh, this is delicious! The bread is fluffy!
Hm? *giggling* Haha! You split the sandwich too much! Are you a hamster? There’s bread crumbs on the corner of your mouth. Haha, don’t get angry! I’m not being naggy because I like to do it. Here, I’ll get it off for you Look this way.
Okay, all clean.
Your face is bright read. It’s just a kiss. If you spill food again, I can do it again.
Hahaha! Your ears are also red! Ouch! Haha! Sorry, I got ahead of myself! Don’t get so angry! Come on, fix your mood! Hahaha! I just played around a little! Jeez!

Looking closely, there’s many families. Do you also want to play with your kids like that if you could make some?
Nothing at all. I just asked. Well, even if it’s in the house or outside, you seem like you’d play around with kids all the time. Hahaha! Because you’re childish!
Nothing, I was just saying the truth!
Don’t get so angry! You’ll spill your tea! You don’t need to close it that tightly to spite me. I’m not making fun of you. I thought it would be fun with you…
That’s…how to say this…maybe we should also think about…moving in…*cough*… I’m saying we should live together! I’m not joking, so you know! I’m pretty serious.
It’s comfortable with you. I was just thinking about the future and how it wouldn’t be bad to live together..
It’s okay? You’re sure, okay? That we can live together! Heh!
What’s wrong? You can bear with a little hug! I’m happy.
Then let’s go see some places on our next day off! They say to act as soon as you decide on something, don’t day? More like, the truth is I have my eyes on a flat already. I want to hear your opinion on it since wețre going to live together so…okay? Make some time. Heh. Let me hug you like this for a while longer.
Ahh, I want to go home quickly and make out. No, I want to see the movie.
I’ll hold back with just this for now. Once we get back, I’ll kiss you more. Hahaha! Your face is too red! Watch the movie properly, okay? I’ll be asking about your impressions! Don’t be thinking about what I’m gonna do later and space out.
Ouch! Sorry! I teased you too much!
Damn. You’re so cute in everything.
Come on, stop puting…I’ll do it just one more time…
Track 04 – Waking up from the dream… 夢からさめて… Yume kara samete… (06:55)

Hey…hey! Hey!!
Hey, wake up! Come one!
Don’t “yeah” me. Jeez, you’re finally up. You’re heavy. You sleep too much. If you sleep here you’re gonna catch a cold. Come on. Put on your jacket.
You’re saying it smells like a compress? Well, of course it does. We’re in a hospital.
Come on, you’re half alseep? You brought me a change of clothes as always, didn’t you? Don’t tell me you forgot that I’m hospitalized? Sigh. You really are like my mom. You’re a bit of an airhead but you can’t hate her. That’s the same.
I’ve been hospitalized for morre than half an year but last time she sent over 20 kg of rice. She sent an e-mail saying we should eat it together, but I’m in the hospital, duh! Heh, I don’t know what she’s thinking. Sorry that the bod is so big and taking up space. More like, dad’s also weird that it’s funny. He got word last month from the doctor that his son has 1 more month to live and usually you’d think he found out and took time off from work to visit him and then he says he’ll come on his way home after work! It’s as usual! How easygoing.
More like, since I got announced of my time to live it’s been already a month. That’s so fast. I’m so energetic that I’m thinking I might have gotten well already. Come on, why the worried look? I know that the time the doctor estimated can’t be counted on that much. Right. That other time I saw a docummentary about this illness and that person got so well! Well, it surely takes time but it’s important how you look at it! Well, I’m saying that it’s all right so it is! Hehehe! By the way, were you dreaming just now? You were talking in your sleep! By the way, you might have been saying weird things…
Haha, I’m joking! You weren’t! How to say it… you were calling my name so much…so…I’m not embarrassed, I tell you! Cough, cough! I just choked a bit! I swallowwed wrongly. Sorry. So, what were you dreaming about?
Huh? Yeah, I remember when I asked you if you wanted to live together. It’s been quite a while. We were eating sandwiches in the park. You were in such high spirits. When we were looking for a flat you kepts saying we’ll cook for ourselves so we should get a place with a big kitchen, with so much confidence. Heh. Well, I did find out something after living together, and that’s that I’m better at cooking. You always ate everything I made saying it’s delicious and it made me happy when I looked at you like that. Argh, like this it’s as if I’m the girlfriend! Damn, what’s this? You should devote yourself more to me! Ah, right! I was thinking to show you this when you woke up. Look at this. These are the apples and oranges my mom brought over yesterday when she came by. Try holding them a bit. That apple has a face on it! Right, my mom made them on all the fruits! Plus. thy’re not even cute! And I wanted to show them to you so I kept all 6. Hehehe! It’s funny! When it has a face it seems as if it’s looking at you and it’s a bit hard to eat but they’ll get spoiled at this rate so peel those cutesy-creepy apples for me. On the bottom level of that shelf there should be a knife for fruits.
*stepping sounds*
Right, that one.
Hmm, which one should I get.
This dignified looking apple! And then this one with the thick eyebrows!
Right! I need to have you devote yourself to me a lot! Then, I’m counting on you!
Are you holding it properly? Well, there’s a chopping board but it’s so small.
Right, that one! It’s so hard to use! If you use it be careful with it!
…*mumble* It would be so good if this were a dream…*mumble*
Hm…anyway, did you wash that apple? Hey!! Heh. Well, it’s not too late, do it now.

Track 05 – Time for fruits フルーツの時間 Fruits no jikan (07:31)

Oh, did you peel the apples? Sorry about that. Thanks.
Oh, they’re shaped like bunnies now!
I thought you were hiding something. Oh, *cough* bring that chair closer. Yeah, that one. Well…uhm…it’s a pain to eat them by myself so…Argh, just feed them to me and shut up! I told you to devote yourself to me!
Okay then, I guess I’ll have that bunny apple. Ahhn! *opening mouth* *chewing*
Ohh, it was one of those with nectar. It’s delicious.
Come on, you eat too. Come on. I can’t be the only one eating. Here, say “aah”.
It’s tasty, isn’t it? Hehe. Then next is me. Now give me that rabbit. Yes, with your hand.
*chomp* Oh, this is sweet too! It’s good! Come on it’syour turn now, say “aah”. Haha, you surely are cute!
Come over here. You can sit on the bed. No one comes at this time so it’s okay.
What are you getting embarrassed for? No one’s looking. Okay?
Sigh. I want to stay like this forever. I feel at ease hugging you. *kiss*
What are you getting red for? Becaus eit’s been a while since we did this? I also wanted to do more of this. Your ears are weak, but I remember that so is your neck, isn’t it? Are you happy to get kissed by me? You got a bit hot? Didn’t you get a fever or something? You really are like a hot water bottle. A water bottle that gets hotter when you kiss it? That’s not so bad. *kiss* Next time, where do you want a kiss? heh, you really are cute. *kiss*
Hehehe. We just ate apples so we taste the same. I’m really sweet, aren’t I? You’re even sweeter, you know! Hehe.
Hey, take your shoes off and get in the bed.
*sounds of moving and bed creaking*
Lift your legs, get under the blanket. Come closer. If we’re not close enough to hug, you’ll fall out the blaket, won’t you? Ah, it’s so warm.
Come on, entangle your legs. Right, get closer to me. Isn’t it warm? If we’re this close, even if someone comes in they won’t notice. But if someone comes in and they do notice, then we have no choice but to say what we were doing, right? Heheh. I’m just joking. I’ll play it off easily. That’s why think about it just in case.
*wind blowing*
Ugh, it’s cold. Ah, right, the window’s still open, of course it’s cold. It’s okay, we can close it later. *coughing*
Don’t worry, I just choked a bit. It’s not because of the cold, really. Mm, no. After all, you’ll get cold. Sorry, but could you close the window?
…*mumble* It’s this late already, it’s worrisome if you stay too late.
Right, my examination’s close so you should go home already. You have work tomorrow too. No, you don’t need to go with me to my examination. It’s dark outside and it’s cold, okay? Well I also want to stay with you longer, but today that’s it. You can come back tomorrow, right?
*stepping*door closing*
Hm? Why are you turning around? Forgot something? Hey, hey. Don’t make that face. It’s gonna be okay even if you don’t worry. Take care on your way home. I had a lot of fun today. See you!
*stepping sounds*

Track 06 – His hospital room 彼のいる病室 Kare no iru byoushitsu (07:44)

“That’s why don’t worry…” No, if I don’t write it more clearly she won’t get it. But…right, I should write that too. Ah! What, you came? Knock at least! No, I was just scribbling on my notebook. It’s just a silly drawing! They show the same things on TV so I’m bored. I have so much free time! Ugh, even if you stare this way I won’t show you my notebook. Of course! It’s because I’m embarrassed…It’s not even soemthing that great. Um, well I could show you, but someday. Not now!
Uh. Could you put this notebook on that next to that flower vase? Don’t look inside! Right, there. Thanks.
Sorry, could you also get me that medicine over there? Right, that one. Thanks. You didn’t know because the box is bigger now. Right, I got more medicine. Look, I divide it meticulously like this. If I take it in portions in the morning, noon and evening it’s easier. It’s all two weeks’ worth. I take this much at once. It also works better than before. *gulping sounds* *cough*cough*
It’s just a bit difficult to drink. But I can sleep so well. Right. You brought flowers today as well, didn’t you? Thanks. You brought different flowers every time you came and decorated the wall. I was thinking that you’ve been busy lately and didn’t come but I’ve been either sleeping or getting some sudden examination and I wasn’t in the room so we didn’t meet. I thought it natural that the flowers changed and didn’t realize immediately. Sorry.
Every time I look at the flowers you brought, I get more energy, it’s mysterious. You know me well, don’t you? Today’s flowers are nice too. I also saw your face in a while so it’s great. Come on, let me see your face better. At least when you’re by my side, I want to feel your warmth. Haha. Don’t make that sad face! I like you when you’re smiling… Haha. It’s okay, stay like that. I don’t hate your troubled face either.
Hey, can you remember our promise? Hey, hey, I won’t let you say you forgot. It’s about when I get better. Right, we’re gonna go on a trip, but the promise was that you want to be with me forever, right? Come on, don’t make that pitiful face again. You’re not thinking that I’m never gonna heal, aren’t you? Hey, don’t look down on me. Now I’m hospitalized so we can only be together for a limited time but I need to endure it now so I can be with you from now on. You get it, right?
When I’m discharged we’ll be able to live together again. And once everything settles, let’s get married. Hehe. You seem really happy. Even I was thinking about it a bit, you know! You finally smiled honestly. I like your smiling face the best, after all. Just by knowing you’re waiting for me I get energy.
Hey, hold my hand. Hehe, It’s warm, isn’t it?
I’m getting sleepy all of a sudden… The medicine I’ve been taking recently is really strong. I get sleepy immediately. Keep holiding my hand like this…
You can still stay here, right…? Stay like this more…Every time, when I wake up…I want to see your face…the most…*yawn*…. Good night.

Track 07 – Letter 手紙 Tegami (05:39)

“To my beloved,
I seriously didn’t think that I’d be writing you a letter like this. What I was writing hiding from you was this letter. You were always curious about it, right? Sorry for hiding it from you. The truth is that I also think I’ve grown so weak I ended up writing something like this. I wonder if you read this in secret from my notebook while I was sleeping. Or maybe…I’m not by your side anymore when you’re reading this. Hehe. I feel lonely when I think I might not be there anymore when you read this. But it’s true, isn’t it? I kept telling you I’d get better one day. Sorry for lying to you. I wanted you to keep smiling as much as possible, so all I can do right now is lie to you. I dreamed numerous times about getting well and being able to take you anywhere. When we just started dating, we used to go to the movies every day off we got, right? I didn’t tell you until now but I’ve got stamps for all of them. Haha. You didn’t know, right? I put them in this notebook. The color might have faded a bit for the ones in the beginning. But every time I saw them I remembered the conversation with you from that time we watched them. At that time, the time I sent normally was very happy, now that I think about it. I don’t remember when it was, you said you wanted to stay with me forever, and then I said we should get married when I get well, do you remember? I remember that when I saw you nodding happily I knew that it was a promise I couldn’t fullfil. Even so, that fact that you wanted to be with me made be happy from the bottom of my heart. Really, I thought so many times how good it would be if it came true. You’d stay by my side in a white dress and I’d tell you I was right that I didn’t have little to live. And I would vow to you that I wouldn’t leave you behind and go that easily. I would probably cry of joy before you.
Ah, I really am uncool in everything. But it’s just like me, isn’t it?
If, when you’re reading this I’m not by your side anymore, I want you to promise me soemthing. You’ll probably wonder what I want now that I disappeared by myself, but after all, I want you to become happy. You probably can’t forget me immediately, but even if it’s little by little, I want you to move forward. I’m really happy that I met you. If I hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t have loved someone this much. Thank you for everything until now. I love you.”

Track 08 – Cast commentary キャストコメンタリー (05:47)

Hello, I’m Eguchi Takuya who voice Hayate in this CD. This is the audio commentary and I’m using the dummy head mic we used for the main story recording too. How’s this feeling? Some noise might get mingled in but please take it as reality. I can spin around the mic and talk and it might feel a bit weird but please take it as something you can hear only in this CD. So I have a few questions I got from the staff and I’d like to keep the talk up while reading them.
First one: “Are you similar in any way with the character you voiced this time?”
I see.
Right, like he is with the heroine, I think it’s the fact that Hayate can’t be honest with her that easily. I think that might be similar. Like how you can’t tell someone something because you’re feeling shy; I think you should live more honestly in that aspect but…I think that might be similar.
“In the CD there was a scene where they went to see a movie. What sort movie would you want to watch on a date?”
I see! A date, isn’t it?
Hmm if it’s a date, maybe that. Horror? I’d like to aim for the suspension bridge effect.
Next: “what would you take with you if you were hospitalized for a long period or what would you get as a get when visiting someone?”
Right…haha…long period hospitalizing…I wonder what. I think I’d be happy just by having people visiting. I visited people in the hospital and it seems that if no one comes you just sleep all the time so I guess it would be something that you could use to pass time. I wonder what…Maybe Jojo? If you got the entire series I think it’d help pass time.
“What would you do if you got a notice that you have a limited amount of time left?”
What I would do? I don’t want to get that!
I wonder what I’d do…I don’t know if I should answwer honestly or ho for a joke right now but the CD is serious so I’ll answer seriously. Well, I’d like to work unil the last moment. I want to do acting for my whole life so I think I would be happy if I stood in front on the mic until the end.
Lastly, “please leave a message to the listeners of the CD”
Well, this CD is about limited time so the content is serious and the story unfolds but how to say it, when I see it in the story you can’t look away from the happy times and it makes you think about the normal days and while I check the script seeing scenes about waking up, cooking, going to the movies and the park it makes me think that these moments are important; he’s the type who can’t say “I love you” direcly, well, he wrote it in the letter in the end. But I think if you’re able to say things like that honestly when you can say it you would be happy. Well, I’m sure there are pieces of happiess in everyone’s daily lives so if youcan feel that even a bit through this CD, as the voice actor and someone who contributed to the making, it would make me happy.
Well, this is the first volume of the series and I’m sure there will be others. Please take care of us from now on. That’s all from Hayate’s voice actor, Eguchi Takuya. Bye-bye!

(last one is the letter from track 07)

Rest assured, the cast commentary track’s coming soon. It’s just that I wanted to have this posted today. This year for sure I wanted something updated for my blog anniversary that happens to be Eguchi Takuya’s birthday! Yay, happy birthday…yes, bad choice of CD to translate, I know. The site was registered 5 years ago, I can’t believe it! I know I haven’t really been active last year, but because it’s such a great number, I hope to update a little more this month. To celebrate. …I hope.
edit: the cast commentary is up!

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