Amemakura vol 02. Taiga

Amemakura vol 02. Taiga ~ Kare o ude de amayadori shinagara sasayakarete nemunemushichau chiisana monogatari~
雨枕 02.大河 ~彼の腕で雨やどりしながら囁かれてネムネムしちゃう小さな恋物語~
Amemakura vol 02. Taiga ~ A small story about his whispers that make you fall asleep in his arms while you’re hiding from the rain

Seiyuu: Taniyama Kisho

Track 01 –  スターダスト/ Stardust
Track 02 – 俺の すごい 秘密基地/ Ore no Sugoi Himitsukichi/ My awesome Secret Base
Track 03 – 太陽は 毎日 沈むってこと/ Taiyou wa mainichi shizumu tte koto/This means that the Sun sets everyday
Track 04 – 真夜中のひとりごと/ Mayonaka no Hitorigoto/ Talking to oneself at midnight
Track 05 – メッセージ from 谷山紀章/ Message from Taniyama Kisho

Track 01 – Stardust (07:47)

It’s quiet… I can only hear the sound of the waves.
It’s good that we came here, right?
The vast sky…the beautiful sea…the sound of the reflecting waves…the soft sand.
It’s the island where I always come for training – This place where the crystallization of my sweat and blood has been soaked into…I’m with you…alone with you and…celebrating my birthday…

H-Hey! Sometimes having your own territory is a good thing, right?
The live performance from the School festival has also ended safely and the only thing left is to give my best in my activities towards becoming an artist. For me this is a small break. More like a self reward, though…

Huh? Why are you making that worried face? I’ll do well again just like at the School Festival!
You’ll stay with me from now on as well, right…?

W-well… I guess there’s no need to ask. because you came so far with me like this…
Today let’s enjoy this scenery at ease. We’re finally together after all.
Being alone you can be carefree, but being together like this, lying down on the sandy beach and taking our time looking at the stars is somehow … pleasant, right?

You think so too, right?

It seems like you can touch the infinite starry sky if you reach out…

If you continue gazing at it, the number of the increases rapidly and it seems like they could rain down anytime.

On the pleasantly cool beach you can hear the gentle sound of the waves.

Ok! Then because we’re here, I’ll tell you the names of the stars.

If you pint the flashlight to the starry sky like this, its light reaches the stars, right?

Heh. Don’t say it’s not like me to say this! If you’ve done hard training a lot of times here and spend a lot of nights alone you’d know more about the stars too!

Look, above! Can you see it?
That’s the Onion constellation. If you connect this star with this one and that one they form a round shape like an Onion.
You know, this Onion constellation becomes big or small depending on the seasons or time zone.
Even if you ask why…
The skin of an onion still looks like skin no matter how much you peel it, right?
Stu~pid! You should say that it’s a nice name in this moment!

And the one next to it is the Pepper constellation. And below it is the Red Pepper constellation. Because these two differ a bit in shape, they need a different name .
Huh? Hey, don’t laugh! I actually thought about it seriously, you know!

I thought that I could tell you some things about the constellations if you came here…
If they have a name they seem special, right?
The names I thought of have even more value. Don’t you think so?

Not like the Canis Major constellation or the Gemini constellation. Because  the starry sky full of constellations frantically invented by a greengrocer’s son can be given to you as a present like this!

Ah! It’s raining. The sky didn’t look like it’d rain but… it it a sunshower? Luck’s not with me…

Here! Wear this so you won’t catch a cold. Let’s hide in that deserted house from the rain for now.

Track 02 – Ore no Sugoi Himitsukichi/My awesome Secret Base (19:19)

It really stared to pour down.
It’s too bad, but I guess that tonight we won’t see the starry sky again.

Silly! Don’t stay over there and come closer!
Ah, jeez, come on! You didn’t get wet, right?

This building won’t even budge from some rain and wind.
The sea is close, and the roof is also steady. It’s convenient.
I bring various things here.

Um…earthen charcoal brazier and a blanket…Look, canned food and sticky rice cake too.

When we warm up a little, let’s have a party.
Silly! We can see the starts in Ueno too!
I’m more worried that you may have a fever. It’s cold,right? There’s also a blanket.
Don’t you want to warm ourselves up together?
Let’s spend today at ease here.
Ah,no…if you don’t want to it’s ok…
That’s not possible…right?

Come here. I can also be a substitute for hot water bottles!
Don’t laugh at every single thing! It’s the truth!

Come here already…It’s embarrassing to say it so many times…

I’m always sleeping here alone, wrapped up in this blanket.
Today you’re with me so I’m not even a little cold. You’re also warm, right?
When I hug you like wrapping you up like this, it really is cozy.
It’s warm…so warm…My body gradually becomes more comfortable…and I want to stay like this forever.
Like a cat on a kotatsu *1*
I want to repeat our time together forever.
The fact that you’re in this place where there was only me is very strange…but it also feels like it’s something ordinary.
It feels like you’ve been with me from a long, long time ago…

Talk quietly…makes you sleepy, doesn’t it?
I feel relieved when you’re in my arms. It’s also warmer that usual…

Ah, by the way, you were saying you can’t sleep well from some time before, right? How is it lately?

I see…
There are times like this, right? When you need to sleep the most it’s the hardest…you wake up and it’s even harder…
Then so you’ll be able to sleep soundly today I’ll tell you a story.

Relax in my arms and try falling asleep with a peaceful mind.
Today’s just right. The sound of the rain and the sound of the waves…when the two merge…

…it’s gentle on the ears, right?
The rain background makes you sleep well.

The rain that’s cold when you’re alone it’s warm when we’re together.

Try closing your eyes…
If you do that, the sound will get more and more tender.
If you close your eyes, the gentle waves seem closer.
When I sleep here, I always listen to the sound of the waves. It really calms down my mind. Going back and forth…that repeating sound of the waves is like the sea’s breathing… If I also match my own breath with it, I feel really calm. Try matching your breath with it too.

Breathe in…
Breathe out…
Like entrusting your body to nature’s sound and flow slowly and peacefully…

Breathe in…
Breathe out…
Breathe in…
Breathe out…

If you continue doing that slowly you’ll surely start feeling comfortable.
Like being held in the sea’s arms. Like being rocked in a cradle.

I’ll tell you what I always imagine. If you think of this you’ll be drawn into pleasant feling of sleep. That’s why you should also imagine what I tell you, while listening to the sound of the waves.

While listening to the drops of rain downpouring in the sea…

Close your eyes and while breathing calmly in my arms…

Try imagining…the gentle rain falling into the sea.

The rain that falls into the sea blends with the sea water…

…it falls quietly and is pleasantly engulfed by the sea.

Can you imagine it? …while listening to the wave’s and rain’s sound.

When you imagine it, it feels like you’re being absorbed by the sea, like you have become a drop of rain.

You can feel it,right? The sensation of swaying with me into the sea.

It feels good, doesn’t it? We’re now being swayed back and forth by the waves together…
Swaying…swaying…They’re the waves of comfort. That’s what I always call them. The waves of comfort wrap you up…slowly…like being rocked in a hammock…We’re being rocked in the sea’s hammock.
In the waves of that sea sparkle beads of light.
That may also me the radiance of a small plankton or the relaxation light’s beads. They shine radiantly like the starts of the sky. Those light beads fluffily drift around us and gently wrap us up.

Slowly…slowly…like raining down from the head, they envelop you… Taking in order…your forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, chin… these light beads are warm and pleasant.
After enveloping the whole face, they go past your neck, and descend on the body more and more…covering everything…and they make you feel good.
Slowly…slowly… engulfing your whole body…slowly…slowly…to the tip of your toes… slowly, slowly…you feel a light sensation of comfort.
It’s relaxing here, right? Warm and silky… you feel like you’re already in a dream, don’t you?
The sea’s hammock…the light beads of comfort…Fluffy…slowly swaying…
You feel more and more sleepy, and then you start being uncertain if you’re inside te sea or among the stars or in a dream…

Track 03 – Taiyou wa mainichi shizumu tte koto/This means that the Sun sets everyday (28:12)

You feel good, right?

It’s so comfortable that you start wishing to always stay in here, right?
As if you’re sleeping embraced by nature…
I like this sensation…
I also like the time usually spent singing or exercising here but…I also like being immersed in this mysterious feeling…
I’m glad I could tell you this today. You’d want the persons precious to you to taste the same feeling, right?
To have been able to spend the whole day today here alone with you…where there’s nobody else…see the beautiful scenery…feel the scent of nature…

Hm? Ah, right. The setting sun…It was beautiful, wasn’t it?

Today’s setting sun was special. It was more beautiful than any other day. There have been times when I’ve also gazed at the sun setting into the sea, but it’s rare for it to be so pretty…
Slowly…The blue sea is dyed into orange… and the orange light shines on you too…

It was really beautiful, wasn’t it?
I had already liked the sunset here, but today’s scenery was special. It feels that it’ll remain in my memories. The sunset I saw here together with you for the first time…the sun disappearing beyond the horizon…
Slowly…slowly…like being swept into the orange-coloured sea, it keeps going down. Water’s surface glitters and the evening sun falls on the gentle waves and is reflected…
Here, no matter where you go, everything around sparkles.
There is no one else besides us but the life present in nature seems to twinkle.

Don’t you think that everything here is alive?
The sun that falls into the sea too, as if it’s being reincarnated…turning around in a circle and then showing itself again.
The sun that slowly, slowly falls…The moment it sinks into the sea it seems as the sudden invasion of a blue serenity, and the scenery changes completely.
At that moment no matter how much we counted the sun still sinks.
Ah…that’s wrong… Today isn’t the day when I counted the time… When was it…?
It seems that I’m also starting to get sleepy. My memories are unclear…but I was with you…Ah, I know! That was when we all went camping. We did that when we were little, right?
You were still really bad at swimming and wouldn’t let go of the swimming ring, and then I forcibly woke you up you were completely tired and were taking a nap.
The sunset was so beautiful that it surprised me…
Hey, do you remember ? At that time you looked at the sunset half asleep, smiled with your whole face immediately and ran off.
I ran after you in a hurry and looked at the sunset side by side together with you who stopped by the beach.

It was just like today.
And then we held hands and counted, didn’t we?
At that time we still didn’t feel embarrassed to hold hands and didn’t even think of something like that.
We were really innocent.
I held your hand tightly like this, and it wasn’t a big hand like now but we both had small hands…it’s so nostalgic…
At that time we continued squatting in the sand and just looked at the sunset the whole time. The whole time…The whole time…
I wonder how long ‘the whole time’ was. Really…When the sun was about to disappear on the other side of the sea we were counting together, right?
But we needed to count slowly because the sun doesn’t set immediately so while we were counting we started falling in a doze…
I guess I was also tired because I was small.
My body started becoming heavier steadily, my eyelids also started becoming heavy..

Ah, I know! If we tried counting slowly like that time, maybe we would be able to sleep more comfortably.

While you’re remembering the setting sun and the sea that’s being dyed orange while remembering the pleasant tiredness of the body that you felt that day…I’ll count from ten to one… The feeling that your body is also sinking into the sea… the feeling that you’re being swayed between the comfortable waves and you’re being absorbed into sleep…
The sun seems as if it will sink into the sea at anytime…

One day’s worth of fatigue gradually spreads into your whole body…


When you’re gazing at the setting sun it seems as if your body will also sink…

The sparkling water surface makes you feel like you’re inside the sparkling sea.

Sense the feeling that your body is being wrapped up softly…

Feel how the orange sun slowly warms you up…

The pleasant weight of your body…the pleasant tiredness

Look. The sun is about to disappear.

It’s regretful to part with it but you’re looking forward to see the night sky that is about to spread out.

Ah…it sank…

Look, we’re together again in the water.

We’re being calmly swayed by the waves between the light beads.
We feel each other’s body temperature because I’m hugging you. And I’ve been holding your hand the whole time too.

Hey…the sun has sunk completely already and it’s pitch dark around but I wonder from where…

…I can still hear the sound of the rain.

…The sound of the rain and the waves blending together.

The sound of the rain, waves and yourself blending together…


Staying like this with you I feel as if I also blended with you.
It’s a strange sensation, isn’t it? Warm and pleasant…
See? Doesn’t it feel like warmth steadily emerges from our held hands even more?
Holding hands and rubbing them together… and in order to be able to sleep well… I will warm up your hands… and your legs…The warmth that gradually surfaces…
That warmth is like the body temperature…like being in hot water…
Gradually…bit-by-bit…slowly…your hands and your legs are getting warm.

I wonder when was the last time we slept like this warming each other up.
The only time that comes to my mind is still that day when we all went camping …
When we were asking for permission, my Old man got awfully enthusiastic and said he’d take us all there. We made a lot of rice balls and we all got into the newly bought van.
We used to say that we were the ones protecting this town’s peace.
All seven of us were there with no one missing.
Remembering it makes me nostalgic…
If I remember one thing many others come to my mind like the thread of my memories are smoothly melting.

We were tired from swimming, from playing, and while we were gazing at the sinking sun we all fell asleep on the sandy beach…And when we woke up because of the smell from fireworks we noticed we’d been carried to the tent and were sleeping there. That’s why in that evening we couldn’t fall asleep anymore.

The two of us sneaked out of the tent and went to sit on the beach again, and this time we gazed at the starry sky.
Do you remember the starry sky from that time?

I wonder which one was prettier: the starry sky from today or the one from that night?
I think it’s today’s one after all. I don’t really remember well…My memories from childhood are vague.
But I remember you saying “It’s pretty, it’s so pretty!”
Your eyes were sparkling and looked at me with a big smile and said “It’s amazing, right?”.
It’s embarrassing, but…at that time my heart was beating fast without me knowing why. I was so happy…it was so dazzling… it felt tingling…?
You told me not to say something like “the starry sky is beautiful” that was unlike me.
Hehe, we really were kids.

Ah, I see… The heart thumping from that time left too big of an impression on me and my other memories are vague.
Your smile was too cute…

Today you were looking at the starry sky with the same sparkling eyes like that time. You were also watching the setting sun falling in the sea with straightforward glittering eyes, unchanged from then.
You didn’t change at all. You’ve always been the same: straightforward, honest and kind.
You call out to me who is always about to run off recklessly.
Even I understand a bit … that I always end up doing things selfishly.
Even so I think that thanks to you I’ve been able to be a little bit better.
Because you have your feet on the ground. I think that’s why I can do selfish things.

I’m sorry for always…I’m grateful.

Don’t get shy! I’m the one embarrassed!
As I said… let’s stop talking about me already… rest at ease. I set it up for you so you’ll be able to sleep peacefully . This time for sure, stay quiet…in my arms. Let the sound of the rain tap on you and let yourself be swayed pleasantly by the waves….let’s sleep. I’m also very sleepy.
When I’m with you I can calm down and if I trap you like this in my arms in this place that’s only ours I can keep you to myself too.
While we stay like this nobody else can touch you. You’re only looking at me, and I’m also only looking at you. Well I have always, from long ago, only been looking at you.

It’s ok, so go to sleep.
I’ll stay like this.
Even if you fall asleep, I’ll always stay with you and silently match my breath with yours.

If you feel the sound of the rain firmly, you should be able to sleep well. The gentle sound of the rain…the sound of it gently downpouring on the waves.

Let’s both listen closely to the sound of the rain….

…the sound of the waves…

…match your breath with them…

…and sleep….

…in my arms….

If not, I feel like I’ll fall asleep before you.

Swayed by the waves and embraced…enveloped by the light beads.



I’m sleepy.

It feels like I’m falling…
It feels pleasant, right?


Track 04 – Mayonaka no Hitorigoto/ Talking to oneself at midnight

It’s still night, huh?
She’s finally asleep so I have to try to not wake her up.

She’s really sound asleep. Making such a happy face…
Well, I’m also very happy right now.
I don’t want to go back… It makes me not want to go back. It makes me want to stay like this alone with you always.
I wish I could just destroy the boat and live like Adam and Eve…

If you were awake, you’d laugh at me and say it’s not like me to say something like that. But even I’m sometimes serious, you know.
When I think about you.

It’s so warm.
Hm…? Ah, it seems that it stopped raining.
The rain clouds have mostly scattered and the clear starry sky is glittering again.
It was such a strange weather. It’s strange that it was like a passing rain in the middle of the night.

I want to show it to you again…
The new moon is also boldly showing itself.
Well, I guess it’s ok even if it’s not today. even if I don’t wake you up from your deep sleep, we’ll always be together from now on too, right?
Always, always… we’ll live our lives together, right?
…right? Isn’t that so?]

Hehe, I guess you won’t answer me…
But I definitely won’t let go of you. Definitely. I definitely won’t let go of you. I’ll stay by your side and always, always protect you.
That’s my mission.

Those words that I vowed to you a long time ago, the vow  that I’ll always protect you, are still unchanged in my heart. My determination is also unchanged. In other words, those are my feelings for you.
You understand, right? Until now and always from now on I won’t fall in love with anyone aside from you. I won’t change.

I love you. I love you most in the whole world.

Thanks. For coming all the way here with me because today is my birthday.
From now on also, please stay by my side every year. Absolutely, ok?
every year on my birthday the one I will hold in my arms is only you. Ok?
Don’t go anywhere.

I love you.

Track 05 – Message from Taniyama Kisho (03:09)

Everyone, hello! Good evening! I’m Taniyama Kisho.
I played the role of Taiga in this volume from Amemakura CD.

This is a freetalk comment attached at the end of the CD. This CD has the theme of quiet sleep so if you reached this part and are listening to what I’m saying right now, it means that the concept of this CD is a great failure and it would have been better if you could have been long asleep.

Hm…well, it was hard. You know, the recording is quite special. Lately it’s been more frequent, you see, it’s a microphone imitating the face of a human and that’s awfully realistic – the mic. It’s amazing. It’s like Navy, this guy. It’s like…Amy, like Billy. And I had to whisper my love pretty much to that kind of person, so it was hard. Couldn’t they do something to it at least? Like putting a wig on it. This guy’s really horrific, too. It gets more scary the more you look at it. It gets on my nerves.
Hm…well, that’s ok. So what did you think of the CD?
I lowered the volume of my voice as much as I could and spoke slowly so it could be of help for a quiet sleep.
Um…it was the setting of a childhood friend.
There is a setting. He’s the basketball captain, cheerful and extremely chivalrous. well he’s the most far apart from the concept of this CD. I couldn’t put anything into my performance. The one who wrote that setting in not really very bright.
Today I concentrated a lot and played this character. Because my companion was Billy. It was Bob, Bob no. 2 so it was difficult.
But if there is someone who’d say “I can’t sleep if I don’t listen to this”sleeping I would be happy.
It would be nice if we could meet again somewhere.

So, that’s it.
I’m Taniyama Kisho.
I hope you’ll have nice dreams! Let’s meet again somewhere – in a dream.
Well, then, see you!


*1* A kotatsu is a table covered by a warm big blanket and has a heating source underneath.
By the way, “amemakura” could be roughly/ literally translated as “rain pillow”, and it probably means something like sleeping enveloped by rain, with the rain background and all, that helps you sleep more easily.

And yes, that long sentence (from the beginning of the post) is from the CD. It’s the one written on the cover in that square in small characters.

Hi everyone! I’m sorry I took so long to update. And I’m sorry that from Mad-chan’s requests I chose to start with this one! I just couldn’t stay away the seiyuu being Taniyama Kisho, plus the fact that I’d wanted to listen to this one and actually I was just thinking about it before I saw the requests and didn’t remember its name and had wanted to search for it. Hehe, what a coincidence.
Then enjoy the CD! It was long and he didn’t say many things to hint at where he is in the monologue (like interjections or anything) so I tried writing some minutes there to help you. I hope you can listen to it without getting lost in the translation. Are there enough minutes written or should there be more?


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