Aroma na Kareshi vol 02: Ylang-Ylang

Aroma na Kareshi vol 02: Ylang-Ylang
Character: Hananoi Sou (26)
Seiyuu: Konishi Katsuyuki

01. 多忙な彼氏 / Tabou na Kareshi/ Busy boyfriend (03:32)
02. ホームシアター / Home Theater (05:29)
03. 病院にて / Byouin nite / At the hospital (05:35)
04. 偶然のすれ違い / Guuzen no Surechigai / Unexpected meeting (02:15)
05. 誓い / Chikai / Vow (04:39)
Special track – プロポーズ?/ Proposal? (05:02)

English translation:

Track 01 – Tabou na Kareshi/ Busy boyfriend (03:32)
*ding* *dong*
What is it? Let me rest at ease at least on my rare days off. I haven’t slept properly in a week.

Day off…?
A…!! Damn! What time is it?
Ah…I’m completely late… I have to contact her at least…

Ah, I have so many received calls in my cellphone history… Why didn’t I notice?
Eh? No way….

*doorbell ring*
*opens door*
Ah…just as I thought, it was you.

I’m sorry! Forgive me. It seems I overslept a bit…no, a lot.
Ah, it’s OK. Sorry for worrying you. And…for ending up standing you up even though we were finally going on a  date.
Wait a bit! We should at least eat together this evening somewhere.

Eh? ” I bought it”, you say? You’ll make something for me?
Ah, it’s true that I didn’t have a proper meal this week.
Wait…are you perhaps mad?
A doctor neglecting his health, huh…?

It’s a hurtful phrase but regretfully there’s no time to rest for a medical intern.
Ah, the room’s messy, so wait a bit!
Eh? You’ll also clean up while you’re at it?
No, you don’t need to do that much…

Ah…You take after your mother being pushy like that.
Ah, what I said just now it’s off-the-record! If I wreck the mood of the doctor in charge I can’t imagine how hard I’m going to be made to work for the rest of the training period. It’s not funny!

Changing the air in the room?
No…after I came home last night I just threw myself on the bed like that… But now that you say it, I haven’t been home for a week so the air would surely become intoxicated.

Ah…What a nice wind. Thanks to it my head’s refreshed. I’m always troubling you with everything, huh? I wanted to use my rare holiday for you but…heh…
But I’m happy to be able to see your face like this.

Stay still.
It’s ok. I didn’t lose my reason so much that I’d do something suddenly. I always missed your warmth. That’s why it’s ok to stay like this for a while, right?

Track 02 – Home Theater (05:29)
Thanks for the food!
Yeah, it was tasty today too.

By the way, about the middle school patient I told you about last time… Yeah. I told you he’s shy and he won’t open up to me… And you told me about…what was it? You know…that manga that’s been popular lately. When I talked about it he opened his heart a bit.
I thought that communication is really important after all!
After that, although bit by bit, he started to tell me his worries…

How have you been doing lately?
You know, that you said you were invited to a goukon*1* by some girls from your seminar.
Huh? “I have a wonderful boyfriend so I won’t go”, you say?
Jeez, you’re throwing me off! You can say something like that to me directly and even with a serious look on your face!
It’s not like I don’t want you to go, but you are a bit defenseless sometimes so don’t cut loose too much!
Okay, That’s good!

Here’s your coffee. Two cubes of sugar are okay, right?

Do you remember this movie? Oh, we didn’t get see it so there’s no way you’d remember, huh?
But you recognize the title before,right?
That’s right. It’s the one we were planning to see together on our first date.
That time my holiday was cancelled because of having to work suddenly and after all the movie ended for that week.
You were very disappointed because of that so today I’m going to make up for that. So we’ll be having a late hour show*2* just the two of us.

Ah, don’t worry, it’s not a power outage.I thought it would add to the mood.
By the way, Miss, is the seat next to you open? Then, I’ll take up your offer…

This is a big hit romantic comedy overseas. Do you watch these kinds of movies often?
Heeh? I rarely watch them. This isn’t the kind of movie a man would go watch alone either.
Leaving that aside, where and who did you go with to see these so-called romantic movies?
Hmm? With your friends, huh? Well, I guess that’s it. If not, you wouldn’t become so stiff just because I’m sitting next to you.
Then it’s your first time watching a movie huddling together with someone.
Heh. Don’t be so stiff. We’re alone now. It’s not like anyone can see us. Relax and lean more against me.
Yeah. Like that. But you’re still a bit nervous. I can feel your pulse and your face looks a bit feverish too.
Ah, or… are you expecting something by any chance?
Did I hit the bull’s eye?
But now it’s the time to watch the movie.

A long time ago, when seeing couples cuddling close together like this at the cinema I was wondering what they were doing, but now I understand them well.
Exactly because you’re in a detached dark room you want to make sure of the existence of your precious person like this. So much that you can feel each other’s heart throbbing.

Yeah…You understand, right? I’m not actually my natural self either, or how should I say… I’m desperate so you won’t sense that.
Can I say what I’m thinking right now?
I don’t care anymore about any movie, I want to hug you with all my heart. Don’t avert your eyes. Please look into my eyes and answer.

…come here.

Track 03 – Byouin nite / At the hospital (05:35)
The postoperative progress seems to be doing well.
If there appears a change in the values please tell me immediately.
Okay. I’m counting on you.

Ah, well then. I should take this chance to have lunch now.
Eh? Why are you here? You’re here to see your mother? Ah, is that so?
If I’m not mistaken, Doctor has a meeting with a patient who will be operated.
Ah? What is it, staring at me like that? Huh? “You look like a Doctor”, you say…? You know, although I am a medical intern I’m actually a doctor who passed the state examination!
But, well, I guess it’s normal to get that kind of reaction.
This is the first time you see me in these clothes.
Just so you know, but I actually got used to my work a lot.
In the beginning it seemed that I don’t fit the role so much it was funny but…

Hey, there! Don’t imagine and laugh!

Ah, sorry! I’d like to stay with you more but I don’t have time. I have a lot on my schedule i the afternoon so if I don’t eat while I have the chance it’ll be bad.

Hm? What’s wrong? You look as if you want to say something.

Huh? The nurse from before? Are you jealous by any chance?
You’re saying that she looked interested in me… you worry too much! She’s always like that, you know!

But…I see… She looked interested in me,huh?
Well, it’s true that doctors are popular. Maybe it’s like that and I just didn’t notice. Maybe they want to get their hands on a trainee who doesn’t know right from left and who will eventually become a full-fledged doctor…something like that?

Hmm…If you think like that, here are many pretty nurses and maybe it’s a dream working place for a man…
Heh. I’m joking! Don’t worry. Now I can’t notice anyone else aside from you.
Ah…are you mad? Sorry! I think I teased you too much.
But…I thought you were really cute jealous like that so I unconsciously did it.

Eh? You feel a sweet fragrance? Ah…I’m wearing bit of perfume. It’s a hospital after all so I intended for it to be faint, but… does it bother you?
This has Ylang Ylang as its base. It seems it can relieve stress and alleviate irritation. But for you it seemed it had the other effect.

That is…a secret. Because the impulse may be a bit too much for you. *3*

“Someone’s coming”?
Ah…then it’s a good timing, isn’t it? If a rumour that I was hugging my cute girlfriend boldly in plain sight spreads then bad bugs won’t get close to me anymore,right?

Perhaps the nurse has come back…? If she sees us when she passes that corner I wonder what kind of expression she’ll make.

I’m not making fun of you. There’s no way I’d do this as a joke, right? I’m trying to make up for the fact that I teased you before, I want to prove that you’re the only one for me.

What do you want to do?
I don’t mind being seen like this, but if you say you don’t want to…

It seems she passed by without noticing us.
But I was surprised. I didn’t imagine you’d hug me yourself.

You’re bold, aren’t you?
I wonder if it’s the effect of Ylang Ylang, by any chance.
Or…is it the desire to monopolize me? “I won’t give this person to you”…or something like that?

No…it’s not too serious for me. I’m actually happy realizing that we’re similar.

Yeah, I’m also a pretty monopolizing type. I won’t hand over something precious to anybody. I will never let go.
That’s why, don’t go away from me either.

Track 04 – Guuzen no Surechigai / Unexpected meeting (02:15)
She doesn’t pick up, huh? And I finally got a day off…
Ah, yes. The patient from room 504 is…? I understand. I’ll be there shortly.

Ah…I’m tired…After all my phone calls didn’t get through, so I guess I’ll try again tomorrow…

Anyway, today I want to sleep on a bed in a while.

Students coming back from a goukon*1*,huh?
That’s so nice…They seem to be having fun.

Huh? Why are you…? Well, it’s true that I didn’t try to stop you but from the look of it, you drank a lot. No, you were made to drink, huh? Jeez. That’s why I told you. The guy who’s lending you his shoulder now obviously has ulterior motives by the look of his face!

*sigh* Nevertheless, why are you letting your guard down like that around a guy you seem to just have met? And you’re laughing out loud…what’s so amusing?

Please, stop it! Your smile is mine only…I’m the one who cares for you more than anyone else. That’s why, stop it…

Ah! I’m sorry to take your time! I was called by her.
Yes! Well, I’m something like her brother.
Then I’ll be taking care of her from now. Come on, we’re going back!

Track 05 – Chikai / Vow (04:39)

Here, have some water. If you feel sick, it’s all right to lie down on the bed.

More importantly, I also told you before, but you have a defenseless side so don’t cut loose too much!

It was a gathering between students to having fun. Leaving aside drinking at others’ encouragement, you need at least to know your own limits. In this world there are also men who aim for any opportunity!

Ah…no…You don’t need to apologize like that… I also was too severe. I was so worried for you and I did it unintentionally.

Huh? You were lonely? It’s true that I haven’t been able to get any days off lately but I e-mailed and called you daily! You’re saying that’s not enough? Well, it’s the same for me but…
Hey! What are you crying for? Stop it… It’s hard for me if you make that face.

“It’s unfair that I’m the only one feeling lonely”…?
I see… You were that troubled…
I’m sorry for preaching to you without even knowing your feelings. I’m the one who should be repenting for making you feel like that, aren’t I?
But I’m still just a medical resident. I can’t suddenly increase the time we can meet but… I won’t let you feel lonely anymore. When we can meet I’ll spend every minute with you. When we can’t meet, I’ll be thinking of you, so…

That’s so good! When you cried, I got chills at the thought that you’d start talking about breaking up…
You said that you’re the only one feeling lonely and it’s unfair, but that’s mistaken. You weren’t the only one feeling lonely.

Will you look at this?
Yeah, my stand by image on my cellphone has always been with you. It’s not my style, right?
Until I started dating you I thought I’d never do something so basic and embarrassing. But I don’t know why… You understand, right? If I didn’t do this at least, I couldn’t stand the time when I couldn’t see you. I wanted to feel your presence close to me even through a picture.
Just try to imagine that! When I had a spare moment, I secretly looked at this wallpaper while checking if there wasn’t anyone around. It’s funny, isn’t it?

Hey, hey, why are you crying?
“These are tears of happiness” ? Then you understand my feelings now.
Come on, I’ll wipe your tears so close your eyes.
Don’t open them for a bit longer. Because I will vow to you again.
I will never let you feel lonely again. I won’t make you cry either. I vow by those lips.

Special Track – Proposal? (05:02)

Cheers! The training period has also passed so now I think I’ll be able to increase a bit the time I can spend with you.

Hm? You seem unsatisfied with “a bit” but…You’re the daughter of a doctor, so you know that the hard work will continue, right?
Ah…don’t make that face! Don’t worry, I’ll keep my promise. I definitely won’t let you feel lonely!

But, well, you did well not getting mad until now! ***
I couldn’t do much like a normal boyfriend would, and yet my desire to monopolize you is double compared to others…
Huh? “And on top of that, you tend to be a bully…”?
Heh, that’s right.
But it’s not like I do that to anyone! You’re the only one who makes me want to bully her! Because your reactions when I tease you are always cute.

You know, that thing when you want to bully the girl the more you like her. Though I guess that’s not something a grown adult would do! I’m reflecting !

“Very well”, you say? Jeez, I’m no match for you!
Huh? A congratulatory gift? Oh, I give up. I didn’t imagine such a surprise was prepared for me…
Can I open it?

Oh! This is… it’s the one I’ve been wanting. So you knew my favourite brand. I’m happy! Thanks.

The first present I got from you, huh? I’ll treasure it and I’ll always remember these feelings.


Err…It’s a bit strange to give it to you with on timing but, but here: It’s my present for you.
“What is it?”, you’re asking? Well…various thing. I also said it before but until now I haven’t been able to do many things a boyfriend would do for you and I also made you feel lonely too.
This is an apology and… it also has the meaning that I want you to take care of me from now on as well although I’m think kind of guy.
Yeah, open it.

Yes, it’s a necklace. From the first moment I saw it I thought it’d suit you. Try wearing it.
Yeah! Just as I thought, it really looks good on you.
Ah! You noticed? HS*5* is mine and the other one is yours. I had our initials set on it. As a wish for our feelings to be connected even if we’re apart from each other.

No, if you’re so pleased I also become happy!
Well then, I have to work hard so your mother will acknowledge me as soon as possible!
“Why”, you’re asking? How should I put it…it’s in our benefit…and I want her to acknowledge me as a man worthy to whom to entrust her daughter.
Ah, just now was…my own way of announcing my determination…

The truth is I hesitated which one to choose for a present until the end. Between a necklace and a ring…
But I thought I should wait to give you a ring at that more important time…

Ah…I wonder if I was a bit too eager… But I wanted to at least tell you my feelings. That may even happen in a far future but take care of me from now on too!

*1* a goukon is a mixer party where an even number of boys and girls meet with the prospect/intention of dating.
*2* He says “late show” which apparently refers to the shows screened late in the evening, after the peak hours (I guess because they’re less popular or something or they have an age restriction)
*3* It seems Ylang-Ylang or the Cananga odorata is also considered an aphrodisiac. I think that’s what he means.
*4* Note that although he spoke directly to her like in a dialogue, from the beginning of this track he’s just been thinking this. The last paragraph is the only one where he actually speaks.
*5* His name is Hananoi Sou.
*** Actually I’m not really sure if I translated this line correctly. But I don’t think it’s far from what I wrote.

Once again an extremely late update. But I’m still alive. And although you may see less frequent updates, I’m still around…somewhere.At least lurking lol. This wasn’t actually an extremely hard to translate CD (though it still had parts that confused me -_-). Well then, we’ll meet next with either Amemakura vol 01 or more likely Yandere Heaven vol 02!


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  1. Oh hell yeeesss! Thank you so much for this! The 1st aroma na kareshi is one of my favorite, short and sweet, can’t wait to listen to this one. Always looking forward for you next translation, especially the Yandere goodness Heaven~

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