[TL] Kiss x Kiss Collection vol. 31 – Otouto Kiss

KISS×KISS collections Vol.31 「おとうとキス」橘和樹
Kiss x Kiss COllection vol. 31 Otouto Kiss – Tachibana KazukiKiss x Kiss Collections vol 31 Otouto Kiss

01. Title Call タイトルコール (00:24)
02. Houkago Jealousy / After School Jealousy 放課後ジェラシー (03:00)
03. Ane to Otouto / Older Sister and Younger Brother 姉と弟 (03:07)
04. Nemurenai / Can’t Sleep 眠れない (02:56)
05. Shinkin Gokko / Playing Newlyweds 新婚ごっこ (02:25)
06. Lip Cream ni Sasowarete / Tempeted by Lip Balm リップクリームに誘われて (01:19)
07. Ohayou no kisu no Imi / The Meaning of a Good Morning Kiss おはようのキスの意味 (02:01)
08. Tabemono no Urami / Food’s Grudge 食べ物の恨み (02:29)
09. Namae de Yonde / Call me by my Name 名前で呼んで (01:36)
10. Chanto Tsutawatteru? / Are my feelings conveyed properly? ちゃんと伝わってる? (02:52)
11. Giwaku / Suspicion 疑惑 (03:58)
12. Kankeinai / It Doesn’t Matter 関係ない (04:55)
13. SUki da to Itte / Tell me You Love me 好きだと言って (04:00)

Release date: 18 December 2013
Character: Tachibana Kazuki 橘 和樹 (Seiyuu: KENN)

Tachibana Kazuki Character Profile
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Date of birth: 19 May
Age: 17 years old
Blood Type: A
Occupation: High School Second Year
Hobbies: Touring
Notes: A high school second year in his rebellious phase. He gets irritated by his older step sister when she’s being meddlesome but he is actually helplessly happy inside. He has a shot temper and is unsociable but he has a cute side because he likes sweets.
“A younger brother wouldn’t kiss you like this, right?”Kiss x Kiss Collections vol 31 chara(source: http://www.air-agency.co.jp/label/shop/kisskiss/kk31.html)

English Translation: 

Track 01. Title Call (00:24)

Kiss x Kiss Collection Volume 31: Younger Brother Kiss. Tachibana Kazuki
A younger brother wouldn’t kiss you like this, isn’t that right?


Track 02. Houkago Jealousy / After School Jealousy (03:00)

Aneki *1*, what are you doing? I’ll leave you behind!
I’m not walking fast or anything. Isn’t it just that you’re slow?
Why are you looking at me like that? I’m telling you, but you’re the one irritating me, you know.
Hey! Do you know how uncomfortable it is to wait by the front gate wearing another high school’s uniform? Even if I come get you everyday I just can’t get used to it! And who was the one talking happily with a guy in front of her younger brother and almost passed by him?
Jeez! I look like an idiot for taking the long way to come here.
Heh. Why don’t you get him walk you home from now on/

Huh?Hey, wait. Why does that lead to me hating you? I didn’t say that!
Hey, Aneki, look this way. I didn’t say anything about hating you! Wait, Aneki! Hey, Aneki!
If I hated you, would I come all the way to your school to get you or do this?
I wouldn’t.

Why are you grinning like that?
Eh? “You’re right”?

Ah! Aneki, so you were teasing me! I can’t believe what you’re doing when I’m angry here. Huh!? Idiot! I’m not jealous or anything! I just want to say that you can’t have that attitude when you made someone wait for you…don’t interpret it how you find it convenient! Jeez, how annoying!

So, who was the guy just now?
Weren’t you very close?
Huh? he’s from the Student Council…?
What are you putting on airs..If that’s it, say so from the start. Then I won’t have to get jealous for nothing…Ah…No, what I said just now was… a slip of tongue, um…
Yeah, that’s right! I’m jealous! Don’t make me say it, stupid!
What’s with saying I’m cute!
Shut up! Anyway, you’re forbidden to talk happily to other guys!

Track 03. Ane to Otouto / Older Sister and Younger Brother (03:07)

What? Is dinner ready?
“Not at all”? Then why’re you calling me? Huh? you know I can’t cook! I can’t help you! And I’m busy now!
You’re in the way! I can’t see the TV!

Jeez, I told you I’m okay with something from the supermarket…
Plus, isn’t there a proper way to ask someone to do something?

Ah, I didn’t mean you have to kiss me! Damn…she’s thinking I’ll listen to anything she says if she gives me one kiss.
I can only help by doing exactly as I’m told.
Uh, I’m no match for you.
Okay, okay. This, right? I have to mix this one. Okay.
Oh! Aneki, you’re gonna cut that fish? Awesome. Your skill being cooking is not just for show. Mom just throws what she buys on the dishes, and she’s been like that since before divorcing. I don’t know how she was able to get married again to Dad. That’s a mystery, even now; why did they get married? I wonder how they met. They’re strangely close even at that age and Mom even moved with Dad overseas when he was appointed there at his job.
Ah. Hey, Aneki. Me and you are both kids brought into a new marriage. It’s no problem to get married and stuff, right? No! I didn’t say I wanted to get married or anything, I just wanted to make sure. I just thought I’m about the only one who’d take a girl troublesome as you.
I don’t care if I’m not cute.

*sigh* Dad and Mom would be surprised for sure if they knew we’re in this kind of relationship. “What kind of relationship”, you ask? What, um…like…this…

A younger brother wouldn’t kiss you like this, right?

Track 04. Nemurenai / Can’t Sleep (02:56)

*knock knock* Hey, Aneki! Are you awake? I’m coming in!

No, I don’t need something.
Huh? It’s not that I can’t sleep because of that horror show we just watched! I don’t get scared by that kind of thing! Right, I was thinking that maybe you’re scared and can’t go to sleep. And I came here all the way. I’ll go back to my room if you say you’re okay but…what are you gonna do? I see, of course. I thought you were scared. It can’t be helped. If you say so, I’ll stay by your side.
Then, excuse me.
You can cling to me until you fall asleep. I’ll especially let you do that today.

It’s been a really long time since we last slept together. I wonder how much. We used to sleep in the same bed like this in the past, didn’t we?
What are you saying? I wasn’t the one feeling lonely, you were.
What’s with that monotone “yeah, right”?
Of course I get angry at that. I was shorter than you so it seemed as if I was the one who needed to sleep together with you. You kept stroking my head saying I was cute, never getting bored.
Ah, that’s right.
Nothing, I was just thinking I’m bigger now and I can get revenge. Hehehe, I’ll shower you with love.
You’re cute, Aneki.
You’re so cute.
How is it? You get a bit how embarrassed I was to be told this close up when I was a kid, right?

Track 05. Shinkin Gokko / Playing Newlyweds (02:25)

Aneki, I’m back? Ah, I feel so sluggish. Today’s touring wasn’t back but I got into a congestion on the way back.
Huh? Oh, I’m back. You want to take my jacket? Thanks.
What is it? You’re not your usual self. You’re kinda formal. You’re like Mom when welcoming Dad home.
Wait, huh?
“Do you want a bath, dinner, or…”…Idiot!
“I want to play newlyweds sometimes” you say? Aren’t we always like newlyweds anyway? What’s with this now? Ad don’t get worked up by yourself.
Ah, no…I mean…um…Ah! Your complaining’s so irritating!
I’m gonna take a bath and eat too! Let me do what I want!
Ah…so you don’t intend to let me in until I say it?
So it’s okay no matter what I choose, right? You’re not gonna take it back, are you?
Then, first…I want to take a bath with you.
Hey, where are you going?
Heh. You thought I was going to be embarrassed and choose a bath or dinner, didn’t you? Too bad for you.
That’s unfair. You didn’t say I couldn’t choose two. It won’t work saying it was a joke. Plus, I caught you like this. I won’t let you run away anymore, Aneki.

Track 06. Lip Cream ni Sasowarete / Tempeted by Lip Balm (01:19)

Hm? Wait, Aneki. One more time.
It’s kinda sticky, What is this? Ah, lip balm, huh? No, it’s not something to apologize for. It has a strange taste.
Hmm? It’s true it has a nice scent. But it’s strange that it has a sweet smell but not a sweet taste too.
Vanilla, peach and berries? Huh? So there are so many kinds, huh?
No, anything’s fine. Even if you don’t wear that, you smell sweet somehow. Plus, I like your taste more than the taste of lip balm.

07. Ohayou no kisu no Imi / The Meaning of a Good Morning Kiss (02:01)

*alarm ringing*

Uh…5 more minutes…Hm? Aneki? Good morning. I’ll wake up in a little while. Good night.
Let me sleep a bit more. It’s It’s Sunday, isn’t it?
I got it already. I’ll wake up.

Okay, g’morning.
Oh…a good morning kiss, huh? You never get tired of this, doing it everyday. It started from your lie but it’s already a habit, huh?
You said it’s obvious for siblings to kiss good night and good morning.
I believed it until middle school.

What is it? Don’t apologize now. You may have done it as a joke but I’m thankful. I was uneasy after my parents got a divorce and then got remarried and my environment kept changing, but after you started to kiss me I started to calm down and strangely I can go to sleep and wake up easier now.
Plus now the meaning of the kiss changed too.

Track 08. Tabemono no Urami / Food’s Grudge (02:29)

Ah, I feel refreshed. Aneki, the bath’s open now!
Hey, what’s wrong, what’s with the sulky look? Ah-
The roll cake that was in the fridge? Now that you mention it, I think there was a slice left. “It suddenly disappeared”?
Huh? That’s too bad…
Eh? I didn’t eat it! There’s no way I would have eat something sweet, is there? I said I don’t know! Maybe you forgot you ate it!
What is it?
Huh? You’re saying it tastes like cream? Huh? how’s that possible when I just took bath? What is it? Don’t look at me like that…I said it wasn’t me…you’re so persistent.

Eh? I’m looking, I’m looking. I’m looking in your eyes. I said…it wasn’t…me…
I’m sorry. I ate it.
Because it looked tasty so I couldn’t hep myself.
What is it? Why are you kissing me out of the blue? Aren’t you angry?
“Well done”…? What? Don’t treat me like a kid!
Anyway, I said I’m sorry. Jeez. I can’t lie to you.
Let’s just say that the sweets you kept for eating after the meal.,,is me.

Track 09. Namae de Yonde / Call me by my Name (01:36)

Hm? What is it? You just tried calling my name? What’s that?
Yes, yes. That’s me, Kazuki-sama.
It kinda feels strange to be called over and over. It’s kinda ticklish…

Huh? You want me to call you too? Then…Aneki!
Huh? No? You want me to call you by your name? Why? I never did that, did I?
It’s not that I don’t want to say it, but…
Just once? Jeez, you’re helpless.

Ah…um…I can’t, after all! You’re Aneki, aren’t you? It’s too embarrassing to call you by your name so late in the game!

Track 10. Chanto Tsutawatteru? / Are my feelings conveyed properly? (02:52)

Hey, Aneki. Stop ignoring me already. Don’t get so angry because I came to get you. Uh…so scary…don’t glare at me. You know… sorry.
But I couldn’t help it. Your friend teased us saying we like each other too much so I just…
You also said “yeah, I love him!”. You were even waiting for an answer. Of course I’d deny it!
No…I am sorry for saying things like I come to get you because I don’t have a choice but I actually find it troublesome…. But there’s no way I could have said “I also love you, Aneki!” there! In front of someone else!

It’s true I never said it when we were alone either.
What, why are you saying you’re the only one who likes me anyway?
You see, you say that every time something’s wrong but don’t think I don’t feel anything being told that!
I feel down thinking my feelings aren’t conveyed to you. It’s true that sometimes you have to say it in words but I feel so embarrassing for thinking we understand each other without needing to say it!

What are you grinning for, Aneki? Your mood improved already?Aren’t you too simple?
Okay, okay, I’m sorry. That”s true, I never thought of it as troublesome. I think that if I weren’t able to go to the same school, I want to at least walk home with you. It’s not that I don’t have a choice. Are you forgiving me? Okay, okay. A make up kiss, right?
Why should I say “okay” just once? You don’t like me saying it casually? Don’t I always do that?
but you get it don’t you? I never kissed you casually.

Track 11. Giwaku / Suspicion (03:58)

Aneki, what are you doing?
An album? Huh? How did you find this old thing? Show it to me too.
hmm? Dad’s too bruised up!
Oh! Isn’t this from when you were born? Haha, Dad’s so young! Of course he is, considering it’s over 10 years in the past. Are there pictures of you yet?
This should be on the year before you were born. Come on, turn the page already. Hurry up, hurry up.
Ah, okay, so you want to take your time looking at them. I got it.
Hm? What’s with that strange face?
Ah, it’s true there’s no picture of a woman who’d seem to be your Mom.
Huh? Aneki, you’ve never seen a photo of your Mom? Um…why’s that? Maybe there’s none left because she was a person who hates to have her photo taken? Maybe it’s related to the fact that she passed away soon after giving birth to you?
Ah, what about this woman here? There’s no other woman in a two shot picture looking close to Dad. It’s her, isn’t it? Huh? Wait, isnt this Mom? Why’s my mom in a picture with your dad before you were born?
Ah…I know. Maybe they were dating in those days but they broke up and each of them got married to someone else but got reunited after they were alone again…I’m sure it’s that kind of story, isn’t it? Why are you so pale, Aneki? Don’t start saying strange things. It’s not possible that our current mom is your real mother! If that were so, they would’ve explained it to us when they remarried!

Ah, don’t say anymore! I don’t want to hear that we may be half brothers and have half of the same blood flowing through our veins.
I said stop talking already! Shut up.
Even if that’s the truth, what do you want to do? Are you saying I should give up on you? This is a horrible joke. There’s so many people you can’t count them, so why does it have to be you? Why can’t I love you? It could have been another girl, so why is it you out of everyone?

Track 12. Kankeinai / It Doesn’t Matter (04:55)

Hello? What is it? Are you angry I didn’t go home with you? It’s all right, isn’t it? Sometimes I want to go home by myself. Are you at home already? Okay. Then…huh? What is it?
If you get it, don’t ask. It’s not possible not to be bothered about that. It’s not on your mind? If we’re real siblings, we…
Yeah, that’s right, we can check, that’s true. But…if we do that and it’s really true?
It’s enough, isn’t it? I’m hanging up.
What is it? Huh? It doesn’t concern you where I am right now, does it?
It’s okay, don’t come get me. I said it’s okay! Why are you acting like my older sister? You’re annoying! Ah…
I’m…hanging up, okay?

I…I’m back.

As I thought, you were crying. Jeez, don’t cry over every little thing. You’re really irritating.

I told you not to cry. I don’t want to see you crying.
Come on, does it calm you down if we stay like this? I’ll take all your tears, so wipe them on my chest.

It’s impossible after all…No…If it happens that our current relationship disappears…I’ll probably want to go get you everyday and worry if you’re sleeping properly. When I’d go somewhere, I’d want to buy you souvenirs, and if you’d be crying, I’d want to hug you.
I thought I’d want to kiss you like this all the time. Can you imagine yourself living your life as a normal sibling to me? See? It’s not possible, right?
After all, you know best what makes you happiest.I don’t care about common sense or moral sense. Family doesn’t matter. Even if we’re blood related siblings, I want you. Got a problem? Heh. You don’t, do you?
Then stay like this in my arms even after you stop crying, forever.

Track 13. Suki da to Itte / Tell me You Love me (04:00)

Ah…I feel better. I was so nervous before calling but we only talked for a few minutes. How short.
Hey, I asked about me and you.

He…hehe…hahaha! Sorry…Now that I feel relieved, it makes me want to laugh. It seems Dad and Mom’s picture was from a class reunion. Those two were in the same class in high school. When they took the picture, they were totally in love with their previous partners and didn’t think anything about each other. And I asked about why there was no picture of your mom too. It seems Dad kept sobbing looking at the pictures after your mom passed away. You were still a baby so Grandma confiscated all the photos and it seems she’ll give them back after you grow up into a fine adult. And that is the whole truth.

It seems we really aren’t blood related.
We’re so foolish to have been flustered not knowing the truth.
Really…I’m so glad.

Huh? Well, I said I don’t care if we’re real siblings but it’s better we’re not, right? You know…thinking about the future…
You know what I mean!
Huh? Don’t be absurd and ask me to be clear! I’m only 17 now! I-I can’t propose to you out of the blue!
Huh? “Then at least confess”, you said? What kind of logic is that?
You see…I said it many times but…it’s conveyed through attitude, right? You also understood, didn’t you?
Huh? You want to hear it properly in words?
*sigh* I got it.
Ah…um…you know…Aneki…I…abou you, I…I l-lo-… do you think I can say I LOVE YOU!! Damn, the hurdle’s too high for me! Forgive me with this for now!
*1* Aneki means older sister and this is a rougher way of saying it. ‘Uncute’ guys will often say it, except they’re the cutest ones in anime ahem. Well it’s less ‘close’. The most affectionate one would be “onee-chan”. Or would it be “onee-tan” (said by kids)? lol
I kind of decided not to try to translate the honorifics and things because I prefer it this way, even though some people are not familiar with them, but I guess it would’ve been okay if I used “sis” for this one.

And another pic form the official site (page here:http://airagency.blog99.fc2.com/blog-entry-947.html)
Kiss x Kiss Collections vol 31 Tachibana Kazuki

With this, the site reached its 100th post! Wohoo! Only the 100th, in almost two years! But it’s still something (though they’re mostly songs)! So I’ll post this on the 1st February! Actually, I planned it (a few days ago lol); I wanted a drama CD to be the 100th post but I’d translated this around 4 days ago so I’m only publishing it now.


2 thoughts on “[TL] Kiss x Kiss Collection vol. 31 – Otouto Kiss

  1. aww, this was so cute~ although track 12 caught me off guard! haha. and Kazuki still couldn’t confess in the end :3

    thanks for the translation, Shyuu-san!

    • You’re wecome! 🙂
      I didn’t know what to expect, if I should believe they really are siblings or not. These KissxKiss collection CDs don’t seem to follow a pattern for a happy ending every time; or for a bad ending. though I think they jumped to conclusions too fast, no matter if it’s the truth or not.
      though I’m not sure if you’re talking about track 12 or the last track.
      Well, he confessed in a way haha 😀

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