[TL] Rear Pheles ~Rost memory~ vol 02

Rear pheles ~Rost memory~ vol. 02 Chitose Kotarou

Rear Pheles Rost Memory vol 02.jpg

Release date: 29 January 2015
Official site: http://matatabi.tv/rearpheles/rm/
Game official site (rear Pheles-Red of Another PSVita): http://www.jp.playstation.com/software/title/vljm35250.html
Character: Chitose Kotarou 千歳琥太郎 (seiyuu: Eguchi Takuya 江口 拓也)

01. 幼馴染のキミと Osananajimi no Kimi to (With you, my childhood friend) (15:20)
02. 俺の大好きな…… Ore no daisuki na… (My beloved…) (11:53)
03. 夢なら覚めないで Yume nara samenaide (If it’s a dream, don’t let me wake up) (03:20)
04. キミが一番大事 Kimi ga ichiban daiji (You’re the most important) (03:00)
05. 絶対に守ってみせる Zettai ni mamotte miseru (I’ll definitely protect you) (05:53)
06. キミはご主人様 Kimi wa goshujinsama (You’re my Mistress) (10:48)
07. 時間よ止まれ Jikan yo tomare (Time, please stop) (07:12)

Rear Pheles Red of Another PSVita Kotarou01.png

Track 01 – With you, my childhood friend (15:20)
to be added

Track 02 – My beloved… (11:53)

What’s wrong? You said you had something to give me..Huh? A present? It’s not my birthday though…Is it to celebrate our middle school graduation, maybe? Ah, thanks…is it all right if I open it?

Whoa, it’s amazing. Did you make this? There are drawings on the cookie! They look delicious. Can I really accept this? Thanks!
Ah, right. How about we eat it together? You say it’s all right because you only made one? Then we can split it in half! I’ll eat a half, so it’s still okay, right? Here, this is your half. Ohh, it’s delicious! The outside is crisp but the inside is soft. You said you were bad at cooking but you got better, didn’t you? Huh? “I baked a lot but only one came out well”? Ah, is that why there’s only one? Then, does it mean that I can eat a lot of cookies if I go to your house? So you had your family eat the failed ones? Uh, is that so? Of course it is…Though it’s okay to fail…Huh? You say it has no meaning that way? I see.. But if it’s something you made, I love anything!
Sigh…Middle school went by in a flash… A few more days and we’ll be high schoolers. Our routes to and from home are opposite, right? So I’ll even see you less now…
That’s right, we can meet again next year when you come to high school…but I still have to wait for a whole year. The two years we spent together were short, but this one year will surely feel long.
But I’ll be waiting for you, forever, forever.
*birds chirping*
Uh…where is this? Huh… There are a lot of trees but…I feel as if I had a long dream…a nostalgic dream about our precious memories together. Oh, I feel a nice smell. Hm, it calms me down..Huh? Did something touch my head? is it my imagination?
Heh, the smell is nice but it’s also soft and warm…as if my loved–ah! (punch sound). You! It’s mean to hit me! ..sorry, I fell asleep hugging you, huh? I see, you were the source of the nice smell..uh, ahhh it’s nothing!
Where is this…? Do you know? Of course you don’t…I don’t get it…We were supposed to be in the library…Hmm? When did you change clothes? Those clothes are totally different from the school uniform. Hm, I think I saw them somewhere before…that’s right! Red riding hood! You’re dressed like Red Riding Hood from the fairy tale! Isn’t this big red hood just like it? Your Red Riding Hood cosplay looks great on you! You’re extremely cute!
Huh? You don’t remember getting changed? Then who…Do you mean someone touched you and changed your clothes!? I can’t believe how envious I am! Ah, s-sorry! I accidentally said my reall thoughts—I mean!!! …what’s wrong, why are you staring at me? It makes me shy if you keep staring like that…Is there somthing on my face? Not on my face, but on my head? huh? what do you mean?
Oh, a hand mirror? You’re telling me to check for myself? let me see… Ah!Wh-what’s this?? I have ears on my head!? Huuh?? What does this mean! Ah! Didn’t you hear something from behind? Is there someone else here aside from us? There’s no one…then why?
Uh! What..? is there something sticking to my back?
Not to my back but…my bttom? Uh! I have a tail! What, was I scared of my own tail? Ahaha…Wait, huh?? A tail? Wh-why do I have ears and a tail? It’s like I’m an animal…Eeeh! The tail moved! Huh? I guess it’s weird to say it moved…But I move it unconsciously…It’s a weird feeling…The fur is also thick, as if it’s real.
Ah! Ah, sorry for shouting…it’s because you grabbed it all of a sudden…
“It’s because I wanted to check if it’s real”? It’s real! The moment you touched it I felt something like electricity ran through my body!
Eh, my ears too? uh..these seem real too, but maybe because you’re getting your face so close, I feel as if I can hear you more clearly than before. Ah, stop it! It’s ticklish, get farther!
Eh, now you understand that my ears and tail are real, don’t you? I’m happy that you’re interested in me but I won’t be able to take much more!
Ah, it helps that you let go…It seems as if I get a weird feeling when I get touched. I can’t say it well…it’s something different from feeling good…
Eh, that’s why, I said it’s different! Don’t touch! No touching allowed!
Thank you. I’m glad you understand.
Sigh…why did this happen…your clothes changed and I still have the same clothes but I grew dog-like ears and tail…A wolf, you say? That’s righ…This tail size is more that of a wolf than that of a dog, huh. You’re Red Riding Hood and I’m the wolf, it’s as if we’re in a picture book. Hahaha….
Ah, right! That’s it! You’re aking what? This must be the world of a picture book! It’s not reality!
Uh, what’s wrong all of a sudden? “A dream”? Ah, it hurt…I see…if it hurt, then this is not a dream…it’s reality…then..where is this?
Anyway, let’s look around the place. Heave-ho. Uh, my bottom feels heavy, maybe because of the tail. So animals move their tail according to their feelings? My feelings right now? Hmm, I wonder. More than relief…I think I feel a sort of stability. I’m not alone and you’re by my side. Maybe it’s because of that. If that’s so, animals have it hard. I feel it’s embarrassing for your feelings to be visible and understood by others.
You say my tail is really cute? I think you’re the cute one. Your clothes are extremely adorable! Ah, if I say it like that it’s as if I’m praising the clothes. But you’re really cute!
Here, hold my hand. Your legs might be numb, so get up slowly. That’s good, well done, well done. Hm? you’re telling me not to treat you as a child? That’s not my intention though…Well then, let’s go.

Track 03 – If it’s a dream, don’t let me wake up(03:20)

Ah, look at that? Look, there. There’s a deer. It’s the first time I saw a real one. Moving its ears like that, it’s so cute. Oh, it went away. Maybe it got scared by the branches we stepped on. It’s so quiet and calm. And the air is clear. It’s really like a world out of a picture book.
*stomach growling*
Huh? Was just now…your…
Ah! Why did you suddenly grab my tail! I told you you can’t! That’s mean! it was your stomach grumbling, right! As I thought! No need to cover it up, we’re childhood friends. Then let’s look for something edible. You’re saying you don’t know what we could eat? Leave it to me, I learned about it when I was camping!
That being said, it’s been ages since then so it’s only memories. Huh? I feel a sweet scent. Hm, this way! It’s here! Wild strawberry!
It won’t fill our stomachs but it will satisfy our hunger. Here, eat.
Me? I’m good. I’m not hungry yet. *growl* Uh, um, the stomach sounds just now were…haha…Then, I’ll only get a bite. Hmm, it’s bittersweet. How is it? Do you like it? I see, I’m glad! If I can get praised from this, I’ll get fired up and– Shh, quiet! Look on that tree! Quietly, without making sound. It’s a squirrel! It’s running with a nut in its hands. Let’s be quiet so it doesn’t run away like before.
There are a lot of animals in this forest. I’m starting to feel as if I got lost in a dream. as you said. If the dream is so fun, it migh be okay even if I don’t wake up.

Track 04 – You’re the most important(03:00)

This forest is pretty deep. No matter how much we walk we’re still in the forest. There isn’t even any path that seems like a road and there are no human voices. I wonder where we are. Huh? Are you okay? you look pale. Ah, you’re tired…I’m sorry, I walked at my pace. Where’s a place to sit..Ah, there’s a fallen tree over there, let’s take a break threre.
The only thing good for me is my stamina so I have a hard time adjusting to someone else. I’m making you force yourslef…Do your legs hurt? I see, I’m glad. So it’s only that you’re out of breath. Me? I’m fine, maybe the only thing would be that I’m thirsty. It would be good if we could find a stream but I can’t hear the sound of water. Yeah, not even with my ears. I can’t even smell it. That’s a disappointment. In this big forest, there should be a cottage or something. As far as I can see, there’s only trees. We need to search for water to drink while searching for an exit. If not, we’re going to dry up.

Oh, the bushes are shaking. What sort of animal will come out next?
*shooting sound*
A gun!? Who are you? Suddenly– No, more importantly, no matter how you look at it, that guy’s dangerous. Let’s run away, come on, stand up!
Huh? You lost the strength in your legs and can’t move?
*shooting sound*
What the heck are you doing?

Huff, huff…It’s okay, he’s not dead…I only hit him a little…From the treatment we were showed, I’d want to kill him but let’s run away while we have the chance. grab onto me. I’ll run with you in my arms. Hold tightly so you won’t fall. It’s okay. I said it before, didn’t I? I have a lot of stamina. Let’s run away far before he wakes up.

Track 05 – I’ll definitely protect you(05:53)

What’s wrong? Do your legs hurt? You got shot by thatt guy earlier?? The bullet just grazed you…? We have to treat it quickly! Where can we find a safe place…Where…huh? Of course I don’t think of you as trouble. I’ll do something about it. I will be the one to protect you.I’ll definitely protect you.

This is…Look, there are flowers blooming on one side. I’ve enever seen such a flower bed, it’s extremely beautiful.
I don’t feel him chasing us or hear any footsteps anymore. Let’s rest here. Then, I’ll let you down. Argh!
S-sorry…You ask if I’m fine…? I’m gonna crush you! I-I’ll move away immediately! Ah, do you have any other injuries besides the one on the leg from earlier? I’m glad. Then, let’s treat your leg first. Show me.
So it hurts on your thigh? Uh, um…it’ll trouble me if you hide it. I don’t know your condition and can’t even treat it…
You say you’re embarrassed…It’s not if you’re the only one…I’m also embarrassed. Um…it’s as if I’m telling you to lift your skirt…I think it’s really bad that I’m making you do this. But please bear with it now. Yeah, thanks. You’re a good girl.
So this is it…it’s worse than I thought.
Huh? you’re saying you’re gonna treat it by yourself after all? i said you don’t need to hold back…I got it. I’ll be nearby so if something happens, call me. Got it?

When we were little she let me do everything and didn’t feel embarrassed or hold back when she shouldn’t with me. During the summer vacation camping, we used to sleep in the same tent…Sigh…

*bush movement*
Uh! What’s wrong?
I haerd your voice suddenly, what happened?
A snlke? Where? Why was a snake here..Did it bite you? Where? Where did it bite? The place where you got hurt earlier…? I’m sure that it felt the scent of your blood…That’s right! It might have been venomous…If I knew this was going to happen, I should have treated you myself, even by force. I’ll take the poison oout, so would you open your legs a bit? Then, I’m going to touch you…okay? Say if it hurt, I’ll stop immediately.
Um, what are you surprised about? I said I’d take the poison out. I’ll put my mouth on it and suck it out.

My mouth is filled with your taste. Ah, that was a weird way to say it, I meant the taste of your blood…I wonder why. I feel somehow weird…my head is spinning…

Ah, no, not in that way. Not because of the poison…I mean…I can’t find the right words. Anyway, I’m fine so let me see your injury.
Don’t hide it, open your legs. *sucking*. This much…ah…it needs more…I need to suck more to save you…When I touch you like this I can feel it. Compared to my hard feel, your skin is soft and looks very…tasty.

Track 06 – You’re my Mistress (10:48)

I…what did I just…say about you…
Scratch that…don’t mind it. I wonder what happened to me..ahaha…
I think it’s enough taking out the venom… I hope it’s enough but…we have to stop the blood…isn’t there something good?
Ah, you had a handkerchief. Thanks. Then, let’s use this. Tell me if it hurts when I wrap it.
You’re saying it’s amazing how I look used to it? Sports mean getting hurt so I’m used to it. Well, taking out venom is my first time…ahaha…
*thumping sounds*
Why…I feel dizzy again…but I don’t feel bad…it’s the opposide, I feel very good. A sweet scent is running through my body and it feels good…The source is, maybe…your blood is making me excited…?
*thumping sounds*
It’s happening again…My heart is beating loke crazy and it’s very noisy…I know this shouldn’t be allowrd but you look …very…tasty.
Just as I thought…the source of the sweet scent is the scent of your blood…spread on your soft skin…that I touched…it’s red, warm…blood…No! I have to endure it! This is mad!
Uh..don’t mind it, it’s nothing…Uh, it’s no good! If you get so close to me right now, it will make me want to eat you…You got close even though I said it’s not all right…what a bad girl you are. You see, I’m extremely thirsty right now. But it’s not water I want, but blood. Red, thick, warm blood. But you see, it’s not as if any sort of blood is good. I want yours. A taste is not enough, I want more in my mought. Ah…*sniffs in* what a nice scent..the more I smell it, the more I want it…I can’t get enough with blood. I want to eat your flesh and your everything…Isn’t it all right, Mistress? What are you getting surprised for? Aren’t you my owner? From the moment I met you, I’ve always been devoted to you, didn’t I? The center of my world is you, my Mistress. That’s why, I want a reward. I’m so hungry right now. Let me lick you a lot…
You’re trembling. I see, your ears are weak. I didn’t know!
Ah, how ignorant I am! I pretended I know you but I don’t know you, not at all. I want to know about you! But…I don’t have the courage…I felt content with just watching you. But…I’m not going to hold back anymore…because…here, there’s only me and you, my Mistress. It’s something unthinkable but…even if you think of running from me, if I hold you abck like this! …you can’t escape me. ahaha….! I’m confident about my strength. Well, you know without me saying, we know each other well.
Come on, tell me more about you, Mistress. What about your neck? Ah, this place is no good either, huh? I see, I’ll remember it. Your temperature that I can feel through my tongue…it’s so warm…I want to feel it even more. That’s why, let me lick your legs more. Let me touch your blood more. haha, what red blood. It’s like you, Mistress, it’s beatiful. Well, of course it would be pretty. It’s something your vody made…I like your blood, I really do…I love it! I want to make everything mine…Even if I end up eating you up, don’t think badly of me. It’s proof that I love you. That’s right, I’m in love with you…more than anyone could…
So good! It’s so much tastier than before!
It hurts? Sorry, I want to be nice to you but it seems impossible. It’s sweeter than chocolate and thicker than honey…hahaha! It’s delicious, Mistress. You say you don’t understand my feelings? How unfortunate…ah, I know. You should taste it too. I’ll let you feel your own taste. *kiss* See, it’s tasty, right?
You say it’s disgusting? That’s not true…taste it better…*kiss* See? It’s tasty, right?
But it’s no good…after all, I can’t have enough with just licking. I’m not satisfied! I..! *gun shot* Ah! My shoulder’s so hot, as if it’s on fire! *pant*pant* There’s blood flowing from my shoulder…*lick* Blood..warm..blood..it’s no good! it’s not this bood! What I want isn’t like this! hey, Mistress…as I thought, it’s no good if it’s not yours. I’m sorry… I’ll eat your everything without leaving as much as a fingertip so…let’s become one right now…*gun shot*

Track 07 – Time, please stop (07:12)

Hey, are you okay?
Ah, I’m glad you woke up. I didn’t know what I’d have done if you didn’t wake up…I was worried…You seemed to be turning in your sleep, but did you have a bad dream?
Then, let me tell you a good luck charm to make you forget that drea. You told me about it before, didn’t you? I’ll hug you tightly and tap your back…
Huh? Wh-what? Did I do something/
You dreamt about me eating you? i-I see…sorry…
Ah, yeah…I wouldn’t do that and I know it’s something I didn’t do. But you had a bad dream because of me…Huh/ Why are you patting me? “Because you’re making a sad face”?
Uh…the truth is, I also had a sad dream…I don’t really remember much but…it was a dream where you died. Your body became colder and colder…and you stopped moving…I wanted to save you but I couldn’t…I…I fet my heart was going to burst…
Ah…thanks. It’s okay, you can stop patting me. It was a dream, not reality! Plus, at times like this I need to pull myself together. You went through a bad time. So, it’s okay even if it’s for a bit…can I hug you?
Ah, I don’t mean it in a weird way! You know, I used to hug you to make you feel better when you were crying as a kid. I meant that…ah…ahaha…that surprised me. I didn’t think you’d jump in my arms. But that’s true. You were always very assertive in everything and filled with curiosity. I kept dragging you around when we were children, but I don’t remember when I became the one dragging following you around, and now it takes all I can to catch up to you. The time we spent together got reduced a lot, and I sometimes get uneasy thinking it might disappear altogether one day.
I wonder if the times I wonder about what you’re thinking or feeling will disappear one day. If only I could stop time, before they disappear.
Ah…hah…that’s right. We don’t know the future, but the time we spent together won’t disappear. Our relationship as childhoold friends will surely not change from now on either.That’s why, yeah. I decided. I’m gonna stay by your side until you say you don’t need me. I’ll protect you. I still can’t imagine what I’d do if you say you don’t need me, but now I still want to be by your side. If you say you’ll stay with me, I’ll do my best so you won’t be embarraseed with me as your childhood friend. Heh…
Uh…um…Do you kiss someone at this moment?
uh…ah…But we had a good mood going…I thought it would fit as timing…ah, I didn’t mean it that way, ahh, I mean…Huh? Calling me stupid is too harsh. It’s true I’m an idiot but…! uh…
You tell me not to feel down? Even if you say that I’d feel down if you call me stupid to my face. Ah…I’m really no good.
Ah! …huh? Ah….huh?
You…just now… my cheeck..did you kiss me?
You say I just imagined it? But your face was close and I felt it too…Eh…darn…If you kissed me, I’d prefer the mouth and not the cheek… You know…how about redoing it? If you’re embrrassed, you don’t need to be the one to do it…I can do it…uh, okay! I’ll work!
Sigh…I’m glad you have so much energy. I don’t want to feel that again, even if it’s a dream. No, nothing.
Come on..let’s continue our work as commitee members…

Rear Pheles vol 02 Chitose Kotarou 01.pngRear Pheles vol 02 Chitose Kotarou 01b.png

Rear Pheles vol 02 Chitose Kotarou 02.jpg


For more info about the story and characters, check out this awesome page: http://cannonette.tumblr.com/post/119363733722/rear-pheles-red-of-another-characters
A review for the game: http://rurunikiri.blogspot.ro/2015/09/rear-pheles-red-of-another-review.html
(both pages linked above are not mine)
Game opening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIDTdo_Go5c (song: Dark Night Rhapsody~明けない夜の狂詩曲 by Dark Night Rhapsody~明けない夜の狂詩曲 by Wakeshima Kanon 分島花音)

Rear Pheles Red of Another PSVita.png
(Seriously I wrote Mistress, but is that what you call a female dog owner?)
(Also, I wrote “him” for the hunter because they didn’t mention any gender, but I don’t know if in the game it’s a him or a her)

Thanks to everyone reading this! I’ll still try to keep this site alive, even if just a bit. I’m using this chance, the blog anniversary that’s also Eguchi Takuya’s birthday!
I’m still glad I made the decision of making this site, it’s been a great trip until now, but the way I am can be observed though my posts…absolutely lazy and not enthusiastic to keep doing something… If any of my Garbage friends see this post, I wish we could work again together, I’m sorry for being so useless (don’t know how to get back in touch like this).

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